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Castration with Burdizzo: My Story

tration with Burdizzo: My Story

Castration with Burdizzo: My Story

My name is Sidney and I was castrated with a burdizzo 1/25/97. I have my own reasons for getting castrated and I choose to keep them to myself. I live on a farm where we have cattle and sheep so we get a lot of practice with the burdizzo castrating the males. I had used a elastrator before I started using the burdizzo and the animals seemed to suffer more with that method, making my choice easy.

The burdizzo we use on the farm is old and rusty so I went to the feed store and purchased a new stainless steel one for 135$. Next I had to find someone to do the castration, I am 40 years old and not a contortionist. I asked my partner and she said she would be happy to. I usually hold the sheep and the partner uses the burdizzo and gets lots of practice. Now I was set I had the tool and someone to do the castration.

The night before I was to be castrated I took a bath and shaved the hair off my scrotum then soaped and washed the area well, went to bed and got a good sleep so I would be ready for the morning. I think castrating is best done eary morning on a empty stomach.

My partner showed up about 9am and made the budizzo ready by dipping the jaws in boiling water then coating it with a neosporin and lidocaine creame I bought at the grocery. The sac must be very loose to do a good job of castrating so the cords can be felt and trapped,to do this I filled the bathtub with very warm water and sat in it for 45mins. after applying some off the neosporin to my scrotum to disenfect it and hopefully to numb it some. We chose the bathroom as the place to do the castration,it would be easy to clean up the mess and it is the warmest room in the house.

My partner came into the room and laid the burdizzo on a stand by the tub. I stepped out of the tub toweled dry sat on the egde of the tub and spread my legs wide.

My partner grabbed the loose skin of the scrotum and quickly trapped the cords of the right testicle against the side of the sac. She had about one and a half inches of sac which she pushed into the jaws of burdizzo. I held the sac in place while the burdizzo was slowly closed to one sixteenth of a inch. I felt the pressure on my cord, leaned back, braced myself and said (go for it!!) With smooth even pressure the jaws closed and the burdizzo locked shut. At the same time I had a sharp burning pain in my back just above my right buttock. It was gone almost as fast as it came all I had now was a dull throbing in my srotum. There also was a crisp crunching noise I was familiar with when the burdizzo crushes the cord. We felt the cord below the burdizzo jaws and could feel the cord was cut, opened the jaws and moved on to the left testicle with the same results. The burdizzo leaves two little white grooves in the skin of the sac after the jaws are opened and they bleed a little bit after a while.

I rubbed some neosporin cream into them then packed them with tissue paper like you would use on a shaving cut then put on a supporter to hold up the srotum. It hurt hanging down the first day. Where the burdizzo crushed the cords two lumps formed about the size a quarter, I was told the lumps are hematomas and not to pinch them or they will rupture. It helps to rest in bed with a large ice pack on the srotum the first 6 hours it slows swelling and relieves pain.

There is pain when you are castrated this way but it is not as bad as some of the stories on the internet I have read.

If I could have found a doctor to do the castration I would had the doctor do it. I dont know why they think removing testicles is such a big deal. I called every urolgist in the phone book and they all said no!

Now I just wait till my testicles wither away.

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 1997
in Male Nullo

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