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This my experience as an SM slave with elastrators. I may be unusual but I believe that a true SM slave accepts that a master has the right to modify his slaves to suit his needs and desires. As such I have never been bothered by the consequences of extreme ball play, indeed I am turned on by the prospect of SM castration, intended or not.

I first began playing with elastrators (an essential toy in the toolbox of a serious ball torturer) about five years ago. Before this I had very well worked, stretched and tough balls. After a short period "training" I found I could get to around 50 minutes and sometimes with multiple bands. Sessions of 50 minutes left me largely undamaged and sensation returned to about 90% within minutes to a couple of hours with full sensation the next day. The feeling was wild and a real incentive to try for longer times.

1.I had been placing the bands, usually one or two, high up on the neck on my nuts as close to the base of the cock as possible. I had tried placing a band low down on the sack trapping the epididymis of both nuts but the ball and gut ache was unbearable then, now is a different story (more later). I found that the hardest point during these sessions was about 15 minutes in. Placing the balls in a tumbler of ice with some water helped this along, also amyl and dope helped with this pain threshold. Practice and therefore some otherwise unnoticed sensation loss also assisted. The feeling of cold (iced) dead balls swinging beneath your legs is wild - they don't feel like they belong!

I then tried some multiple banding with up to 15 bands (I have a large scrotum which aided this). Elastrating can help give those boys without a long scrotum greater length. These multiple banding sessions lasted up to 25 minutes and started to produce more dramatic losses of sensation and longer recovery times. By this time I was self elastrating at least once every two days or more often. I would make a ball stretcher out of green rubber by placing the bands side by side and layering them on top of each other. You get the tightest effect that hardens the cock to the max by placing the first band as high up against the cock with the nuts stretched and then placing the next above and so on - I discovered later that this has an effect on the cock head by pinching and eventually damaging nerves running down the underside of the shaft. I was also hanging heavy one to two kilogram dive weights from the nuts.

I then tried a long session with multiple bands. I placed about four bands band-over band and then another 10 below this to form a vicious rubber stretcher. I iced the nuts and left most of the bands on for on for just over an hour when I started removing the lower bands. The last two uppermost bands came off just over the hour. My nuts hung looser and lower than before. Sensation did not start to return and the nuts remained numb and cold for days. Testosterone production ceased, I had trouble getting erections within a day or so - I was not able to get it up for two weeks during which time I had more than one hot flush! Around two weeks function started to return and the still swung very low and loose with substantial sensation loss much of which was permanent.

I continued self elastrating on a regular basis but without getting to ten bands or more and for times not usually exceeding a half hour. Full erectile function had returned, but with reduced sensation in my cock head and on the underside of the shaft.

About twelve months after my first major damaging session I underwent a forced session in an SM club with very rough master. He had never handled an elastrator before, but he was a natural. He had me gagged and cuffed with hands overhead he found the ready loaded elastrator in my bag of toys. He went straight for my nuts and snapped a ring on in seconds and then continued to apply bands (about six more) on top of the first. He pulled one of the rings up either side of the cock shaft with a prong of the elastrator - this started to reduce sensation in the cock but made it extremely hard. He then proceeded to stretch, twist and crush my nuts for the next hour. He didn't remove the gag and ignored any struggling. He then released one arm so that I could play with cock - still rock hard. He tied a silk rope tightly around the lower bands and pulled my balls back between my legs and up my crack. This rope was pulled through a ring in he overhead beam behind my back until my feet were all but off the ground and I was standing on tip toe. He then opened the door of our room and proceeded to entertain other boys and play with their nuts quite gently and encourage them to feel mine and bite my tits. I was released after another and a half, giving a total time of just over two and half hours of continuous elastration.

This time the damage to my balls was quite thorough, although to my surprise I didn't suffer erection problems or hot flushes. I was fully sexually functional the next day but with very different balls. They were, and have remained, incredibly loose. I don't get any significant pain, but incredible tight feelings, when they are crushed or stood on - even down to thickness of about a quarter inch. I suspect I would only feel pain if they were crushed to bursting. Any amount of stretching with great violence is possible. The cords can be manipulated and crushed by a master with only a dull and stimulating ache. I can now really enjoy a guy biting on my cords - a possible alternative to the burdizzo! Surface sensation was now permanently reduced and I find the application of pinwheels, sharp spiked stretchers and vampire gloves by masters most enjoyable - as do they. I have recently found that I can tolerate bands low down on the sack trapping the epididymis of both nuts, now with only a stimulating ache. This pain and tension I find so pleasant with dope and amyl that this is now my preferred site of elastration. Eventually, this will also be lost.

As far as my cock was concerned, the sensation reduction has stopped any tendency to premature coming, making sex with me much more controllable by myself or others. Before any elastrating I used to shoot powerfully up onto my chest or over my head. I now only dribble or shoot a very short distance - orgasms are just as powerful and I produce just as much cum (although I suspect it has a lot less sperm in it!). The guy who did the damage in my first serious forced castrating session has expressed considerable pleasure that I can no longer shoot further than him.

So what are the advantages for me?

I could now be very easily castrated during any session by a number of methods including a knife or shears below a band. Very punishable nuts that can satisfy the most brutal of masters in any way they please. Cumming is more controllable due to partly reduced cock head sensation and it is very easy to harvest my cum without long shooting.

I am very pleased with my "half castrated" status and I am unconcerned by more damage and the ultimate humiliation. I can recommend it for any serious SM bottom. I now cum most powerfully when banded.

And if you are a serious master wanting to tame a boy and make him truly subservient then the elastrator is the ideal toy for starting and does not limit what can ultimately be done to the balls.

I am happy to talk (bllby@hotmail.com) to slaves or masters contemplating similar work.

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 1997
in Male Nullo

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