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From first piercing to play piercing.

Hello BME-ers,

Let me first introduce myself:

I'm an 19 year old boy, I seem to be quite a lot like the kind of guy parents want their daughters to have as a boyfriend, but I only have one kind of"rebel" side. Since I was small, I am obsessed with piercings. I love to watch peoples pictures (ill post some soon) and read the experiences, I also love to talk to people who have piercings and talk about all the ins and outs. That's how I came to this blog and because I want to contribute to this great website, I am about to write my personal story. I hope you will enjoy.

I would like to write about my first piercing experience. As it had to be non-visible (parents are still important!) and nice as well, I decided to pierce my nipple. But: it had to be as cheap as possible so I had to do it myself, and as I had never done this before, both the needle AND the jewelry were going to be a safety pin (I know, not very clever of me). So I waited until nobody was home, I took the safety pin, went to the bad room, disinfected it, disinfected my nipple, and away I go, well, at least I thought so, first I tried my left nipple: that was almost impossible, my left nipple is smaller than my right one. Now I moved on to my right nipple, that was much better, now I was able to get a bit of a grip. I took a deep breath and I pinched, oops, that didn't work neither, I just got passed thru a small layer of skin I had to push harder, oow, that hurts, but it's nice at the same time it is a nice and warm feeling, that comes from deep inside your nipple, and with e very punch it becomes more and more intense, damn, it felt like my nipples were hotwired to my dick, that felt good (makes me think about getting a PA). The only thing I did not like was making the needle go out (from inside the nipple). That was a short and intense feeling of pain. But when it finally was over with, wow. That felt good. I have to admit, I almost found myself attractive :S. The whole safety pin thing made it look kind of punk and I even liked the bit of blood coming out of my nipple. My first piercing was finally done! And I were impressed: I expected it to be much, much worse, it did not ever really hurt! It did not hurt that bad at all, after all. I made sure everything was all right and I went on with my life. But, as I found out after a few hours: a safety pin isn't a pleasant thing to wear through your nipple, especially not if you wear a t-shirt over it, but I kept it clean and tried to take care of it, and hoped it would get better.

It didn't...

When I went to sleep, I tried to lay on my back (so my nipple would not hurt). But guess what.. That did not work... When I fell asleep, the first thing I did was roll over to my chest: DAMN FUCK that hurt like hell.

So, after 8 hours, my first piercing already had to be taken out.

I hope the next one will be better.

And it was: because of my earlier experiences with the first one, I started to pierce my nipples (yes, both of them now) regularly, just for the feeling

of it, nipple piercing became play piercing. I really enjoy the feeling it gives me, that warm pain, that isn't really pain. It just has became a sexual experience. The feeling of my nipples really turns me on. Repiercing it apparently gives the same sensation as playing with them if you have them pierced. It's just a hotwire to your dick and I love it. I hardly have to touch my penis to get a wonderful orgasm. Of course I always make sure everything is clean, it's inportant to heat the needle, use good disinfectants and keep your hands clean, or even better, wear gloves. Because if you get infected, you can end up having serious health issues.

I Hope I have told you guys (and girls) something you like, or you maybe even can learn from, like: go to a professional piercer if you plan to keep it but most of all, just do whatever you enjoy.

And for all those kids like me, if your friends and parents don't agree, just do it in an non-visible place but please be clever and do it safe, if you don't really know what you are doing, go to a professional, it is expensive, I know, but these people know what they're doing and they have to get paid to, otherwise there would be no piercings anymore very soon.


Have fun and keep pierced!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 14 Dec. 2009
in Ritual

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