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The best thing I've ever done

I guess it started a couple of months ago when I finally contacted constant elevation. Originally it was going to be a quiet thing with a couple of friends there with me, but that didn't work out and im so happy because of it. After finding out about the event i wasn't sure whether or not I was comfortable with suspending for the first time along with others I didn't know, but now looking back it was the best decision I have ever made.

The day before I was going through stages of euphoria and being scared but determined to go through with it. The morning of the best day ever started with the same feelings as the day before but much more intense. Made my way to London Paddington station to meet up with my friends and I couldn't stop smiling:) wouldn't have been the same without them. A tube ride and a short walk later we arrived at the rag factory in Brick lane where we met the guys from constant elevation, i really cant say enough about how great they are:) they're all awesome people, especially Ben and Alice.

After hanging round for a while talking to the guys i was completely put at ease, the main things i took from them were that the piercing is the worst part and the rest is the easy bit:)

I had it in my head that i wanted to watch someone else first before I try, but I changed my mind and decided to just go for it:) and once again so happy I did:)

When Alice asked me to follow her to the piercing area it started to feel real:) I was still a little nervous but so ready. The piercings didn't hurt to much, and were very quickly done 2 at a time. The weirdest/most fascinating part was feeling the curve of the hooks as they went through:) awesome feeling.

After the piercing I was shaking with adrenaline, I had a little sugar boost from some juice and gummy bears:) and was ready to go.

Attaching the hooks to the rigging didn't take long, Ben took hold of the rope and Alice came over and held my hands, Alice talked me through it and said just to look straight ahead while Ben slowly put more pressure on the hooks. The feeling as pressure gets put on the hooks is hard to put into words, but trust me its so wonderful:) Ben kept gradually pulling me up, I kept trying to keep my feet flat so id go straight up and not get on tip toes and I suddenly realised I was up:) i felt no pain whatsoever, just a constant awareness of the hooks in my back, not in any bad way, feeling them there was comforting. I wasn't sure how much I could move my arms with my back feeling tight, but I had complete mobility and a feeling similar to weightlessness. I could of just hung there all day without moving and still been so happy, But when I got confident enough to swing a little... I didn't think id be able to do it first time, but once I started I realised it didn't hurt or add any
stress on my back and I just went with it and started trying to gain momentum.

I wont go into a step by step of while I was up there, but there was lots of swinging, eating cookies, hugging my friends, smiling uncontrollably and i called my sister which was awesome:)

I was up for about half an hour before the inevitable happened, I started to feel like i should come down. It started as a slight soreness around my ribs and progressed to feeling light headed(dam blood sugar levels) I told the guys I was ready to come down and they slowly lowered me and put a chair behind me. My feet touched the floor and it was over, but I was still so happy and proud of myself. I felt light headed but overall great as I sat down.

Next we went upstairs to remove the hooks and clean my wounds. I don't think i felt the hooks come out as I wasn't paying attention:p The next part was massaging the air out of the wounds, which I really wish id seen as it sounded so cool, and felt quite good. After the clean up and bandaging i was up and feeling great:)

I said before that I made the right decision about suspending at an event, and I really do recommend it. Seeing the look of joy on the others faces, sharing the experience made the day so much better, and i got to meet some great people.

After getting home about ten hours after suspending, feeling a little sore, I took off the bandages to clean the wounds before going to bed and I got a nice surprise:) There was still some air left, and I got to massage some of it out:) sooooo much fun and a great end to the day.

I'm writing this the day after and my backs been a little sore but overall good, and all I want to do is get back up:)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Nov. 2009
in Ritual

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Location: The+rag+factory%2C+Brick+lane%2C+London

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