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2pt 6ga lower back suspension fun!

I saw a lower back suspension on Modblog a long time ago. I thought about it for a while, forgot about it, and then searched through Modblog again to find it, which I did. I sent the pictures to Tye and he okay'd it for my next suspension and we set a date.

On that date, I met up with Tye, a bit early since I had to be in Burlington for an appointment, which of course, I was early for. He was scrubbing tubes and we talked for a bit. Another girl, whom I had met before, was suspending that day too. Everything was autoclaved, and ready.

I was introduced to the second piercer, Jeff, who has since left the shop, and he was throwing his first hook that day. A 6 gauge in my back, impressive. I've never thrown a 6 gauge hook in myself or anyone else yet, but I imagine it needs a little bit more strength than an 8 gauge.

I had my headphones on, was getting squirted with Technicare when Mergen called. I answered, told her I'd call back, "I'm getting hooks thrown in a couple of seconds!" and then we resumed. Laura's friend was taking pictures of me with her iPhone and Laura was using my camera.

My back was scrutinized, a good place found after much pinching, and Tye was explaining the whole process to Jeff, and I was relaxing, listening to the music, being a bit nervous, as I always get right before getting any piercing, no joke.

So, I was finally marked with genitian violet and then the marks were tested again. Tye knows I'm "first breath", so he grabbed my skin, asked if I was ready, explained a bit to Jeff and told me "Deep breath in.." I inhaled, and felt the tip of the needle touch my back, and "Deep breath out.." the hook went through quite smoothly, though I wasn't quite prepared and flinched a tiny bit.

Tye talked more to Jeff about how to throw a hook and pinched my skin. He coached, while Jeff pierced. I took a deep breath in, and out, and the hook went through quite well. Damn good for his first try, I must say. I stood up after a second, and posed for pictures, and watched Laura get her hooks thrown, while taking pictures. I had a dental big taped over my hooks, since we were going out into the woods to do it. Of course, we were taking my car since Tye doesn't want anyone bleeding in his, and I obviously couldn't drive, so I let Tye drive.

We got to our normal location, Tye was bitching, as usual, about climbing the tree, but he made it out alive, and hooked up the rig. He taught Jeff how to tie a few knots, and hooked me up to the rig. I wanted to pull myself up, at first, but decided against it, and leaned against Jeff while walking back and forth (I had to coach him to walk with me, actually!) and then, at one second, I knew I was ready and told Tye, "Go!" and I was in the air. I had Jeff swing me back and forth for those first minutes when it burns and the skin adjusts.

After a few minutes the pain had faded to nothing, Mergen was taking pictures and video. I swung and swung, we had a swivel attached, and just kept going. Some kids walked by and just stared. We told them to go away, I yelled "it's just special effects!". I had a cigarette while hanging, of course. I swung and spiraled and nearly smashed myself against tree's a few times, and had fun for a good half hour, forty-five minutes.

Then I tensed up really badly, and there was sharp pain. I had been thinking of coming down, and I took that as a sign I should. I had Jeff grab me and Tye lowered me and I was on the ground, kneeling. I fell forward onto my hands and had a huge grin on my face and I was feeling the pressure of gravity realizing I had just tricked it.. The feeling of massive pressure down my back. (The worst was actually my second suspension, a 2 hour long superman. It felt like someone dumped a tonne of sand on me!)

I felt so very relaxed. Very, very relaxed. I felt refreshed, like I had just woken up from the best nights sleep ever.

Tye and Jeff pushed my hooks through so they wouldn't dangle, wiped up some of the blood, Laura suspended, and we went back to the shop to clean up. I was first, since I suspended first. Tye taught Jeff how to blow out rice krispies, and for a small guy, Tye does it really hard. I had a lot of air in my back, and did the next day, too. That was the worst part of all of it, the "massage" afterwards. They covered the areas with gauze and just pressed.

But, it was an amazing suspension. I had a lot of fun, I felt so good afterwards, and felt good for days after too.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 Nov. 2009
in Ritual

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Artist: Tye
Studio: True+Grit
Location: Burlington+ON%2C+Canada

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