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Piercing through the pain

As of right now the only other piercing I want but cannot have is a lip piercing I believe it is called a labret piercing. Can't have it because of work but whatever no rush, just feel a little oppressed because I can't express myself and look the way i want to. It should be no one else's business, except for my girlfriend Mackra, what I do with my body no one should be able to determine how others can or cannot look like. SO I wanted a lip piercing but I also had the desire to get pierced so it made perfect sense to me to at least try out a play piercing once.

Before my experience I had only seen play piercing pictures on BME.After messaging and asking questions of John at Outer Limits tattoo and piercing in LONG BEACH I felt I was ready to get a session going. After hanging out with Natali,my coworker, while she got her ear pierced and having some lunch with Mackra. We came back and started the session after setting out the plan to pierce my arm ten times and then depending on how I feel, continue on with some more.I can remember how it feels to be pierced but everytime I get pierced the pain and sensations still shock my system a little bit. Right before the play piercing started I wasn't nervous,just excited.

John had me lay on my back after he sterilised all of his equipment and put on his gloves, basically doing all the necessary things that I really don't know anything about. John told me to relax then asked me if I was ready , I took a deep breath and responded with a calm "yes". When the first needle was put in all I could think about was how much I loved the feeling. The pain of being pierced with the play piercing needles was significantly less than with higher gauge for jewelry but the sensations were still similar. After about the first three needles went in quickly,I started to feel a rush which I guess would be my endorphins kicking in and the only one that hurt significantly was the one at the top of my forearm,that one stung a little bit.

The piercing itself went by faster than I thought but the rush, adrenaline, and excitement that came along with it lasted for a very long time, much longer than any other piercings I had before. It wasn't until I got up and saw the needles in my arm and the little bit of blood that the situation started to feel intense. When I saw all the needles In my arm the only way I can describe it is surreal. I couldn't stop staring at my arm and smiling. I ran my fingers along the skin which was kind of cool and John pulled out the top needle and repierced my arm several times so I could see the different patterns you can create with them. He also poked in between the needles with the point and that part was surprisingly very relaxing.Mackra took some pictures then John took the needles out.

After we had all the needles in for a while I knew that I might not be able to handle the rush if we were to insert more and I thought I accomplished alot for my first time. Looking back when John was sticking the top needle in my arm several times I felt like a pin cushion it amazed me how easily the needles went in and how the pain and rush was making me feel. For me I think on some level piercing helps me be a better person because it reminds me how human I am and how fragile and yet durable the human body can be, it makes me more sensitive to others pain I think. After the play piercing was done the rush of endorphins was still lingering on and it was definitely an exciting and emotional experience for me. John decided not to charge me, which was a cool surprise because I was willing to pay the $40 that I was quoted so I gave him a $5 tip and we walked through the front. Hopefully that tip was enough I never know how much is enough or too much for tips. After I get pie rced I think I become more talkative and when Mackra and I were leaving I couldn't stop laughing and smiling when Justin asked me how it went.Justin is John's piercing apprentice.

Once we got home I went straight onto the computer to look at pictures of play piercings.I now have more respect for people who get play pierced with hundreds or thousands of needles. I already know what I want to do for my next play piercing session and am very much looking forward to it. My advice is if you are thinking about getting a play piercing session done just give it a try and make sure to remain calm and aware of your body's limits.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 02 Nov. 2009
in Ritual

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Artist: John+Johnson
Studio: Outer+Limits+Studio
Location: Long+Beach%2CCa

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