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Playing in the bedroom

My continuous expedition for something fresh and exciting with my modifications was recently triggered and satisfied by play piercing.

I never really had an interest in play piercing. The only thing that I really could think of a time that I could potentially "use" them for would be a temporary corset piercing of some sorts. But I never really saw myself as being interested in blood play in a perfectly bleached-white bathtub, or make hearts and other miscellaneous designs with the hubbed needles, but something recently sparked my interest. I recently have put my modifications on hold, partially due to finances and partially due to my odd inability to make my mind up as to what I want done next. I was getting "the itch." Oh, those almost incurable itches that you always get when you just CRAVE a new piercing, tattoo, or other random modification. So due to my sad financial state, and my mind started to creatively wander as to what I should do next.

As I was doing my usual lurking of random sites, I found myself on BMESHOP. Cruising the latest merchandise, I came across the play piercing needles. My curiosity was captivated. It was affordable, temporary, and could oh-so-easily cure that itch. I have always considered becoming a piercer from my love and experience in this culture/pastime/lifestyle, but never really got around to pursuing it. Play pierce needles were the answer for a lot of things, it could give me the chance to practice different piercings on myself, AND be a rush of a new experience.

After waiting a very impatient week for my 19 gauge one and a half inch needles, the time came! I could hardly contain myself and wait for my boyfriend (who happens to be a piercer) to get home from work. We decided to start on my arm and just do a few so I could get the feeling of it down, and give me a chance to practice a bit on myself to get comfortable with the feeling of needle slinging. In a very ritualized manner, we went to my room and started to set up. I anxiously waited as we washed up, laid out a bunch of paper towels, and gloved up. My heart started to race and that oh-so familiar rush of adrenaline as I impatiently awaited the anticipation of slinging a needle through my own wrist. My boyfriend explained a few basic tips and techniques that I could take when preceding with the slinging. Good ways to hold the needle for different piercings, or in this case, a surface piercing, how to line up properly, good positions and mark up distances. I was listening quite d iligently despite the ever-growing butterflies in my stomach. All I could do was nod anxiously and start to get beyond excited. After a few glove changes and some lube for the needles, we began the show.

He marked up five sets of entrance and exit points for me to follow. He made sure I was still breathing and pinched up a section of my wrist and made sure I was lined up with my entrance and exit points. After some encouragement and lots of deep breaths on my end, I firmly gripped the needle and gently placed the needle perfectly straight and perpendicular to my wrist. One more deep breath in, and out and a hard push, and it was through. There was not as much resistance as I thought there would be. The feeling was strange to say the least. Of course after double-digits worth of piercings, I knew what a needle felt like. But I suppose it was due to the fact that I was the one slinging the needle that made me more aware of what everything felt like. My senses were on edge and the adrenaline was pumping. I could not help myself ..... a huge grin spread across my face. Not only was I completely proud of myself that I had made an incredibly clean and perfectly straight path, hitting each point perfectly, but I have found a new love. I let my boyfriend finish up my arm because of the awkward angles of pinching, and he wanted to participate of course. We made an attempt to do a deep-set one going in the same line as my arm, but the placement was awkward in comparison to the others. I smiled as I twisted my arm around and watched the needles dance and play across my arm. A few quick pictures and then a slow pull out. I was smiling, smiling, smiling and watched a little bid of blood pill up in ten perfect dots down my arm.

It was definitely a new and different experience compared to most piercing. I suppose there's the rush that you're doing it by yourself (in my case) so it was incredibly intimate. Play piercing is something that I would probably suggest for the more experienced modifier/modifiee but as long as you are confident and safe, you are good to go!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 Sept. 2009
in Ritual

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