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Another Play Piercing

I'm a 25 year old male, with a professional enough career that visible piercings and tattoos don't really help much with finding a job, and enough layoffs possible that I don't want to stack the deck any more against myself.

I was entered into body mods against my will by parents with a routine Genital Mutilation at 2 days old. Because of that, I've been working on Foreskin Restoration since I was about 18. About a year ago, I had 3 stainless steel staples put in my scalp, only kept them for about 2 weeks. Once had a smashed fingernail that I had to drill a blood drain into; while healing I got bored, I let grow until the pocket the blood opened reached the end of nail bed, the hole was over an 1/8" back from end of the quick, i took some 24-30 gauge wire through the hole and made a little ring.

Anyway, hopefully that's enough back story that I'll meet the wording requirement and we can move on. I've been kicking around the idea of getting either Nipples, a Prince Albert, or an Ampallang since I was in High School and most of my friends were getting something pierced or inked. They kept to the more normal ones that don't require special access to see on here. Really, I was mostly thinking PA at the time, but even my most pierced friend was like "Nuh-uh, there is no way I'd think about getting stabbed down there! No, nipples are WAY too sensitive, you'd have to be WAY hardcore for that, should have seen this one guy flip out when those were done!" Basically i gave up on it as I wasn't all about how nipples on a guy look, and hadn't read up on sensation changes with these. Plus all the stories about how horrible the pain is pushed the idea back out of the "I'm gonna do it" part of my mind.

So anyway, piercings have been popping into my head off and on for a while, i just couldn't decide on what actually I wanted, or where to get it. So, the idea comes back to go for a nipple just to see what it's like since I keep reading those are about the most painful to pierce. That way I'd know if I could take it with a professional doing it, and see if I'd actually want it for any change in feeling.

Bring on the bad planning and all that which seems the rule for play piercings! I ended up using a sharpened T-pin (diameter 0.043 inch, dunno gauge) for needle sterilized as best I could without an autoclave, and tried freehand as the only clamps I had handy were hemostats (Uh, not a chance of trying them). So I line up on my left nipple for a Horizontal, and push... At this point, I realize that nipples can move WAY too much to do this fully freehand! So being about halfway through I look around and find tire off an Remote Control car, and with my other hand back up the nipple with that. Little more push...pop. Needle in nipple and rubber tire, cool! Push needle deeper along nipple, slide off tire and cork needle. Yes, there was some pain, but really not what I was expecting from the horror stories.

The endorphine rush hit me while I was trying, and there was some shaking which made it fun to hold everything and push straight. I also didn't realize how tough Skin is, I was expecting more like meat where you stab it and it's stabbed. It's much more resistant than I thought it would be.

"Well damn, that's not so bad!" After a few minutes for me to relax again, I did the other one too for the hell of it. Like you'd expect for something self-done, they weren't straight, or quite level, and a bit too far onto nipple rather than areola, but I had no intention of keeping them anyway and it let me feel the nerves on the inside for the first time.

Visually, I still think they just look ok on a guy, and much better on women; but they do feel really hot!!! I might get these done for real at some point. Had a fap because I was really turned on by this point, maybe there is something to the added stimulation...

Anyway, I decided to take them out about an hour after, nipples were a little tender and sore for about a week. I've played around with it again since then, and I think the initial pain was more mental.

In conclusion: Don't do piercings yourself, or in non-sterile environment, be safe, and all those other disclaimers. Don't sue me, don't sue BME. It's all you. You have free will. Nobody is strapping you to a board and mutilating you. If you do anything to your body, it's because you felt like it. Nothing we say will change that. With this resource, you have NO excuse not to do it right!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 Sept. 2009
in Ritual

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