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Suspending in NYC

I had wanted to do a more complex suspension for a bit. At first I thought I would do a lotus, but wanted to throw in my own twist. I had bus tickets to New York City and a day planned for the suspension. I wanted to do transitions, but they'd need an extra pulley. Not a good idea to plan it three days in advance. I'm really indecisive sometimes. I finally called Cere and we agreed upon what I wanted to do. It was set.

I took the bus to NYC Sunday night and arrived tired and amazed at how much bigger, and warmer it was, than Burlington (for a reference, see Hamilton or Toronto). Cere picked me up somewhere after a few panicky phone calls where my cell phone died on me. Shit!

I finally met up with Cere, he showed me some stuff in New York and fed me turducken and we watched some TV show's and went to bed. I woke up at noon on Monday and showered, got ready, and went gun shopping with Cere. I had never done that before, in Canada, you can't just walk into a store and walk out with a gun like that! So I got some of the New York experience in.

We went back to Cere's, saw his lovely wife Becky who decided against coming with us unfortunately, and Cere drove to the spot where we were suspending. He parked and buzzed us in and I followed. I recognized Candace and her dog, Fonz, and sat down on the couch and introduced myself to everyone. I'm bad with names, sorry. I took the Canadian jokes in stride and watched as Cere and others from ROP (I think: Brian, John, Evan and Pete?) set up for my suspension.

I was getting a bit nervous. They set up the massage table. Cere said they were waiting for me, so I took off my pants and shirts and hopped up to be covered in Technicare. My abdomen, knees, for the first part. Brian marked and asked if I had done this before, I said I had done a 6pt and 4pt resurrection. I okay'd them to pierce through my tattoos and realized I didn't have my iPod. One of the guys took off his gloves and found my iPod for me and I carefully, without contaminating anything, selected what I wanted to listen to and put a headphone in one ear with the volume low so I could hear everyone and the music.

Pinching and tugging were done. It was hook time! Two sea deamons for my abdomen, because I was going to attempt a 2pt resurrection, regular 8ga hooks for my knees. Everyone gathered around, with hooks and needles and Technicare. I focused on my music, and my breathing, and where my arms would be best put. (At my sides, since over my head made it hard to pinch.)

Cere asked if everyone was ready, the answer was yes, and he had Brian coach me. Brian was at my head. She's a first breath! Okay. Deep breath in. Let it out slowly. And... PIERCE!

I felt the four hooks go through me all at once as I exhaled. It wasn't really pain, it burned a bit, and it felt good. Everyone asked how I was, I gave the thumbs up, and two guys prepared the inner sides of my knees to be hooked. I had Cere coaching me.. Deep breath in. Let it out slowly. And. PIERCE! Bam. Through like butter.

I sat up. Time for the hooks in my back. Cere marked and pushed and asked me if it felt even and I'd respond and he marked. They decided to go two at a time, and made jokes about my backpiece having "negative space" put in it for hooks and I said if the artist saw that, he'd kick my ass. (I love my backpiece and I love to suspend, and I don't see why the two can't go together!)

I was sitting up on the massage table and sitting straight, I have really good posture because I horseback ride, and I had to give it up a bit, its a habit, and Cere stood in front of me and asked if I was ready. I said I was. He asked the two throwing hooks if they were ready. They were. Okay, ready, set, go. Deep breath in. Let it out slowly. And PIERCE!

The hooks went through easily and so did the next set, which I hardly noticed. Time to get rigged up.

Brian and Cere argued a bit about the chain links and the square rig and eventually agreed on a certain way, as I sat in a chair while they attached caribeners and rope. Brian was on my knees and knotted it loosely until we had some tension, because we didn't want me to fold in half. A grand total of 8 caribeners were used.

Tension was put on, by John in a sexy harness. :P The knees came up a bit too much, so I said stop, adjustments were made to my back and knees and after putting more tension on, I was ready to fly.

Unfortunatlely, I was having negative thoughts. I was thinking, Oh shit, I'm not going to be able to get up seated, let alone 2pt resurrection. Why don't I just call it off now, I'm wasting everyones time.

Brian finished adjusting my knees and everything was good. Cere kneeled in front of me and told me to focus on my breathing. I did. Burning shot through my back and knees. I could see the skin stretching in my knees and feel my back being pulled up. Then, my ass was out of the chair. I was up. I shouldn't have doubted myself. Cere attached the two sea deamons in my abdomen to a separate pulley and put tension on which pulled me foreward.

By this time, Brian had hooked my iPod up to a stereo and I was listening to my really old Top 25 list. They made fun of my music. I hung and the burning subsided and I breathed and smiled and talked. The silence in the room was broken, everyone was talking, and Cere asked if I wanted them to shut up and I said I didn't. He put more pressure on the sea deamons in my abdomen and I gradually got used to it.

I would swing my legs back and forth and transfer the tension through the hooks. Cere was holding the second pulley attached to my abdomen and a rope attached to the square rig to even it out a bit. He was my puppet master. Candace took some photo's with her iPhone and I got someone (sorry!) to get my crappy camera out of my bag and take a few shots. He knew his way around a camera, and took a couple of pictures, then the battery died. Oh well.

We talked, and they made fun of my music, and I smiled. More tension was put onto my abdomen and I didn't think I could pull that off. I decided to cut down to a 4pt suicide instead, have some fun and swing around. I asked to be brought down after about a half hour and they obeyed and Cere grabbed glucose and sent someone for water, since I get nauseous when I suspend.

I chewed the disgusting glucose tab and sipped the water while the team set up for my suicide suspension. I stood up, the chair was removed, I had my arms disinfected, since I was contaminated, and put gloves on and pulled myself up into a suicide suspension. I kicked my legs carefully, because of the hooks in my knees, and Cere and I eventually got into a rythym. I swung around and twirled and played and smiled and laughed and sang, and they made fun of my music, and I introduced them to MDM, an industrial band from Niagara Falls. Unfortunately, they're really anti-American and anti-Bush, so I was swinging to "Supress the poor to satisfy the rich, you sick sorry fascist fucking sonoabitch!".

I got dizzy, decided I had enough fun for one night, and Cere took me down. I sat down on the massage table and the team covered me in Technicare (cold!) and took the hooks in my back out. I didn't feel them come out, I wasn't bleeding that bad. They bandaged my back up with Tegaderms and then I lay on my back for the other hooks. The ones in my abdomen were the worst to get out, there wasn't much air in any of the holes, I tend to not catch a lot of air for some reason, and my left side wouldn't stop bleeding, so they put extra bandaging around it and Cere told me I was sleeping outside without a blanket, so I don't bleed on his couch.

My knees were wrapped up, and I carefully wiggled my way back into my clothes and sat down and watched TV while Brian scrutinized my ears for the upcoming procedure (until Scream Queens came on, then he ditched everyone and sat in front of the TV) and Cere ate Candace's delicious cookies.

It was a good experience, even though I didn't cut down to a 2pt resurrection. I know I will someday though. ROP was fantastic, the hooks went in smooth as silk, they listened to me, they accomidated me and were fantastic. Would I spend 11 hours on a bus to suspend with ROP again? Yes! I had a great time.

After my suspension, Cere and I went back to his place, I had Brian re-point my ears for me (the next day), and I went out for supper with Rachel and KB and saw New York City. I didn't bruise at all, and the marks are fading into scars. They didn't hit the tattoo on my ribs (a first!) and the next couple of days, I was a bit sore (after I got my ears done, my attention went to that though) and there was some air on my ribs which I poked at falling asleep one night.

I had a fantastic experience with ROP. I've suspended with Cere before, but never the whole crew. It was great. They know what they're doing and they accomidated me really nicely. I had a good experience with them, and I would like to thank everyone that was there that night, as well as Candace, who bakes fantastic cookies! I had a great time and hope to see you again soon!


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on: 21 Dec. 2008
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