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The amazing resurrection!

I tried a 4pt, 6ga resurrection. I failed. After trying to pull myself up, having Tye pull me up, standing on Chris, laying on Chris, laying, sitting, standing. Couldn't get up. Tried for over an hour, in the rain. I was pretty bummed about this.

Cere and I had made arrangements to get together and hang out in Niagara Falls, and he offered to suspend me. Tye said he was organizing something at his house that weekend. I told him Cere was coming. He said, fuck that, I want to see Cere! And he offered his tree for us to use, and his hands in hooking, rigging and everything else.

Cere said it was cool, so our plans were set.

After one crazy fucking Saturday night, Cere and I dragged ourselves out of bed around 11am on Sunday. Tye called and said he'd have to change the suspension from 12pm to 1pm, because he had just woke up. We used this time to eat breakfast, shower, and so on. Chris got his camera gear together, and Cere had brought a rig, needles and hooks. Tye had the rest.

At first, we were going to use Chris's warehouse in Toronto. Which would have made a crazy day because it was Thanksgiving (Canadian Thanksgiving, can anyone explain to me what its all about?!) and he had to be at his parents by 5pm. But Tye offered his tree, and said, fuck the landlord, they're cutting the limb down, let's use it on more time! Hells ya. So we did.

We got to Tye's before Tye and his girl. We hung out in the back patio smoking for a bit (well, I was the only one smoking) and Cere showed us the rigs. Basically 5 or 6, not sure on the number, rigs that could be collapsed into different styles. superman, resurrection, suicide, lotus, etc. Cool! Very handy for traveling.

Tye finally showed up and they started getting ready. We were using open-eye 9ga hooks and 10ga needles. Tye set up his new massage table, after making the fearful climb of the tree to attach the pulley system. Cere rigged up the rig and rope and we were set. I was getting nervous, so I took some deep breaths. I knew I was in good hands. It's fucking Cere! And Tye has suspended me MANY times, and I trust him very much.

I turned my iPod on and listened to No Quarter by Tool. I had one headphone in my left ear and the other left dangling. I stripped off my shirt and bra, and put duct tape over my nipples. It's not illegal to be topless in Ontario, but we wanted to keep it somewhat hidden. Cere and Tye poured Technicare on my torso and rubbed it in, waited, wiped it off and Cere marked me where it was most comfortable.

After checking, rechecking, remarking and assuring Cere the marks were good, it was time to get hooked. I turned the volume up on my iPod and said "First breath". Tye took my left side, Cere my right, and they grabbed at the skin beside my breasts. Cere said "Okay, take a deep breath in.. and let it out slowly... PIERCE!" and I had 2 hooks in my torso. They burned a bit, but weren't that bad at all.

Cere and Tye asked if I was okay to go onto the next hooks. Tye had a bit of a problem grabbing my skin since I've lost weight, but these hooks went as smoothly as the first ones. Deep breath in.. and pierced! The third set went in, which I thought would be the worst, but they were all about the same. After a few seconds Cere asked if I was okay, and helped me get off the massage table.

He had cleaned a chair down and gave Tye the ropes. Usually I pull myself up, but decided to let Tye do it. Cere kneeled beside me and looped the hooks onto the rope. He asked Tye for a bit of tension and told me there'd be tension on the hooks and to just breathe, so I did, and there was tension. It wasn't bad. More was added, as Cere told me to focus on my breathing, and I told him which hooks had more or less tension than the other ones.

Time to go up.

I focused on my breathing, and the music. Tool blared through my ear and I breathed in deeply, and out deeply. Cere was beside me telling me to breathe and Tye was watching carefully and I said "Up, slowly". He started to pull on the rope. Up up up. It burns. I was off the chair, on my tip-toes. Breathe. Breathe. The burning. The bottom hooks. Fucker. Tool, listen to Tool. BREATHE. Cere was at my side and I was off the ground. Tye pulled me up a couple feet and I settled onto the hooks.

I put my head back and relaxed. I could hear Chris taking pictures. The bottom hooks, the ones by my hips, burned. Cere swung me back and forth gently. Swinging eased the tension a bit, and the burning started to fade. Songs changed. I swung. I closed my eyes. I swung. "We are eternal, all this pain is an illusion" came through my ear and I smiled. I closed my eyes again and swung.

Oh shit. I'm nauseous. I ask Chris to bring me my pop. I use my upper body strength and pull my head up and sip it. I give it back to Chris and then lean back and grab my pants. I swung. I was still nauseous. So I asked to come down. Coming down hurts, for some reason, and I grabbed the chair with my feet and stood, which I shouldn't have done. I drank more Pepsi. We really needed orange juice. Nausea.. Nausea.. Waving over me. Not going to puke, not going to puke. Breathe. So I breathed.

Then I had Tye lower me and I sat down. I breathed and waited for the nausea to go away. I said "Up. Slowly" again and Cere told me to breathe, and that it'd be a bit worse this time. The hooks in my hips burned and burned. I was on my tip toes. I said "Stop!" and then "go!". I hung for a couple minutes and asked to come down. I couldn't get comfortable on the bottom hooks.

I grabbed the chair with my feet and went to straighten myself out, and then SHIT, I slipped and fell off the chair. I grabbed the ropes, my first instinct, and Cere grabbed me and put me back on the chair, me still holding on the ropes for dear life. A very awkward position to be in, going from standing to a resurrection. Tye lowered me so I could sit, and I said "Up" again and explained the bottom hooks fucking hurt. Searing pain. So Cere said, Well, let's get them out of the equation.

4pt resurrection!? I was having trouble with 6pt! I couldn't even do a 4pt a couple weeks ago, what makes today different?

I thought, I can make it off the ground. I can do this. I changed the music to some hard MDM (they're like KMFDM) and Cere readjusted the rigging. The good part about open eye hooks. I told Tye to go slowly, and Cere adjusted where I said needed to be adjusted.

I was on my tip-toes. Shit, I'm gonna do it! I'm going to pull off a 4pt resurrection. Wow! I left the ground. I hung. I couldn't catch my breath. I couldn't focus on my breathing, or the music. There was a crazy amount of pressure on the hooks. I hung for a minute and said "Down" and once I was down, I said I had had enough. I accomplished what I wanted, AND MORE! Fuck yea!

I was taken down from the rig and walked carefully inside, because I was bleeding. Cere and Tye put Technicare on the hooks and quickly pulled them all out and massaged the tiny bit of air out. I never get much air under my skin.. I was still listening to MDM, and smiling. Except for the massage. Your body just hung from those spots, and now people are pressing on them. It hurts! Tye, for being so small, has a lot of force, haha, but I love him anyways.

Cere came up to me and grinned and said "Deep breath in.." and I was like "wha?" and then he said "Deep breath out.." and ripped the duct tape off my nipples. Fucker! He repeated that for the other side and I was bandaged up and quickly put on a shirt, no bra, and Tye and Cere tore down and then we hung out in the living room until Tye's amazing-to-watch, very emotional, suspension.

I was smiling all afternoon. I did it! And more! More than I had originally set out to accomplish. I was so happy. And surrounded by great people. I was happy with myself for "doing it" and the after-suspension rush hit me hard. Watching Tye, I almost cried. I went to bed that night exhausted, but accomplished, being held by someone. It was great. I'd do it again in a minute.

Would I change anything? No. That's my experience, and that's all I have. I suspend for a million reasons, all of them positive. I pushed my body further than I woke up that morning anticipating to do. How could I possibly get anything negative out of that? I couldn't, and didn't.

I'll happily let Tye and Cere throw hooks in me any time. I've known Tye longer than I've known Cere, and I trust him with my life. I only met Cere in person a bit ago, at Modprom and BMEFest, and I instantly liked him. I have nothing negative to say about either of them, and I trust them both, very much. They worked well together as a team, and helped me accomplish something.

I write this with a silly grin on my face.


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