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suicide from an apple tree

Being suspended seemed like the natural evolution to being pierced so when I felt I was ready I started the ball rolling letting people know I wanted to do it and last week it finally happened.

It was touch and go whether it was going to be a nice day but by the time came to do the suspension it was absolutely beautiful, especially since Octobers in England don't have a good reputation. We found a nice big tree and whilst Sarge set about putting up the rig and getting the needles and hooks ready I sat down and chilled out a bit, sipping Lucozade to prepare me for 'extreme activity' as the bottle calls it.

When it eventually came to the piercing I didn't find it any more or any less painful than any other piercing, four 3.2 mm piercings done two at a time by Sarge and Marcus, whilst it did make me grimace a bit I grimace at any piercing. If you can handle getting pierced then you can handle this bit. That's what I thought anyway.

Another 10mins or so to get my breath back and it was time to connect me to the rig and start the gradual process of being lifted. It took me a while to get used to the pull of the skin and I took my time testing it, probably too long, in hind sight it would probably have been better to just get pulled straight up and deal with it as it happened rather than fanny about with it, but nether the less that's how I chose to do it. After a while, I'm not sure how long exactly, of gradually upping and lowering the pull I decided it was now or never and so on tip toes I tried my best to bend my knees and let my back take the weight. However I found I couldn't do it, something about it, probably nerves, stopped me from doing it, so I enlisted the help of Marcus to hold my hands whilst Sarge lifted me, and then I was up and I let go and Sarge took me higher.

The first five minutes or so I found uncomfortable, but I'm sure this is just due to the fact that it was my first suspension, now I know what it feels like to have your skin take your full weight I'm sure it won't take me that long to get into it again. After I did get used to it however I really loved it, it's a very odd feeling to describe, but I think exhilarating is closest. It still aches but once you put your mind past that and you get used to it, it just becomes a part of the experience, and a really good experience at that. One thing that I was looking out for but never happened was some sort of euphoric trip. I had heard that being suspended gives you a feeling of euphoria, but I didn't experience that, maybe because I didn't hang for enough time, even so I still thought it was absolutely amazing. It just felt really cool to be able to hang and swing yourself around, knowing that you were being held up by four 3mm shark fishing hooks. Since we were in an orchard som eone suggested that I should eat an apple. It's a strangely good feeling to be hanging from an apple tree eating an apple!

Coming down again was easy. When you finally have your feet back on ground and there's no pull anymore it really feels like a weight has been taken off your shoulders, and taking the hooks out doesn't hurt half as much as putting them in. Massaging the air bubbles out felt odd, as you can feel them push up your skin and burst out of the holes but by this time it's a nice relaxing experience after the pull of the suspension.

That night my back ached a lot. Sitting still it was fine but as soon as I got up and walked around to do something it really ached, perhaps even more than the suspension itself! Someone suggested that that was because I had no adrenaline left by this time which is probably a likely reason, even so I thought this was the worse part of the whole experience, sleeping is a bit uncomfortable and I had to find a comfortable position on my front to stop putting pressure on my back.

Overall it was an absolutely amazing thing to do and I'll definitely do it again. In fact I can't wait to do it again. Next time I think I'll get pulled straight up rather than fanny about testing the pull and I'll probably be able to handle a longer suspension.

It's just left for me to thank Sarge for coming up to hang me and Marcus for setting it all up for me, it was really, really appreciated. I hope we can do it again one day soon. Thanks again.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 Oct. 2008
in Ritual

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Artist: sarge
Studio: an+orchard+in+faversham
Location: kent%2C+england

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