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Crazy knees!

I had decided I wanted to do a 4pt resurrection. Tried it, failed. I was bummed. So I decided to do a 6pt. I told Tye this. Tye knows I change my mind every 5 minutes, and was surprised when he went to mark me up, that I wanted to do my knees. 4pt. I can't tolerate hooks in the top of my knees, so 6pt (really no need in someone that weighs under 110lbs!) was out, and so was 2pt, as I've tried before, and hated.

So, 4pt it was.

Allana was there, and so was Chris. Tye marked me up, a feat because I have a million scars from my many million knee/around knee suspensions. After we verified the marks were comfy, I laid back with my iPod on, listening to some MDM (like KMFDM) and listening to Tye through the other ear. First breath, as usual. He knows me by now! Ange (iam: lilfunky1) was there to assist.

The first hook. Deep breath in, and out. Bam. Done, nailed the marks. Comfortable. Second one, same deal. All four, easy. Just a quick pinch and its in! Tye's fast and knows what he's doing. I swung myself off the massage table and we grabbed a plastic sheet (since I have a reputation for wrecking Tye's towels and he wasn't going to sacrifice another one to me, dammit.. I shoulda brought my own.. Oh well..) and I sat down.

Tye rigged me up and handed me the rope, and I put tension on. I pointed out where was good, and where was not so good. I turned my music up, grabbed the rope, hand over hand over hand.. I'm up! I was grinning. Allana said "That was fast!" and I grinned stupidly.

I hung for a few minutes just grinning and looking up at the tree and at Tye, and told Chris to swing me. He swung me. I pushed myself on using my arms to swing higher, faster. I was smiling and laughing. Pain? Nope. Discomfort? Nope. Just pleasure.

I asked if there was a swivel, Tye said yes, and I had Chris push me and spin me. I laughed and sung along to my music and swung and spun and twirled until I was about ready to puke from the spinning. I told Chris to stop me, and he did. Then I pushed off him and did it again. I kept trying to pick up the chair. I felt on top of the world. I felt like I could do ANYTHING.

Tye told me I was "going up" and I laughed my ass off as he fell backwards with the harness on and laid on the grass. He periodically got up and checked on the tearing. I always tear. No matter who does it, no matter where its placed, I tear. 4pt, 6pt, 2pt. Always.

I swung and spun and Allana tried to take off my bra and shirt, but failed, because my bra is complicated, and had a blast. It was me, the tree, my friends and a beautiful night. After about 45 minutes and a lot of music changing, I decided to come down because I was getting cold. Tye lowered me and I hit the ground (not hard.. just sayin', hit the ground.. even though I was lowered gently with Chris supporting my back) dizzy as hell with massive pressure on my knees. The joys of being upside down for almost an hour!

Tye cut me from the rig and I walked my bloody legs over to the massage table and he covered me in Technicare and took the hooks out and bled me out.. Owww. The worst part. Tye is rough, but he gets the job done. We were lacking daylight by this time and we had a flashlight and an iPhone set to flashlight mode to help see. We moved the massage table inside after me.

My knees were bandaged up and I watched Allana suspend by her knees. Tye was very patient and supportive and she got off the ground and held onto my hands and swung gently off me. Very positive, great to watch.

We had a good time.

Allana came down, and she got cleaned up, and we all went back to Chris's and had a crazy night. I love suspending with Tye, he's great. It's unfortunate they're cutting his tree down. We do have a place for winter suspensions, but outside under a tree is just so relaxing and calming.

I was very happy with this suspension and Allana and I limped around with our bandaged knees all night. Tye would threaten to hit our knees and we'd laugh. The next morning my knees were nice and bloody, bruised and, of course, I took pics. I drove my, now clean, hurting knees home and slept.

It was a crazy suspension. Fucking great. I'd do it every second of every day if I could!


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on: 30 Oct. 2008
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