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2pt chest suspension

I had wanted to do a chest suspension for years, after my first suspension, but I was always afraid of doing it.

I did a 6pt knee, 2pt chest combo and enjoyed it. The hooks in the top of my knees gave me more trouble than anything else. I can't tolerate hooks in the top of my knees, I attempted a 2pt (6ga) knee suspension and I had shooting pains from the hooks, every time they were moved. Needless to say, I didn't get off the ground. I prefer a 4pt knee to a 6pt knee, even though I tend to tear.

I finally decided I wanted to suspend from my chest. I couldn't find my set of 6ga hooks, so I ordered some from Mustad. 12/0 Sea deamon's. I had my friend Chris bring them to Oakville for Tye to grind down and autoclave.

Finally, we set a date and time. I booked it off work and drove up the night before to Burlington, to Chris's house. We hung out and went to bed pretty late, around 2:30am. The next day I got up around 11am and went outside and had a smoke, I was really nervous. I laid down on the couch and did some deep breathing and focused, and the nerves calmed down a bit.

We drove to Oakville and found Tye's house. We were going to use a tree in his front yard. We were afraid of getting arrested, even though there was a fence with bushes in front of it. Tye had his friend Kira come to assist, because Chris would be taking photo's and an extra pair of hands is always good to have.

When we woke up it was thundering and raining. Shit. We wanted to do the suspension outside. We drove to Oakville in the rain and hung out at Tye's place and contemplated using Chris's indoor spot in Toronto. Then the sun came out. We were very happy about this.

We went to Way Cool and got the autoclaved 6ga needles. Then we picked up a ladder and very carefully drove to Tye's house, with him in the trunk of the car holding it steady, and me in the front keeping it from hitting the dash. Tye and Chris set up the ladder and Tye set up all of the rigging, pulley's and such. We had a smoke, and it was time to get hooked.

Tye set everything up after spraying everything down and covering the area with layers of sterile gauze, as he forgot dental bibs. The sterile gauze was just as good anyways, if not better. He cleaned my chest with Technicare and then pinched a few spots and found one that was comfortable. He marked me, pinched again, and we were good to go.

It was very hot out. I lay down on the massage table and focused on my breathing. Tye asked if I wanted to be hooked on the first or second breath and I said "first" but it sounded like "third" and he said "Third, are you crazy?". I laughed and said "Eighth!" and we got down to business. He pinched my chest and said it would be like doing a freehand piercing.

I tilted my head back to get it out of Tye's way and focused on my breathing and what was coming up. "Deep breath in.. and out". The needle penetrated my flesh and exited the other site. I felt pressure, and a bit of pain on the exit. You'd think a 6ga needle in the chest would hurt a lot, but it really wasn't that bad.

Now for the next hook, this one being easier since Tye is right handed. "Deep breath in.. and out". Bam, done, same as the first. Pressure, and a bit of pain on the exit. Tye asked if I was okay, and I said I was and carefully got up. He put gauze in my tank top and it was time for a smoke. We wanted to keep a low profile, so Chris got me my smokes from his car in the driveway and I lit up and calmed down. I was pretty nervous at this point, and covered in sweat. Tye gave me some paper towels and I wiped my face.

I walked backwards to the ash tray and it was time to rig me. Tye put on gloves and a mask and had Kira put on gloves and hold the rig. He tied his knots and I was rigged. I ducked my head and let the rig hang down my back, with a bit of tension. We walked to the tree and Tye clipped me onto the pulley. I had complete faith in the equipment. Everything was tested. I've had a bad experience before, a rig came down on my head (not with Tye) and I get a bit nervous about that happening again.

I was clipped to the rig and said I wanted to pull myself up. I took the rope and put some tension on and slowly walked backwards and forwards adding tension each time. Finally, I was standing on the tips of my toes and almost completely off the ground. I almost handed the ropes off to Tye to get Chris to hold my hands for support, but I fought through it. The tension felt like burning and there was quite a bit of pain. It was now or never. I closed my eyes, focused on the pain, took some deep breaths and pulled the rope.

I was off the ground.

I handed the rope off to Tye, who pulled me up about a foot off the ground. The pain subsided and I relaxed into it. Then I had trouble breathing. I gasped "I can't breathe" and Tye gently told me to focus. I tilted my head back and tried to take deep breaths, but couldn't. I put my head forward and breathing was a bit easier, but it was still hard. Tye coached me through it, and told me that this was normal, it puts pressure on your lungs and makes it hard to breathe.

While I was hanging, a bee started to buzz around me and I panicked. Everyone laughed at this. My biggest fear are bees! Chris took pictures of it and sent them to me in high-res as a joke.

I would try to breathe, then panic because I couldn't, and hyperventilate. Tye was great about this, and coached me through it all. I couldn't have done it without him. After about 10 minutes I asked to come down and Tye lowered me and got Kira to go get me a glass of water and juice. I left some tension on the hooks and pulled back and forth. I was sweating, and the water and juice helped a lot. Tye was very patient, and asked if I wanted a cigarette. I said no because I was still gasping for breath and didn't want to make it worse. I said I had never blacked out before, and didn't plan to. I drank the juice to get my sugar up. I had eaten donuts for breakfast, full of sugar. (I was having jaw problems and couldn't eat very well.. severe TMJ, so I drank a lot of sugary drinks.)

I stood there for a few minutes pulling on the hooks and breathing deeply. We joked around a bit. Tye would ask me if I was okay every few seconds, and if I needed anything. I took the rope and pulled myself onto my tip-toes and couldn't get up again. I was too exhausted and hot from the first time. It reminded me a lot of my first suspension (4pt suicide), which Tye facilitated for me. He held my hands until I got off the ground and gave me support.

There was some tearing, which was probably why I had problems getting up again. I stood on my toes for a minute or so and said I was done. I had achieved what I wanted to. I had serious doubts about this suspension and didn't know if I'd get off the ground. But I did. And I hung for a while. Tye told me most people don't stay up very long for that type of suspension, because of breathing difficulties.

I felt great. I had done it! I lay down and Tye asked if he wanted him to tell me when to breathe for removing the hooks, and I said just to do it. Kira poured Technicare on my chest and Tye removed the hooks painlessly and quickly. He squeezed the little bit of air bubbles out and bandaged me up. It felt like there was massive pressure on my chest. Tye asked if I was okay and helped me get off the table and stand up. He put everything into a sharps container and cleaned up while I had a cigarette. The pressure subsided a bit and we went inside.

For the next few days I had pretty bad bruising, but it went down.

This wasn't a negative experience. It was quite positive. Tye was very supportive, and I think if it were someone else, I wouldn't have gotten off the ground. The hooks went in smooth as silk, and Tye was there when I needed him to be. I didn't swing around or anything, but it was nice to just hang peacefully. I focused and breathed as best as I could while I hung.

I was in an exceptionally good mood when we went back into the house. Tye called Way Cool and asked if they could send bail money, and then laughed. We didn't get arrested! (Technically, we broke no bylaw. We didn't damage the tree or put up a fence. I was wearing a low tank top and a bra, so no indecent exposure, even though it is legal in Ontario for men and women to go topless. Plus it was on private property.)

While inside, Tye asked how I was feeling and if the pressure had gone down. It had and I was feeling great. We chilled for a bit then returned everything to where it came from. Everyone at Way Cool asked how it was and I said it was amazing.

Would I do it again? In a heartbeat. I want to order Gilson hooks for next time though. I asked Tye's opinion and he said they're fantastic and worth way more than they are. Plus, you can use them more than normal Mustad hooks. (With 8ga, I only use them twice. 6ga's can take more of a beating so you can use them a couple of times.) And only one part needs to be replaced.

I'm going to get some Gilson hooks and try those out. The tearing was absolutely not Tye's fault. The placement and depth were great. I do tend to tear. I've suspended many different positions with different people and always tear a bit, especially my knees. My skin is pretty thin.

I'm happy with the experience. I was doubtful about getting off the ground, and I did, and managed to hang for a bit. I like to pull myself up because I feel like I have more control. One of my tattoos has a nice scar through it, from the bit of tearing (it honestly wasn't as bad as I've seen in other people, or expected, actually. I'm relatively small, 5'2 and 115lbs) and I wouldn't touch the tattoo up for the world.

It was a difficult suspension, but I had a lot of support, a great location and great people. They helped me get through it. I felt high on endorphins for days! I didn't have the usual moodiness I tend to get after suspending. I was just happy about what I had done. I feel like I can do anything. I'm glad it was done privately, with only a couple of great people there. Nobody hurried me, or made me feel bad. I've suspended before where people made me feel like I was just taking up their precious time, like it was more for the money, not the experience.

Tye was very patient and waited while I contemplated. He made sure I was okay, and did everything to make it a positive experience. Without his support, I couldn't have done it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Ritual

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