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My first Suspension (Lotus) at 5.Superfly Summercamp (2008)

Hey there dear Reader, I'm glad you take your time to read through my little article and I feel honoured to share my experience with you.

About one and a half weeks ago I experienced my first suspension. It happened at the Superfly Summercamp, which takes place once a year, always around this time.
This year it was the 5th, it's organized by my piercer and by now a good friend of mine, Chandler and his suspension group, Superfly Suspension.

On Friday was the meet'n'greet, Chandler did a couple of announcements and I also met a lot of very nice new people, I felt comfortable right away. I also made a couple of new friends that evening/night. On my way to the exit of the location, which is an awesomely decorated industrial hall by the way, I went to Chandler, who sat at the bar and just wanted to say good-bye. He said: "Hey do you wanna do Suspension?", I answered I didn't really have any money to pay for all his efforts, but then he looked at me and was like: "I didn't ask you, how much you wanna pay for a suspension, I asked you if you wanna do suspension." and he smiled at me. I was a bit perplexed, but then agreed immediately, because it was one of my biggest wishes to have this experience for myself, since I saw this kind of ritual in a magazine first and then at a convention again. I went home with a the feeling of great satisfaction and excitement in my belly. The next day the first people got to fly and to have their experiences, there were "pros" and first-timers like me.
I was stunned the whole day by the beauty of the rituals performed.
Saturday was a busy day, many people did their suspension and the Superfly team and their helpers got all their hands full to keep it all up fluently and they did an amazing job. Saturday evening Mark, from the Swastika Freakshop and Wika did their performance, which was one of the most moving and most breathtaking moments I ever witnessed in my life, but I will not spoil anything here. Please find a review on the Superfly Summercamp 2008 or go to the Superfly Suspensions myspace profile (http://www.myspace.com/superflysuspensioncrew) to find out for yourself. It's worth the effort of research, I promise. If you don't find anything, please send me a message.

Okay now let's move on to my actual experience. So on Sunday I came back to the location. I didn't do it on Saturday, because everyone was already exhausted and needed some rest and everybody just wanted to chill and also enjoy all the food, Chandler organized. Sunday was also fine with me, because I was very nervous, I can actually feel it again right now, this nervousness hehehe I'm already thinking of the next time, but I don't want to foreclose anything. So on Sunday pretty much every of the four suspension stations was at full capacity the entire time and then it was my turn. Chandler looked at me and asked me if I'm ready, when I was on my way to get an orange juice and look at some others, who were doing suspension at the time.
My adrenaline started pumping, I got my juice and told him I was ready to roll or actually to fly. So I went into the "hooker"-room, I took of my clothes, because I knew I wanted to do a lotus and then cut it down to a suicide. It was my first time, but I knew what I wanted to do, that gave me confidence and also calmed me down a bit. Even I was pretty relaxed, I felt my heart pounding, each contraction made my ribcage tremble.
I told Iestyn and Mark what my plan was so the got all the hooks and disinfection supplies.
I stood on the chair and Iestyn started marking the spots where the hooks where supposed to be set. Damn I was excited and scared, just really intense feeling at the same time, but I also felt happy to be finally able to do my first suspension. I started smiling at everyone. then I sat down on a surgical chair three people started working on me at the same time, six hooks had to be placed. the first deep breaths, then the countdown, I looked at the needle blades with the hooks attached to them, then the zero I took a deep breath and felt three hooks penetrating my skin at the same time, one on my right ankle, the second one on my left thigh and Iestyn did the last one above my right shoulder blade.
Iestyn made a remark about how soft my skin is and that the needle went through like a hot blade through butter, I actually started laughing and thanked him for his compliment. Okay now was the time for the second set of hooks, left ankle, right thigh and left shoulder blade, the countdown, one deep breath and there they went.
But then there were some complications with the hook on my back, the security just didn't want to fit the right way, so three guys started pulling and pushing and apologizing. I kept smiling at first, because I thought it was cute how they were saying sorry the whole time, it started to get unpleasant, but hey no pain no gain, I said to myself and it wasn't as bad as it sounds.
they were done and my circulation too, I felt good no real pain at all, just a burning feeling, but my body had been trough a lot of stress and needed some time, my face went white. I got some juice and also some dextrose, they took care of very well, so my blood pressure and circulation went back to normal. I stood up and Iestyn and Mark always had an eye on me, but I felt really good. Chandler already set up the beam I sat down underneath it and he started to pull the strings through the karabiners, which were attached to the hooks. (Annotation: 3mm strength in my legs and 5mm in my back)

I put my earplugs in and set up my mp3-player I knew what I wanted to listen to, but I also was a bit upset, because I didn't get to download some new tracks on it, I also wanted to listen to, but unfortunately I didn't have the time, but hey the next time. Slowly I felt the hooks pulling, the hooks in my legs started burning again, but I only though that's it. I opened my eyes again and Chandler sat in front of me with the rope in his hands. I smiled at him, I was so happy, I started pulling. I made the stop sign, I needed a couple of seconds to get used to the feeling, there was no pain in my back, I just felt traction pulling on my skin, it's not real pain. I felt fine a couple of seconds later and made the sign for going up a bit more, another quick stop, then I closed my eyes again, I have total trust in Chandler so there was nothing for e to worry about, and then I felt my feet leaving the ground and the my butt catching air, my body started swinging, I kept moving to the beats of the music I listened to. Then I was floating, an indescribable feeling crept over my entire body, it felt good, more than just good. Daniel, a dude I met on Friday and became friends with over the weekend looked at me. I asked him, if he could hand me my incense sticks please, Chandler heard it and took over the job, I lid a couple of them and put them into the loops on the hooks. The scent was all around me, one stick I kept between my palms I closed my eyes, listened to the music and felt completely free and untroubled.

There was just me, my body and my soul.

Daniel asked me if I wanted to swing a little, and he gave me a good push, I felt the air laving around my body, the coolness and freshness.
I kept listening to the music and the beats took me over, and I kept shacking and rocking to the music. The steady beats felt awesome and the intense feelings were mind-blowing. Everything was just a million times better than I ever imagined, just really hard to explain. After forty-five minutes of getting in touch with my inner self I started freezing, because the hall couldn't get warmed up, Iestyn and Daniel tried to put some socks over my feet and Iestyn asked me, if I wanted a blanket, but that would have kinda destroyed it for me so I decided to do the cut-down some other time and to just leave with the great experiences and emotions I had up to this moment.
When I started to feel the ground again, there was another moment of pain, caused by relieving the traction if the hooks and the skin, but it was totally fine.
After getting cut loose I want back to the "hooker"-room and Iestyn took care of the rest, taking out the hooks and putting bandages on these beautiful marks of my suspension, right after I got all fixed up, I already began thinking about the next time I would be able to fly and have these unique emotions and impressions.

the orange juice hahaha

The rest of the evening everybody just kept chilling 'til the next morning, some people got tattooed, including me, people were talking and having some more food, when I finally went home, I gave Chandler a big hug and I really could have kissed him for what he made possible for me.

This was my first suspension at Superfly Summercamp this year, I want to thank again everybody who helped me with it, special thanks to Chandler again and to Mark and Iestyn.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! And Chandler, I'll be finished with your painting soon, trading Art for Art, is the best way ever, I can honestly say, I love you for what you did.

Also thanks to everyone who took their time to read through this, Peace, Love and Harmony to everyone, Tommi


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on: 23 Sept. 2008
in Ritual

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Artist: Superfly+Suspension+Team
Studio: Superfly+Summercamp
Location: Berlin%2C+Germany

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