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my first suspension

My suspension experience.

Suspension and pulling had always intrigued me ever since getting my first piercing (tongue) at the age of 16. Years went by without actually getting it done my chance came with a few others.

So it was last November when I eventually got suspended it was part of the celebrations of the metal guru piercing studio, Stockton-on-tees England, celebrating been established for 10 years they had organised a couple of days of play piercings, suspension and some other non run of the mill piercings.

So the suspension rig all set up in the ally outside the shop on lookers a bit bewildered as to what was about to happen, the first two people got pierced and hooks put it and up and away they went what a buzz watching this happen, seeing their faces gleaming it just encouraged me that little bit more, with the ally still open to passers by a crowd had started to gather some people turning their noses up at it all and others interested in what was going on.

Well later on in the day my turn comes around so I head up stairs to marks room to get the piercing procedure under way

So the top of my back was cleaned up and all marked out accordingly to suit four hooks that will eventually be inserted. With all the piercings been done at 3.2mm the first one down what excellent crunchy feeling, the 2nd one I felt it a little more but still a good buzz, 3rd one ouch felt that one more than the last 2 and finally the fourth knowing what was about to happen I think it made the feeling feel that little bit worse. With my adrenaline ski high and bam through the skin the needle goes.

As soon as all of the hooks where in and I stood up and felt the weight, they felt so so natural. Over to the mirror to have a look at what had just been done excellent and even a little blood to add to they sight.

Downstairs went and outside to the rig, mark hooked me up and kept tension on the cord and let me pull away to get the feeling of pulling of the skin. Wow what a feeling been able to let the cord and the hooks pull against my skin was unbelievable with a grin from ear to ear about 10-15 minutes of pulling it was time to actually go up in the air.

With mark stood in front of me giving me encouragement and big Louis to the side keeping the rope tensioned he slowly started to ease me up in the air, stop, ouch, it felt like the skin between the 2 centre hooks where pinching, start again, after several times of getting onto my tip toes with the misses now stood in front of me giving support with our daughter and holding on to my little girls hand up I went both feet of the ground, fuck yea what a feeling hearing Louis to the side of me saying that the skin that had been pulled looks like I could fit a pint of beer in the cup formed shape. Cool as.

The whole up in the air experience was short lived as I felt a bit dizzy from the pinching sensation so down I came and as soon as my feet touched the floor out cold I went with Louis grabbing me and keeping me upright and gently sitting me down I came round.

After a few minutes to bring myself round and a smoke inside we went where it was time to get the air from under my skin, Sarah stood behind me pushing my skin, crackle and pop went the air bubbles, a strangely good feeling with blood trickling down my back if only I could have got some bars inserted and had some nice 3.2mm surface piercing but I never, shame.

Afterwards walking home it was like when having your first piercing or tattoo wanting more and more yup sure enough I now have the "suspension" bug.

So yea what an experience from the pulling to the actual short but awesome suspension it was truly a life changing experience which was made that bit better the people that I had around me whilst having it done and it is something that I can not wait to do again but next time I shall not have 4 hooks in my back but only two hooks as I feel 2 hooks would reduce the nipping pain that I felt.

Thank you to Tanya, mark and Sarah of the metal guru piercing studio and of course our Louis for making the experience that little easier been around my mates.

Piece all x


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 Sept. 2008
in Ritual

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Artist: mark
Studio: the+metal+guru
Location: stockton-on-tees

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