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First Time up

For years I let at the white people do their suspension shit. I mean it was their, thing my friends enjoy it and I supported them for it, they make a little bread for it so I help them with it. They tried to get me up numerous times. My reply was: My ancestors would turn over in their grave, or rise rise up as ghost to tell me that "You willing let white people hang you?? We fought against dogs, hoses, slavery, jim crow laws, and you jump the chance to hang you???"

So yeah I was bored at the BBQ(BEAT SUSPENSION CREW)and a lot of people were slightly bored too. I'm hearing complaints about seeing the same people go up, the people who wanted to go up who said they wanted to go up, never showed. When i had my hair in a ponytail I pulled one of my dreads out and auctioned it off. I got 5 bones( that manes five dollar) for it from this girl who wanted it in a scrapbook, verbal agreement is that she can do whatever she wants to it s long as no voodoo curses are thrown on me. That got a few people laughing. Me being the main attraction showman kind of guy had to wake these people. So I gave them a story to tell, walked up to Rev Decay and as like"I got a hundred saying you'll put me up. So he did.....a little too excited for my taste, way to eager to hang me. He puts the hooks through me, four hooks to be exact(forgive me if it sounds too ignorant for not putting the proper term, I'm new to this)and I hear from one of my friends that he alw ays flinches or twitches when he gets hooks in but I didn't. While going up everybody started getting quiet, my reaction was "Why is everyone so quiet make some fucking noise here." Entertaining as always I guess. It was nighttime and the party host was like do you need more lights to which I responded "Turn on all the lights, I'm the Main event." When they pulled up at first I felt the obvious burning and tugging, but when my feet got off the ground I was up like a couple of inches I told them to pull me up "I can jump higher than this." When I was looking down at everyone and they were looking at me I could see that all my friends were proud of me. It was cooler than I even thought it would be. I told them "Now I see why you all do this shit. How long can I stay up here?" So yeah I got my moneys worth I was so high I can see the neighbors looking through the windows, I waved at all the neighbors. I can only imagine the sight of seeing a large group of white people and one black person hanging up there with hooks in his back. Of course the obvious jokes were thrown around to which I won't pot here but I will get them all back, oh please believe it will be payback And from what I was told for my first time going up there I did damn good, I honestly didn't realize I was doing anything spectacular except enjoy the moment. I was up their than most first timers did a lot of crazy shit up there too(beside actually being on FUCKING hooks) I took pictures of myself hanging up there.

One friends Ryan announced since I'm hanging helpless up their a lot of my female friends should get revenge on me for slapping their asses all the time and decided to slap mine. I never knew how many females I did that to but out of nowhere a slew of girls came out, you never know how many people you pissed off until it happens, one girl grabbed a stick. I called a few homies and told them I was getting hooks in me, hanging and gettin my ass slapped by some white girls. I grabbed one girl while swinging with her but couldn't get her no higher than my crotch(unintentional I swear to god) so it looked like I was getting head while being suspended. I even did the souljah boy in the air, mostly the YOOOOOOOOOOUUU part and most obviously Supermaning that ho. I did dunks from NBA Jams arcade game from back in the day(he's on fire). Air Jordan poses, the running man, the pool pala ce(lean with it, rock with it snapping dance.) To sum it up I denied it long enough for far too, I had fun. Now afterwards I had the hooks removed and apparently had a lot of air, so an interesting massage( i think they just wanted to touch my body) and hearing the squishy sound of bubbles squirting blood. I was done


submitted by: sloppy2nds
on: 01 Sept. 2008
in Ritual

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Artist: Rev+Decay
Studio: Hook+is+family%2FMOM%2FBEAT
Location: BEAT+Suspension+BBQ

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