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My 1st Ritual

My experience at the ritual pull:

Tracey Michelle Simpson Gibson Age: 21

On the morning of 26th September 2007 I awoke with the thought in my head "Its finally here" I had waited a good 3wks to do my ritual pull and with a lot of hard work and preparation the day had finally come!!

Ever since my dad (Mark Gibson) went to down to London and took part in a ritual for the first time with Fakir I had wanted to experience it for myself.

I researched suspensions and pulls on the internet (suspension is a bit much for me) and found out as much as I could. I read other peoples reports and experiences and the more I read the more I wanted to take part in such a one off experience.

The pictures that really made a difference for me were the ones of people with great big smiles and looks of pure ecstasy upon their faces. I thought to myself "it can't be bad if people are still smiling"??!!

So the day came I got up out of bed and got ready for a shower. I had chosen the outfit to wear the night before, I wanted everything to go as stress free as possible. I chose a new PJ set I had bought the week before the reason being it was comfortable and held no restrictions. I also felt at ease within my self I hadn't dressed up and I hadn't dressed down I was just me! After my shower I got ready I wore very little make up and just left my hair to do its own thing I wanted to approach this subject in my purest form, a blank canvas (so to speak)

At around 10am we went up to where the ritual was to take place. A field near to where I live.

When I arrived my Mam and Tracey (High priestess) where there they had cleaned all the space and opened the four corners. As I entered the marquee they cleansed me and prepared me spiritually for the events ahead.

In the time it took the others to arrive and prepare their selves I just sat and cleared my head, took the time to just run a few thoughts around my head i.e. my reason for doing this ritual and what I hoped to gain.

The time came for my piercing! By this time I was thinking should I, should I not, ohh, what if, you know the normal thought but as Graham called my name it was as if I just floated towards him I just knew it was the right thing to do, I knew I was safe.

I sat on the wooden stool and Graham pinched my chest skin looking for the best placement for my 2.5 hooks. When he was ready I just closed my eyes and practised the breathing techniques my Dad had ran though with the group the evening before. When I felt the time was right I gave Graham the nod and he pierced the right side of my chest. I would explain the piercing as no more painful than a normal everyday piercing. With the breathing I was doing I had already spaced myself out before the piercing had even started to take place. When the needle was through the hook was entered following the needle out the hole. While the last part of the piercing was taking place my adrenalin and endorphins had kicked in big time, I WAS FLYING! The feeling I chased most Friday and Saturday night was there big time!! My whole body was shaking! Time for the second piercing on my left side. Graham followed the same procedure I closed my eyes done my breathing again and gave him the nod when I
was ready. The second one was done and I never even felt it.

I was at last all Hooked Up:

After sitting for a few minutes to gather myself again I sat up and my dad connected my cord. I was ready to start. For the first 15-20 minutes I just pulled my cord myself seeing what it felt like, if it hurt, did I like it? Yep I loved it Still flying off the adrenalin and endorphins I joined a circle that was made by the others taking part. It felt amazing! I felt amazing! You could feel the power off one another running round the circle. No one mattered, no one cared, you where there as yourself and everyone loved it and each other.

The rest of the day was spend with the group pulling with one another or alone off the side of the marquee which ever you preferred. The choice was yours and everyone respected it. I think at this point you could of taken my put me in the centre of town and hung me off the market cross and I wouldn't of given a shit! I was untouchable, amazing the only person in that room.

As the day went on we all connected to each other again this time the power was unbelievable the feeling was unexplainable I felt like one massive family even though I had never met two of the other people before ever. We pulled off each other and moved around in a circle. As we done this the buzzing feeling I had achieved at the start of the ritual was starting to fade and something a lot deeper was starting to happen. A couple of times my legs went wobbly and I opened my eyes. Everyone took great care of me and I just new I needed to continue, for myself. After a further 10minutes or so pulling my body cried from the inside and tears softly started rolling from my eyes, I had done it! I had achieved what I had set out to achieve! Then I just knew it was my time to stop. I unhooked my self from the circle and went at sat by the alter. Still weeping although I felt fantastic! I was not crying with pain or hurt but with joy. I don't know what actually came over me at that poi nt in the circle but whatever it was made me feel great. I felt the most safe and loved person in the whole world. For the first time in my life I was happy being me.

My whole life I have had this massive brick wall that stands from my head to my feet and no one has ever seen behind it, it has never dropped for one minuet. But for some reason that wall had gone I was standing there alone and proud. I wasn't being judged, I wasn't being talked about, I was being loved and respected and it felt great. I felt on top of the world no one else mattered all them little sniggers and sarcastic comments that have stuck in my head from over the years had flow away with the fairies. One by one everyone else left the circle at their own desired time. We all just sat in quiet staring into space, we had all reached are individual goal!

As we came back down to earth we started to talk about are individual experiences but no one had a lot to say you could not describe straight after what you had just experienced. We all just looked very, very dazed!

It has taken me three days to write up my personal experience but still I find myself sitting staring into space thinking was that all just a dream??!!

The lasting affects have been quite strange to. No one will ever hurt me again, I have found my inner self and it was fantastic, anyone that says otherwise doesn't know what they are talking about maybe they should give it a go they might be quite shocked with what they find!!!!

Do you know them days when you wake up and you put your make up on, you do your hair put your best clothes on to make your self feel good?

Well on the 26th September 2007 I put my make up on, on the inside! Never to be removed!

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