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Bring the harpoons!

I am very sorry if my grammar's incorrect. I'm from French Canada, so please be kind ^^.

The first time I thought about body suspension was 2 and a half year ago, while going through some random pictures on BME. I found it very fascinating, read many experiences and realized I was very attracted to those kind of experiences. A week or so after, I went to a local piercing shop I trust that performs suspensions and pullings. Efix answered all my questions but there was a technical problem; I was 15 at the time, and I needed to be 18 to enjoy the 4 pts suicide suspension I dreamt about.

I turned 18 last week. My suspension happened on july 1st, and I am now starting to realize how important this event could be for me. Not just a random trip.

My ex Mathieu picked me up at 6:20. Mathieu is a person I admire a lot and he has been very nice and helpful through the whole procedure, even if it lasted hours. So we entered in the D-markation at 6h40, Efix greeted us with a smile and we waited for the end of a tattoo session to get started; I needed a calm place.

7:30, the shop is empty. Mathieu, Efix and I were alone. The first hook entered my back almost without pain. The second and third one hurt a little more but the fourth one entered in my skin like if it was butter. Mathieu started laughing and said "bring the harpooooons!", the sentence I heard during the whole car ride. I laughed too as Efix fixed the rig to my back and put on some tension.

Maybe I wasn't ready, because after an hour or so, I left the ground after enjoying some pulling with my skin not stretched enough. Result; I felt like I was going to puke, or like my sternum was coming out of my chest. Efix held my hands, I watched my feet and I started feeling different. But the pain was too intense, I was getting dizzy and my body temperature's increased terribly fast. Efix removed the tension so I could lie down on the ground. I was pretty deceived, because I thought I couldn't go up again. Efix has been very supportive and made me realize I just accomplished something that 99,9% of the people wouldn't even consider, so there was no more challenge I could not take up. And the fun began there.

After some half inches less of rope separating me from the ceiling, my wrists started to hurt. My whole weight was pushing on my hips and wrists. I breathed in, and removed my hands from the ground. A few seconds of skin stretching later, I started to feel really good. Then, my skin started to do that funny noise, because air was coming in. I lifted a few inches more, so only my feet could touch the ground. Only the tip of my toes, in fact. I started swinging from left to right, with that stupid smile on my face. A little inches more, I was on my knees, walking, swinging, laughing. A few again and I was on my feet, in a vertical position. I suddenly breathed in and picked my feet with my hands. I was hanging in the air, and I asked Efix to lift me high enough so I couldn't touch the ground anymore.

I felt just... whole. And my sternum started burning and aching again. So I went down on the ground, with the feeling that an elephant was sitting on my back. It has been three hours since the hooks entered my back. It was just amazing. But Mathieu was tired so we had to go home haha.

The night after, I hardly slept. I was thinking about many things, and that reflection made me realize some things. I feel that experience made me learn a lot about myself and my limits. The choice of the professional who helps you is also decisive. You have to chose someone you trust, who's goal isn't to lift you, whatever it takes, but who's going to help you live this experience and go through it, even if you don't take off the ground. Having a person with you can also be very useful. Mathieu was almost silent but he said the right thing at the right time. Don't bring someone who sees suspension as a freak thing or someone that is scared at the sight of blood.

People keep asking me if it hurts with disgusted faces. Yes, it hurts. But I didn't mind, seriously. That's part of the game. I don't know how to explain it, but that pain becomes fast accessory. I know I didn't stay long off the ground, but pain comes more when the skin stretches. And if it hurt that much and gave nothing but pain, why would people do it more than once?

I look forward to a superman suspension next time. Maybe my sternum will suffer less.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 July 2008
in Ritual

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Artist: Efix+Roy
Studio: D-Markation
Location: Quebec%2C+Qc%2C+Canada

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