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Freaking Out My Friends

I was itching. I was inspired. I was bored out of my mind.

I was inspired by a picture I saw on BME of a woman with play surface piercings done up her entire arm, and on the ends of the needles she had stuck adorable-coloured birthday candles and lit them. As soon as I saw it (I'm sure you can find it, probably in the photographs for this section if I remember correctly) it was love. It was so crazy and adorable and artistic.

That was a week before I got that piercing itch.

I didn't have any jewellery, so I just wanted to do a temporary play piercing. A large group of my friends and I had just come from our youth group type thing downtown (which gives us complete and entirely sterile piercing kits of either 14 or 16 gauge whenever we like for free :O :D), and were carrying out our Friday ritual of spending the evening getting rowdy at William's coffee pub. Then the have-to-pierce itch got unbearable and I turned to my best friend Sam. I said to him: "Sam, we have to go outside so I can do arm piercings. I have birthday candles to stick on the needles. Please!" So, we rounded up the willing friends, who were doubtful that I'd do it (I've only recently started collecting my piercings, finally beginning to fulfill my list that I mentioned in my nose piercing story). Standing outside in the dark with no one but our group around, I began to prepare by sterilizing all the tools necessary, gloving up both Sam and I and dotting myself with a pen for str aight placement. I wanted to do this right.

Sam pinched the skin up where I needed it, following my instructions very well regarding depth, etc. I then brought the just-opened needle (16 gauge) toward my arm. The adrenaline was really flowing, I suppose, because I didn't even blink (and this was no shallow bullshit piercing- it's been two and a half weeks & the bruises only just started fading and the scabs began their healing). I just pushed the needle through with a bit of tricky resistance, shaking slightly, the pinching sensation as I felt it move through my arm just bearable without a wince or moan.

"Oh my God, you're crazy." some of my friends informed me. But I wasn't done yet. I did another one before one of my friends told me that he seriously thought this was some "fucked up shit". Not wanting to offend the little pansy, I stopped. I stuck the candles on the needles (adorable! though it did jarr the tender skin) and lit them. Cell phones were out and immediately clicking pictures (I'll see if I can get hold of one for the site). I posed willingly until my blood fetish (and that of the girl who I'm currently eyeing) convinced me to remove the needles. The blood oozed, but unfortunately didn't pour out of either. I let her suck/lick it off, even though it was grudgingly and I really wanted to do it myself (I'm pretty strange, I know. Not really masochistic, just with a blood fetish and piercing obsession that go hand in hand a lot of the time).

Since then I've cleaned them regularly, though I've stopped now because it's become unnecessary (they're basically healed). I think I really did freak out/offend my friend Jeremy though, unfortunately (I'm not too torn up, though, because I guess we weren't that close if he won't talk to me over a couple of piercings). I don't regret a thing, because I did it well and hygienically. And it looked great. And I didn't have any jewellery to maintain afterwards.

As my first experience with play and surface piercings I thought it was pretty damn good. I wasn't put off or anything, and I'm thinking I may do it again, only the entire arm this time. Maybe next week, if I buy some more birthday candles.

This was not my first piercing (see my other story about that first one) and since that story I have done several piercings on myself and even a couple on my friends (not difficult or unsanitary thanks to the piercing kits I've been getting). I am going to write another story pertaining to my afternoons/evenings where I went on piercing sprees on both myself and two friends (it was their idea and desire, of course. I don't force them to be my guinea-pigs or anything!). Although if I write a story for each individual piercing or even each individual day I'll be here forever. :P

Hopefully I will find the time soon to relay the stories of my other piercings, which happen to be my navel (5 times, none actually staying permanent [that's mostly my inverse navel, only one standard]), right nipple (standard, painful, done in my bathroom over a ten minute period, I could feel it moving through every layer of flesh and couldn't seem to push hard enough to make it go through fast), tongue web (looks fantastic!), smiley (looks fantastic!), my friend Kyle's ear lobes and my friend Sam's labret twice (he changed his mind about the location, I didn't fuck it up!)

Again: Yay, perforation!!


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on: 20 June 2008
in Ritual

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