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My pull with mother nature~

I hadn't ever really thought about doing a pull up until 2 years ago when a friend offered to perform the pull for a girlfriend and I. He is an experienced piercer who travels all over and I really just thought the whole experience might be something to try out. I'm into meditation and different body rituals and I'm always looking to expand my horizons. I went out the night before and did ecstacy and didn't sleep very much... not something I would recommend to anyone! If you're going to do a pull, get a good sleep the night before. I felt a little drained throughout the day and would have preferred to go through the experience without caffeine.

We thought it'd be beautiful to set up at a beach up island and pull in front of the ocean. My piercer set out a giant plastic mat where he set up his supplies and rope. Although it was outside and some people might frown upon it for cleanliness reasons, he did a wonderful job and even disposed of everything properly. When everything was set up and in order, he put on a fresh pair of gloves and asked who wanted the hooks first. I volunteered, just to get it over with first. I won't lie - I was extremely nervous about the pain and didn't want to see my friend cry or freak out and then have to go through it! Surprisingly enough, I could barely feel anything. It hurt more being pinched and getting the placement lined up! He fiddled around getting the ropes in and that also hurt. I bled a lot at first which was kind of scary because I'm not used to the sight of blood, but I got over it pretty fast. My friend barely bled at all until she started pulling.

After the ropes were put in place we started to pull, both of us in the forest next to the beach. A few people walked by which was kind of funny, but living on Vancouver Island, most of the people you run into are pretty open minded and friendly. At first the pull felt excruciating. I wanted the hooks out almost right away and had to force myself to keep going. After about twenty minutes the pain started to drift. We changed our ropes from the trees and pulled with one another. My friend kept pulling too fast and it really hurt me since I couldn't go at my own pace... I would recommend pulling against something sturdy and not another person. Every time we changed positions it hurt pretty bad and I had to get back into my groove where I felt comfortable. If I do a pull again, I'm definitely planning on staying in one spot. We walked (while my piercer and his assistant held our ropes very carefully!) down to the ocean where we were tied to a giant log and started to pull right in front of the ocean in the pouring rain. The waves were huge and crashing against the rocks and sand right where we were standing and I really just began to feel like I was in a state of euphoria. It was absolutely beautiful and for me, it was even close to an out of body experience. It wasn't what I was expecting to feel and looking back on the whole thing, I'd do it again in a heartbeat. We ended up pulling for about an hour and a half.

We drove back into town and although we were drenched from the rain (and the blood on the back of our jeans and shirts!), I felt incredibly relaxed and blissful and like I had just ran a marathon or something. My back hurt a little bit but it wasn't too bad... after I got a good night's sleep, I didn't feel anything in my back anymore. It's truly a feeling I can barely describe but if any of you out there are considering a pull, I'd definitely say that it is totally worth a try.

I still have four little scars on my back from the hooks but the healing was generally pretty much a piece of cake. I was warned to press down in the place where the hooks were to avoid something called "rice krispies" (air bubbles). My friend healed up pretty nicely too... her scars are barely noticeable. I think I just scar easily, though. There wasn't really any aftercare besides that, obviously. I'd love to do a pull again and I'd choose to do it right on the ocean. I'm considering a chest pull next time, though I'd like to do something kind of crazy and funny like a buttcheek pull... but I'm positive that will be a hell of a lot more painful, haha.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 29 May 2008
in Ritual

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Artist: A+Friend
Studio: The+Beach
Location: Van+Isle

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