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Cutting for a virtual lover

I am a Sub. I am here to please others, even other subs. I've known her for three days, and I was extremely horny tonight. So I kindly mentioned how pleasing for me it would be if she asked me to do something for her, and to my relief, she did. She asked what I was open for and I told her pretty much anything, which is true. We've already talked about cutting during sex. She asked me if I'd cut myself, and masturbate for her. I gladly said yes. My heart started to beat fast. I have a fetish for my own cum, and most women that i've met enjoy watching men eat their own cum. So I thought I'd give it a shot, I asked her what I should do with my own cum, and her being a sub as well, she wasn't very cooperative. So I took a semi dom role and told her it would please me if she told me. She shyly asked me to eat it. So I agreed.

About an hour later, after she was done with her business, I got on cam for her and my heart fell to the floor, I was extremely nervous. I had already had my gauze, and scalpel out and ready and I asked if she was ready. She said yes, and I lost every bit of insecurity I had and every bit of nervousness disappeared. All I could think before I was on cam was how nervous I was, or how big the camera would make me look, I had so many insecurities and doubts, and as soon as I got on cam, She said 'you're not a big guy by the way,' So that made me feel 100% better.

 I dropped my pants, positioned the cam, and started to cut. I cut my pelvis, above my cock, where I usually let my lovers cut me during sex. it was amazing, I haven't cut in months, and it felt astounding. I cut 10 times, 7 horizontal, and 3 vertical. it started to bleed, and I didn't know what to do, I've never done this for someone else before, it's always been someone else cutting me and doing what they pleased with the blood. All I could think, was save the blood, please her, but I didn't know how? so I sucked it up and asked, she told me what to do, she wanted me to smear the blood, she wanted me to make my cock red, So I did. She supplied much gratification during the whole thing, which made it a lot easier.

At this point, I was getting horny again, wanting sex, wanting something besides myself, but I made due with what I had. I knew the blood would dry and become sticky, so I brought some lube with me and used a little bit. It felt amazing, I had to stop a few times so I wouldn't cum without giving her the full show. About 6 or 7 minutes in I stopped, and I moved the cam so she could see better, see the blood, the mess I had made for her. She told me that seeing the blood, the amount of blood was amazing. I asked her where I should cum, asking her if she still wanted me to swallow for her, she told me to cum in my hand. Soon, I told her I was close, and she told me she was too, and not knowing she was pleasing herself really made it that much better. I had also been taking pictures the entire time, and I'm still pondering posting them on my IAM.

She saw me taking pictures and got happy at that, and said it was really cool and that she wanted the pictures. Then it happened, my gut tightened, my legs stiffened, and I couldn't stop, then I came, one of the most amazing orgasms I've had in quite a while. I had to sit awkwardly so she could watch me cum on myself. I missed my hand the first shot, and dead center the rest. let me tell you, moving a webcam without getting blood or cum on it, is pretty hard. Anyways, I got it back to the desk, and I let her watch me lick it off my hand and suck my fingers. she was ecstatic about that, and that made me very pleased to know that. then once I had lapped the cum out of my hand and felt I had done enough, I took the cam and gave her a tour, showed her my hand, my cock, all the blood.

I started to take more pictures, and I can't remember what she said, from the rush of excitement, I just wanted more. She told me that she would perform oral if she had been there with me, and it's all I could think about. then, like usual, always at the best times, my camera batteries died. so I got off cam with her, and used the webcam for more pictures, and even took a video. then I came in here(I was in the other room, for a bit of privacy) and I talked to her more, and that was the best part, was that she stIll wanted to talk to me after I had pleased her. knowing I'm still wanted after sex is worth the world to me. she then had to go, and I had this urge, this knot in my stomach, to go again. So I did, twice. it was a pretty nice experience, and it made me want a dom, a dom that would make me perform this on a routine, I want someone to want me to make a habit of this. she made me the happiest man on earth tonight and she doesn't even know it. I feel like I should grovel at her feet and thank her.

So my first time ever cutting myself for someone else, or masturbating on cam was absolutely perfect, I couldn't ask for anything more. I'm glad i pleased her. and ladies, I'm open for a sub slot ;D

Remember, if you're with a lover, get tested first, No fuck is worth aids. always use the proper tools and equipment, and make sure you know how and where to dispose of anything rancid.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 April 2008
in Ritual

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Artist: Me
Studio: My+house
Location: South+Carolina

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