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First Time Play Piercing. 53 Needles 3-08-08

My friend George (IAM: Hooked) picked me up at work around 9:30pm and we stopped at Kentucky Fried Chicken and he picked up some food. Then we were off to the hotel room he was staying at. He lives in New Jersey and came down for the weekend to visit.

We arrive at the hotel and head up to his room. I can't remember if he ate first or if we got started right away. I saw on a table in the corner of the room he already had a few things set up. Box of gloves. Couple of bottles of solution. At the time I guessed they were for cleaning. I don't think the needles were out yet. Oh and the table was covered with that blue cloth you see a lot of piercers put their tools on. Sorry, I don't know what it is called. The box of needles weren't out just yet.

I was a little nervous. I tend to be nervous a little when I experience either something new, or whenever I get any work done (i.e. inked,pierced ect.). But I was mostly excited. I mean REALLY excited. Like you're eight years-old and going to Disney Land excited.

So he starts to pull the box of needles (which I believe were 22ga)out of his bag. As well as a package of gauze. The square sheets, not the ones on a spool. He puts them on the table. Then goes an washes his hands. After that he has me sit on this ottoman. He puts on a pair of latex gloves and asks me where I want to start. I say with the biggest smile I have ever had "My arm.". I put my arm out towards him and he grabs some gauze, squirts some solution on it and wipes the top area of my arm. Then he grabs another piece of gauze and takes off the excess solution.

He removes 10 needles from their package and asks me if I'm ready. Again I smile big and say "yes." He grabs my arm and pinches some skin gently and pushes a needle through. It really didn't hurt at all. Maybe a slight pinching. But honestly no pain. I thought it would hurt more. I was kind of hoping for that. I'm a bit of a pain junkie you could say. He continues the process of cleaning with the gauze and then taking away the excess and putting more needles in until there are 10 needles in my left arm. He then moves onto my right arm. Same area. And he puts another 10 needles in.

He kept making sure I was okay. I was indeed okay. Even better than okay. He then asks "where next?". I go for under the arm. Some area just the underside of my forearm. He was nervous about piercing the underside of my arm. I have very thin skin under there and you can see my veins very clearly and he didn't want to puncture one. But my skin is very elastic and he was able to pull it up enough so it wasn't as much of a concern. He put 6 needles on the underside of my left arm and 5 on the underside of my right arm. Again it was just a pinching sensation. Everything was fine when the needles were in. I sat with them for a few minutes. After each set of needles were in he would take a picture. So there's plenty of photos for those who wish to view them.

So again after a few minutes pass he asks "where next?". I believe this is when I have him pierce my back. He had bought some red ribbon at a craft store so we can do a corset piercing. I forget how many were put into my back. Of course he followed the same procedure of cleaning and wiping away the excess. So wants he was done putting however many needles there were in my back he grabs the ribbon. He cuts it but the first one he cut wasn't long enough. So then he cuts another longer piece and starts weaving the ribbon around the needles. For the back piercing the pinching sensation was only slightly more intense. There is one spot in the middle of my back where the needles had a bit more bite to them. BUt it wasn't bad at all. Once the needles were in it was fine. More than fine I should say.

He has me sit again for a few minutes before moving onto another spot on my body. He asks if I'm doing okay. And I was of course. Then we move onto my stomach. The area above the belly button. Again with the cleaning and wiping away the excess. The needles were 5 on the left half of my stomach and 5 on the right half of my stomach. Again the sensation was about the same as my arm. Not a lot of pain at all. Hardly any. Really. A few more minutes pass after insertion of those needles and then we add 5 more to my sides. 5 on the left and 5 on the right.

After that I was feeling pretty good and just sat with the needles for awhile. About an hour I would guess. When that time elapsed it was pretty late. I was getting sleepy and had work the next day.

Removal of the needles was more intense than the insertion. Not huge amounts of pain. But a more intense pinching feeling. When being removed some places bleed this lovely almost dark purple color. It was beautiful. But they didn't all do that. It was interesting to me how some bled and some didn't when they were in the same area. On the spots that bled George help some gauze to them until it stopped bleeding. And once the needles were removed from one area he would take another solution. Different from the one he used in the beginning before insertion. And he cleaned up the small wounds left by the needles. The used needles he put in an empty soda bottle which was his sharps container that night.

He'll be coming down gain and we will also do this again. And it will also be his turn to play pierce. And I will go for more needles. the same spots plus some different ones. Like my legs and the rest of my arm. Maybe more in my back. Other areas are off limits until I am in a relationship with someone. I do want to save some things for a lover to have fun with in the future.

Overall this experience was a great one. I expected a lot more pain. And I would have been fine if I did. It was relaxing for me. I could have slept with them in. But I wouldn't dare to ever do that of course. The next day I was still pretty relaxed. And they didn't start bruising until yesterday (3-11-08) I noticed. It's very interesting to me how the bruises stayed between the needle marks. It's very faint. You have to look kind of hard or in real good light to see the purple/green bruise. There was only mild soreness the next day. Two spots on my back swelled up. George was concerned about that and kept asking about it each day how they were. They were fine, they went down a bit more each day and were more sore than the rest of them. BUt it was a great experience. And I can't wait to do it again.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 March 2008
in Ritual

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Artist: George+%28not+a+piercer+but+a+friend%29
Studio: No+studio.+It+was+a+hotel+room
Location: Hartford%2CCT+%28I+think%29

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