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My first suspension, 4pt suicide

I'll never forget my first suspension. Ever.

I have a full backpiece and I was always afraid of having hooks in it, but I met with Tye and saw the scarring from his suspensions and it was very minimal, so I decided to go for a four point suicide. I had been deciding against that or a knee suspension for my first and decided that a 4pt suicide suspension was the way to go.

We set a date and I arranged with Tye to stay over at his house that night and drive to Kitchener the day before. I gathered my friend Tina, and my camera, and we set out to Kitchener, about a two hour drive from Niagara Falls, where I lived at the time. We got to the shop that Tye worked at, I forget the name of it, but he wasn't there, so we went and got something to drink and walked back. I just left my car in a parking lot for the day.

We walked back and Tye recognized me. I had bright red and white hair extensions and wasn't hard to miss. We introduced ourselves and he was a nice guy. We hung out with Tye for the rest of the day and his friend Sarah came in and we met her too. Tye took us out for lunch and Tina didn't like the vegetarian food very much, but other than that,it was good.

We met Sarah and decided to leave Tye alone at work and went shopping for food and everything so we could eat that night. I was already nervous out of my mind and anticipating the next days events. It was the good kind of nervous though, I was excited. I had never done any real hook play except for very small, about 12ga, hooks in my knees and pulling against something. I had never had a hook in my back before, or a hook professionally thrown.

Tye got off work and went to clear out the space for the suspension and we hung out in my car for a while waiting for him. We went to a few stores, I let Tye drive, since I don't know my way around Kitchener/Waterloo and picked up some necessary stuff for the next day. Juice, candy, food and such. We went back to Tye's and watched movies while I anxiously awaited my suspension the next morning. We were going to do it around noon.

The next day I woke up very early and sat around playing on my Palm Pilot for a bit trying not to wake anyone. I had fallen asleep easily the night before, which was surprising because I was so nervous. I was also very tired from the drive and events of the day.

Eventually everyone woke up and I had a shower and got ready for the day. I put my hair in pigtails so it wasn't hanging over my back and we went to the shop to get equipment and pick up the other person who wanted to suspend that day.

Finally, we got to the location, a garage, and it was all set up from the night before with the rig (a chain hoist) and everything. Tye had a massage table there and the other guy went first because his girlfriend had to get to work. I had really wanted to go first.

Tye had no more 8ga needles, just 7ga, and that made me more nervous, but really shouldn't have. I've been pierced with 8ga needles before and 7ga is only a slight difference in size.

Finally, it was my turn. I took off my top and moved my bra straps while Tye grabbed at my back to find the best spot to throw hooks. After cleaning me off with Technicare and marking, it was time to go. At this point I was incredibly nervous, but wasn't thinking about backing out at all. Tye told me he'd have me take a deep breath in, and then out, and then in again and then out, and he'd pierce on the second exhale. Okay, sounds good. He grabbed the skin in my back, positioned the needle and hook and I tried to relax. Tina was snapping pictures.

"Deep breath in.. and out.. deep breath in.. and out". I had a hook in my back. It was nothing! I hardly felt it. I was so shocked by this. I yelled out "that wasn't bad at all!" and everyone laughed. Tye threw the other three hooks just as easily and I felt great. I got up off the table and walked over to the rig where Tye strung me up.

Now the hard part, getting off of the ground. Sarah had the chain hoist and Tye was directing me with what to do. Take steps forward, and then back, and then forward, and then back. I zoned into my own world and did as I was told. I felt pressure on my back as I was raised higher and higher. Eventually, I was just hanging onto the ground by the tips of my toes and Tye grabbed my hands and looked at me, and I was off the ground and being pulled up towards the sky.

It was amazing. I had never felt anything like this before. I wasn't in pain, just bliss. I hung for a couple of minutes and swung my legs around to try to get a bit of a swing going and just basically played around on the hooks. I wasn't up for long, but it felt like a long time to me. Tye grabbed a chair and gave me something to drink and I stood on the chair. I was going to go up again, but decided against it, I had been through enough.

It was amazing.

I was taken down from the rig and went back on the massage table and had the air bubbles massaged out. This felt good and made a lot of noise. Tye realized he didn't have any proper bandages so we went back to the shop where he bandaged us up properly and that was it. He told me to expect to be a bit moody, it was very emotional, for the next few days. I was slightly more irritable with highs and lows, but I'm also schizoaffective, so that is normal for me.

I wouldn't have changed anything about this experience for the world.


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on: 13 March 2008
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