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Pretty in needles and pink ribbons

It was hardly 'hard core', but this was one intense experience for this lil' novice. It must have been, given that I still feel the need to tell anyone who will listen an entire week later!

To set the scene: it was the day after Valentine's day and a friend and I were booked to do a show at a local fetish club. As the theme was 'designer vagina', we figured that a corset play piercing would be a good way to link the themes of 'pink bits', surgery, Valentines' day gifts and so on. I wanted to show that surgery is a visceral process. This seems blatently obvious until one reads cosmetic surgery magazines. I am always struck by the absence of bleeding, scarified flesh in those magazines, so I wanted to invoke the sheer, messy corporeality of surgery in my performance using play piercings. And I needed to be cute in the process because this was a paid show. Hence, the idea was to do a little strip tease at the end of the show without removing my clothes, just the needles, and use the blood to make up my face for my Valentine. My very own demented beauty parlour! Oh, pretty!

Prior to this, my only experience of being pierced was a few ear piercings (inflicted with the neolithic technology of a beautician's piercing gun, I'm afraid) an eyebrow bar that has since been taken out and a nostril ring. Having never been play pierced, we practiced before the show in the intimate setting of my friend's bedroom. This - my first play piercing experience - involved just three 21G, 1.5" long needles through the flesh of my right upper arm. The swooning feeling this simple procedure produced was like nothing I've ever experienced. It was similar to lacing a real corset so tightly as to pass out (another delightful experience worthy of a different entry) yet more wonderful. In fact, for me, play piercing was closest to the feeling of being tattooed, which I also love.

The point of this excercise was simply to ensure that I wouldn't freak out during the show and to see if I am a 'bleeder', which, apparently, I am. Yey for me. Apparently I also bruise easily because the bruise from this little adventure lasted a full week. This probably had something to do with the fact that I deliberately provoked my friend to twist the needles almost 90 degrees before pulling them out. No doubt there was some internal tearing, which added to the bruising.

My next experience, which is the focus of this entry, occured in the dressing room of the fetish club on the night of the show. My performance partner and mate donned black latex gloves, swabbed my chest with alcohol wipes and pierced each breast with six 21G, 1.5 inch long hyperdermics. They stung a little going in and I felt them make little tunnels through my breast tissue. For some reason I was compelled to watch the whole process. I couldn't look away as the needles were pushed through my skin. I love that abject moment where the flesh resists the needle but takes on its shape at the same time, just before the needle pops out. The needles bit me as they exited their meaty little tunnels. There was a strange accumulation of sensation throughout the piercing process. It started with localised pain. This persisted during the first six needles. After this, the stinging became a lovely warm but raw sensation, as if someone was pouring hot water over my breasts.

When the needles were in, my friend was frantically getting ready for the show so I was left to lace up my fleshy corset with pink organza ribbons. It was such an odd thing to do, but not a bad thing by any stretch of the imagination. It was weird but wonderful to look down and see the corset pattern floating on/in my breasts. My perceptions seemed to oscillate between the visual impact of the corset and the sensation of the needles but for some reason I couldn't experience the two simultaneously. Strange gestalt.

The show itself was a disaster for lots of reasons, most of which are not worth mentioning. The piercings got caught in my hair and flew out which is VERY BAD in a nightclub setting. We thought of so many other possibilities and safety issues, yet the hair, which seems obvious in retrospect, never occured to us. I was also really disappointed that the piercings hardly bled - twelve of them and not a single bleeder! So I was left on stage with 4 minutes to fill in, trying to make a beauty parlour with no makeup. Despite this, I will always remember my first play piercing adventure. And I'm going back for more!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 04 March 2008
in Ritual

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Artist: A+performance+partner+and+friend
Studio: Fetish+club
Location: Sydney

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