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A DIY resurrection experience

This is the story of my attempt to suspend myself with the help of a friend, Chris. I don't recommend you try this at home or anywhere else without proper background, training and equipment. I figured since I've suspended so many times I could pull it off on my own once.

Chris has a D ring in the roof of his room and it can support more than his weight and my own weight (about 100lbs). So we decided to use that, and were going to tie the rig off to another D ring on the wall.

I had four 8 gauge hooks and 8 gauge needles. I figured I would attempt a 4 point resurrection suspension, something Chris and I had talked about on the phone.

The first thing I did was disinfect the area to be pierced. So I dinsnfected my entire stomach and then thought of the best place to pierce. I went by old scars and marked beside them, rather than going through them and risking additional tearing. I started with my right hip first. I took the 8 gauge hook and placed it in the 8 gauge needle and threw it.

Easier said than done.

There was a lot of resistance and it took me a minute or so to get it through all of the way, but I did, and it looked good. I had measured out the depth to pierce with the bite on the hook and marked it accordingly. I never thought about using lube until after I had thrown all of my hooks. Hindsight is 20/20.

The next one I did was my left hip. I followed the same process, except it was slightly harder being on the opposite side of my body. I'm right handed. I threw the hook with my right hand and got it in fine after struggling for a second with the exit point.

Next up was higher on my stomach, underneath my boob. I wasn't wearing a bra, I didn't want it to get all bloody, and I figured it would just get in the way, so I had to move my relatively large boob out of the way. I threw this hook in fine, without a problem, very quickly. Each hook got easier. Finally, the last one, just puts my last statement to rest, because it was the hardest hook to throw.

I grabbed the skin, positioned and pierced. After struggling for a couple of seconds I had it through and I was happy with that. Chris came in as I was done throwing my hooks and asked if I needed any help. We got out the rig, from a mountain climbing place, that I figured would work well. We also got out a lot of rope and I started to rig myself up.. this looks easier than it really is, I had never done it before, and I struggled with it.

I looped the rope through the first circle in the rig and tied it with a secure knot. I'm not great with knot tying names, so I'm not sure what the knot I used was called. I strung through the first hook and pulled through the rig and then down through the second hook, then up through the middle point in the rig and then down through the other two hooks. I tied them off when all of this was done and pulled on the rig a bit to see if the placement was any good.

Chris got out a carribeaner (locking) and we hooked everything up to the D ring in the ceiling. We didn't have a pulley, so we were going to use the D ring as one. I was going to get Chris to pull me off of the bed, which we had covered (in case of bleeding) and then he was going to tie me off to the other D ring once I was off of the bed.

I clipped the rig to the caribeaner and decided I wanted to pull myself up, but knew I wasn't going to be able to hold my entire weight, so I had Chris second up on it and pull with me. He's almost twice my size and a lot stronger. I started to pull and got my stomach off the bed and then slowly pulled more and more. There was a lot of pain, a lot of burning, more like it, and I would stop at certain points. Chris had the idea of putting my legs on his shoulders and then kind of lowering me into it, so we tried that and I got farther but not much.

I gave up on pulling myself up and put myself into a sort of backwards bend position, "bridge", or whatever its called in gymnastics and still had my legs over Chris. It was a really awkward position. I figured this would work, so I had him start pulling slowly up and I was almost ready to take my hands off of the bed and I noticed the top left hook was tearing. I checked again and noticed that the other side was tearing a bit too. My entire stomach burned.

We decided to give it another try after giving me a short breather on the bed. Coming down hurt, taking the pressure off of the hooks. So, we got into position and tried again, and I was almost there, but the tearing worried me. I was afraid if I got off the ground and tore we wouldn't be able to react fast enough and I'd have some major damage, so at this point, I called it off.

Chris lowered me back on the bed and got out scissors and I cut myself from the rig, rather than undoing all of the knots (if you can't tie a knot, do it a lot) and donned gloves and had Chris open some gauze for me. I removed all of the hooks and assessed the damage, there was a bit, but not much, and I'm glad I stopped where I did, just in case. I squeezed out the little bit of air in me and wiped up the blood and disinfected myself. I put the hooks in a glove and we decided to go out for lunch. My stomach burned the entire time.

A word of warning, don't attempt what I did. It could have gone horribly wrong. Neither of us are trained in suspension, I consider myself relatively experienced with suspension because I've suspended so many times..

If I were to try this again, I'd do my knees. I haven't done a really good resurrection suspension before, I've had problems being off the ground and haven't been up for long, and only having 4 points was intense. It was too much for me that day and maybe one day, with the right crew, I'll pull it off.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 04 March 2008
in Ritual

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