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Cheap Thrills (my knee suspension)

After my first suspension, I felt ecstatic. I felt overwhelmed at how amazing the human body and mind can work together to create such happiness in a whole new form. I knew my first would not be my last.

Fast forward a year of traveling and I was back to my homeland with an amazing suspension crew nearby and a friend who wanted to suspend again as well. I signed up as soon as I could, paid the $100 fee and began to think about what part of the body I'd suspend from. Try a 2pt suicide? I heard you had more maneuverability than the 4pt I experienced, and I knew it'd be a great time based on my last one. But I remembered how I was curious to float parallel to the ground in a coma position. I really want to go up by my chest, but thought I should wait for that one, as it's notoriously intense. Then there were the knees, of which I'd heard nothing but good experiences.

I couldn't decide, and really, it didn't matter much to me. I wanted to explore all the different ways so I let it stay fairly open until the day of, but knees intrigued me the most. My friend would be helping out with the piercing (about 20 people were slated to get hung up over the weekend) and so he picked me up around 10am and we made it out to Toronto before noon. When we stepped in the door the first girl had just come down off her 2pt suicide and she seemed super happy. I liked that they had a fruit platter and some munchies to snack on, it felt like a vegan potluck!

Within 1/2hr, although I wasn't scheduled to hang 'til late that evening, I was flooded with positive memories of being in a similar warehouse, high-ceiling type building and the nervous, anxious mood began. The energy in that room was contagious and inviting – and very unique.

After watching a spectacular resurrection and a few suicides, I realized I'd like to get more involved with helping suspensions, but that'll come with time. I think it'd be a great skill to have to assist people in this wonderful journey. Next time I'll ask to help clean up and then work my way from there. I definitely don't want this art to die out and I'd like more people to have the chance to access the facilitators.

I kept watching the sunlight slowly fade, secretly hoping I'd get to go up while there was still some left and luckily around dusk I was called to the piercing table early and excitedly hopped up, my veins rushing with enthusiasm. I decided effortlessly that it was time to try going upside-down; bring on the knee suspension!

Phil and Mike (who suspended me last time and I feel completely comfortable around) examined and prodded my knees to figure out how suitable my anatomy was and choose the location for the hooks and how many there'd be, all the while I psyched myself up for dealing with the experience should my skin tear too badly (I had convinced myself it was a good probability that it might). Finally it was agreed a 6pt would be best and the marks were on me in no time. I felt happy with 6 hooks because I'd heard the tearing would be lessened by the dispersal of stress on the skin.

I was marked in no time and soon Kenneth and Phil had the needles/hooks in hand and were asking to breathe in and breathe out – I barely even paid attention, I wanted to go up so bad I didn't care how bad it might hurt! The first hooks went in easily but the 2nd, outer/lateral hooks made me grimace; my trusty hanky turned into teeth-clenching material pretty quickly. The last set of hooks was easy and, like my suicide, I didn't feel light headed or affected by all the piercings. Phil moved the hooks around to let them settle in and pulled on them a bit and it was very uncomfortable; I feared that the pinchy feeling wouldn't go away and I wouldn't be able to enjoy the suspension fully, but I hoped for the best all the same.

I laid on the floor while the strings were tied up, and thankfully Phil was there to discuss Mexican travel and bad jokes which completely took my mind off the tension being applied to the fresh piercings. It wasn't horrible, but it did take more than a few minutes and keeping busy kept my enthusiasm up. Once the ropes got the a-okay, Mike passed me the rope so I could hoist myself up (which I had been really looking forward to). I was so determined to get myself off the ground that I pushed myself to get over any pain quickly so I could enjoy the full feeling of pseudo-flight.

The initial few inches where the hooks were still sinking in brought a fair amount of discomfort which kind of sucked but I winced and got through it and once I was off the ground it was a breeze – and no more pinchiness! I was extremely happy to feel the same sort of numbness my back went through during my last suspension, which affords a peaceful place to enjoy all the emotions and waves of spiritual, other-worldly feelings my mind goes through. I definitely felt disoriented but it wasn't unpleasant, just something that takes getting used to. Within a minute, I slipped into that other realm of pleasant euphoria and puerile love while overhearing that my hooks evened out and didn't seem to be tearing, which meant I was free to hang without worry of having to come down anytime soon.

I quickly learned that swinging back and forth wasn't nearly as fun as spinning and ended up playing with different arm and head positions to spin in different ways. It was tricky to spin fast without jerking a little (which kind of hurt), but more experimentation solved that. Unfortunately, my hamstrings charlie-horsed pretty bad a few times and I learned that stretching is important. After many near psychedelic moments and feeling like I became a spirit, some type of beautiful wave inter-mingling with the rest of the air and life around me, the blood rushing to my head and excessive spinning made me a bit nauseous so I came down. As I descended to the floor I was happy to be re-aligned, although being upside down for that long was an experience in itself. I assessed my mental state and I can best describe it by saying it felt like I had been having sex and drinking for 24hours straight...my head was a disoriented mess but it only lasted a few minutes and I felt fine afterwards.

I was cleaned up and bandaged (not much bubbly air-squishing fun, sadly) and quickly became extremely wiped - super, super, super tired. I would've liked to nap but I wanted to watch everyone else go up and woke up enough to help with a 4pt suicide. I really enjoyed being the support for others, as I appreciated the positive vibes of everyone in the room when I go up. It can make all the difference to know you have the support from everyone else in the room and I always make a point to clear my head of negativity and only spread loving energy around. As things wrapped up I was very ready to be in my bed, but very thankful for everyone's help and involvement.

My second suspension just made me want to try every type of suspension possible because they all produce such varied experiences, I'll be getting hooked up every chance I get!

I highly recommend suspending from the knees and will certainly do it again


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Feb. 2008
in Ritual

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Artist: iWasCured
Studio: a+warehouse
Location: Toronto%2C+ON

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