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My 8th Suspension

I must say, since the dawn of my first suspension my style has changed. As of today I have suspended 8 times, 2 superwomans and 6 suicides. Before I used to cry and whine that I couldn't do it. I would pull for about 45 minutes before I had the stones to get off the ground. Eventually overtime, and with pain, I trained myself to take it, accept it, and hold on as much as you can. Every suspension is different, some I can stay up for 25 minutes, some 10, some 5. It depends on a lot of factors. Sleep, eating, drinking, piercing comfort, mentality. There have been times I have just been too tired to hang.

This suspension I decided to go for another suicide, my 6th. Steve thought I should try a horizontal pierced, instead of the standard vertical I always do. I was up for a change and a challenge so I went for it. I haven't felt hooks go in that easily in a long time. My back has been scarring up and getting pretty tough, so with this suspension, the hooks were being placed in a different spot. They went through like butter like they did 8 suspensions ago!! I was starting to think my body wasn't capable of feeling that smooth hooking.

I stepped up to the rig and got roped up to it. I put on my headphones (music gives me a surreal experience, almost trippy). I pulled for a quick few minutes and took the chain hoist and pulled my self up, twirled around and danced into the hooks, then a little higher, then lower, then even higher then lower. I was up about 3/4ths of the way on my tippy toes and I handed the rig to Steve and asked him to do the rest. Then with complete resurrection to the pain, the stinging, the burning, I was off the ground. My head was rushing, my mind was racing, a part of me wanted to cry and laugh at the same time. I felt in utero again. Like that feeling like you just curled up inside the womb and weightlessly are carried around by an unmet force. I closed my eyes with my legs crossed behind my back, I lay still. I was in so much pain, I kept my concentration, swung a little, enjoyed my music.

The hooks in the horizontal placement were much more intense and hard for me to take. I was getting back pains right away and I felt like my back was ripping out. It was a tougher suicide than most. Although the difference between my past ones is that it took me so much longer to get up, now for me anywhere from 20 seconds to 5 minutes, depending on how long I want to tease/torture myself. What I've learned over time, is if you feel like giving up, shut your mind up and start swinging. Whenever my mind was about to tell me to come down, I would ask for a quick push. Then you're having so much fun you hardly know you are hanging from hooks in your flesh.

I came back down and was surprisingly alert. Until I sat down and then I felt the high hit me like a train. Ahhhh yes, there it is. giggle I suppose the cigarette didn't help either. As soon as I came down it was time for hooks to come out. I love, love, love the feeling of hooks being taken out. Especially when you have a nice krispie in your back waiting to be popped. It doesn't always feel the best coming out, but they are still cool. I had some mad back pains from my suspension so luckily I got a little massage to help alleviate the cramping. I hear for some that the horizontal hooking feels better for hem and offers more support. Personally, I like it vertical. Its stingier and it feels more risky. Maybe it's the masochist in me that likes it that way.

So with each experience I gain more confidence, I learn, and I am much more open-minded to different positions. My first suspension I thought, this shit is crazy I'm never doing it again. Now 7 more later, I am already thinking of my next position. Suspension is not only addictive, life changing, and difficult, but it's beautiful. I am reborn every time I am up on the rick swinging around. Who needs organized religion when you have a suspension team. Next time I am going to try knees, it looks way fun and I have never tried anything frontal. I want to eventually train myself for a coma. That will be the ultimate test for myself.

Until next time,

Miss Ammunition

313 Suspension Team Vice President


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 Feb. 2008
in Ritual

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