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Breaking My Suspension Cherry

I have been considering suspension for a while now, but I had never been able to get the nerve up to talk to anyone that would know where to actually go to do it. I know my local piercer had done it before so I got up the nerve to go in and ask him about it. He asks how much I weigh and tests my back and all that fun stuff like pulling on the skin on my back and asking where it hurts the least. He told me that he was willing to put me up whenever I wanted with the help of one of his buddies that also lives in the area. But the rig he was using didn't belong to him and his buddy needed it back so he currently had one on order but it was gonna take a couple months to get in. This was probably for the best though, so I could think things over and talk myself up.

I hadn't talked to Pierre in a couple weeks because he said he was gonna give me a call when his rig came in. I get a message from him on myspace saying that his buddy from his suspension group (Nu Ethixs) was coming into town and he really wanted me to have a positive experience for my first time and he said that this guy could give it to me. The catch was that it was gonna have to be in the next couple days while the guy was still in town. I jumped on the chance to be able to have this guy put me up so I canceled my plans I had for the next evening and told Pierre I was coming in.

The next day was uneventful, just eating good solid meals and drinking a bunch of water. Got home from school, took care of all my homework and then ate some dinner then headed out. It was late so I found a super good parking spot so I didn't have any time to work up my nerves while walking in. I met the guy that was his from out of town and I found out that he is the world record holder for number of positions while never touching the ground. He showed me his video on youtube and I was no longer nervous, this guy knew what he was doing.

All of us did our own things to get ready. Pierre turned on the autoclave, I did my breathing exercises, and Jared went out to have a smoke. When we were all ready I sat down on the piercing table. They then put out all the marks on my back and let me get a quick drink. Take a breath in, then exhale, take a breath in, then exhale, take a breath in, hold it, and then exhale. Just the usual sharp pain followed by pressure and then another sharp pain. I thought they had just pierced and still needed to add the hooks but they were in. My worst fear was over. Now came the fun part. I had Jared walk me up while Pierre kept the tension on my hooks and I was just at the point of being off the ground but I just couldnt do it.

Jared came over and yanked out my feet and I was up! There was more tension in my shoulders then I ever thought but no real pain. I really could not get comfortable while in the air but the couple moments I felt so calm and those couple moments made the rest of it bearable.

I started to get dizzy. I don't know if it was the spinning or the fact that there were hooks in my back that I was hanging by, but I could not stay up any longer. I came down and Pierre removed the hooks which was a lot easier then I thought it was gonna be thanks to the awesomeness of Jared's hooks. I got all cleaned up and Pierre burped out most of the air that he could and I was on my way home. There was not much pain left, just a little bleeding and I decided it would be best to take a shower. So I get in and allow the warm water to pour over my back, Pierre told me that my back was going to snap, crackle and pop like a bag of rice crispies, but I guess I didn't believe him and I was creaped out by the bizarre noises that my back was creating, but thought it was awesome.

The next couple days my shoulders were real stiff and the scabs itched a little but nothing out of the ordinary. MY back is healing really well and the scabs are barely noticable. I had such a great experience that I know I am going to try it again, and Pierre is trying to talk me into trying my knees, but I don't think I got the balls for that. All in all it was awesome and I am trying to convince my friends to either think about doing it or actually do it sometime. None of them are really willing, but neither was I when I first heard about it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 Feb. 2008
in Ritual

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Artist: Pierre
Studio: Lucky+Monkey+Tattoo
Location: Ann+Arbor%2C+MI

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