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Scared Tittless

I was at my boyfriends house this weekend and he decided that it would be a good idea to drive 18G needles into my tits. At first I was scared as all hell, as everyone is for their first I am sure. I had only seen one picture of what play piercing looked like, It scared me and grossed me out. I didn't like the looks of it at all.

My hands started to sweat. I was clammy and scared. I wasn't to sure about the thought of 20 needles piercing my boob's. Hell I only have a few piercings, and my nose hurt enough. So I was weary of the idea. I am a masochist I like pain, it turns me on. But still the thought of the needles scared me, because my idea of pain is to be beaten into submission, not to be stuck like a pin coushion.

The night started with me being bound and gagged, I wasn't blind folded and I'm glad that I wasn't. I was able to see what he was doing, and see the look on his face. It was intense, like he thrived for it. The first needle went in, I winced and cried. Then another and the tears kept rolling down my chubby cheeks. I looked at him and he kissed my for head, it comforted me a great deal. It was enough to make me want more. He proceeded with the third, then the fourth, and by the time the fifth came, the adrenaline pumped up and the pain was gone. I was in what you would call sub space I suppose, something that he had been trying to accomplish for a few months.

My nipples had five needles in them each, and the rest looked like a ladder going horizontal in between my nipples. I was afraid to move as if the pain would stand out more, but the bindings I was in was interfering more than me moving. I started to panic, I wanted to be untied. I clicked my clicker a million times over so he would un gag me to see what my problem was. He did and I managed to plead with him to untie me. I told him I was scared that it would rip my nipples apart.

He untied my feet so that I could stand up and he could untie my hands gently. As the ropes got loose, my tits started to go back to the normal position. I could feel the needles migrate, and they started to swell and I could see how red they were getting. I started tearing up again because the pain was coming back but this time it started to throb.

I was very ready for the needles to come out at that time, so I asked him if he could take them out. I closed my eyes because I didn't want to see the blood, but that didn't stop me from feeling it trickle down my stomach. He pulled the needles out of my nipples first, the blood was sticky feeling. I wasn't to sure about everything that had just happened. I couldn't believe that I was going through that, as I have never done so before. I hadn't even thought about it. Then he pulled the ladder looking ones out, and more blood oozed down to my stomach.

He announced to me that they were all out and I opened my eyes. The throbbing hadn't stopped yet, and I looked down thinking the needles were still there. It still felt like they were there. I was almost certain that they were still there. They weren't but there was plenty of blood to be accounted for.

I almost passed out, I didn't realize that there would be that much blood. He managed to keep his hands clean, but his finger tips had a bit of blood spilled on them. He looked at me and smiled and said "See what you did? You bleed all over me, now you are going to get spanking's after I clean you up." I thought that I had been through enough for the day, considering it was my first, but he decided otherwise. I was shocked that even after all of the he wanted to tie me up again and paddle me. I couldn't believe it, I was stunned. He got a cool wet towel and soaked up the blood, and cleaned me up. The towel was soaked with my blood, I almost passed out again. I had never in my twenty one years of living, experienced anything like that, at all! And now I cant wait to do it again. Being the good pet that I am, I held my arms out waiting for him to position me for the next knots that he wanted to tie me in.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 Sept. 2007
in Ritual

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Artist: My+Boyfriend
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