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Suspensions. It isn't an illusion.

A long time ago I saw an American illusionist (Criss Angel) hanging on hooks for nearly 6 hours. I thought this was an illusion. 16 month ago I watched at a joke forum of a roller coaster site and I saw a photo someone hanging crucified on hooks with a big smile on his face. I questioned, "What is happening? Pain and smiling." So I started looking on Internet for answers. I got fascinated and I started to experiment with play piercings. (I had no piercing experience at all.) Finally I decided to prepare a suicide suspension.

I have a lot to do to prepare myself. I must get rid of overweight and I lost 30 kg. I needed more piercing experience, so I continued with play piercings. I even have play-pierced my own right nipple. (Later a piercer told me piercing your own nipples has some risks!) I had to find information about doing suspensions and finding a good suspension group. Later I also started doing yoga and breathing exercises. A good friend helped me to evaluate my preparations and we discussed what I could do next.

Via Internet and mail contacts I finally found Ot-mann. I mailed him and I told my story and I asked him to help me with the preparations if necessary and the suspension. He mailed me he has done his first suspension without having any body-mod experience. This sounds very good for me. After a few e-mails I made an appointment with him in Maastricht and we talked about suspensions and about my plan of doing one. He told me that there is a meeting over 2 weeks and he also told me I have informed myself well. The meeting was in the weekend of 16 and 17 June. So we decided that I should look suspensions at a Saturday {I have only see suspension (Youtube) movies and photos} and if I feel ready I will do my suspension on a Sunday.

Thursday I get called the weekend is on an outside location instead of Villa Vendex. Friday, a good friend brought me to the suspension location in Valkenburg a/d Geul. There I saw one building, trees and I met some people who are already at that location. Saturday I have seen three suspensions. The suspensions were done at a nice tree. Saturday evening Chandler wanted to change the installation so people can better swing but the installation went lower. I wanted to hang high so Chandler decided to make these changes after I have done my suspension. So I know I will be the first on Sunday. I also spoke with Dust about my suspension. I told him I want 4 hooks (4 mm) in my back between my shoulders and if these piercings were not too intense I also take 2 hooks (4 mm) above my knees. The 2 hooks in my leg I intend to use when I feel my lower back of hanging suicide. Saturday evening I have walked with a friend in the nice environment of Valkenburg.

When everyone was awake and had breakfasted, the piercing place and suspension place got prepared. When the crew prepared everything I went to the piercing place. Dust sterilizes my back and my knees and draws the marks for piercing on it. After that I lay down on a bed I relax myself and the piercing procedure starts. Dust and Flo were piercing me. I inhaled; hold my breath for a few seconds and when I exhaled the first 2 hooks were set. The feeling is just a short (1 sec.) sharp feeling in my back. Not really painful. The other 2 hooks in my back was the same story. No problems so I decided to put 2 hooks above my knees. Then I sit for putting hooks into my legs. I looked how the piercers put the hooks into my legs. These piercings were painful. I made 2 mistakes. First I better could not watch how I get pierced, because of reflexes of my body. Secondly I had to relax my legs. After the hooks were set I had a burning feeling on my fresh piercings. So I wait approximate 25 minutes to get rid of that burning feeling.

Then I walked to the suspension place under the tree. Dust and Flo putted me on the suspension bar. After this Chandler started to put tension on my hooks slowly. He pulled me slowly up while I'm walking forwards and backwards. This took 10 minutes and gave a strange pressure on my shoulder skin. I felt a short moment of pain at the moment when I started to "fly". When I was hanging Chandler pulls me to more than 2 meters off the ground, so I saw everything from 4 meters. I felt the endorphins in my body and I felt relaxed, happy and energetic. I soon find out how I can rotate the bar with moving my legs. I hung very well and I felt a good support over my body. I could not move my shoulders and upper arm very well, but I could move my under arms so I could make a movie and photos. I asked a friend to give my camera. He gave me my camera with a long stick. So I made 15 pictures and nearly 10 minutes of movie. After I was ready I gave him my camera back. I hung for more than 1 hour. When my shoulders told me they had enough I decided to come down. I still didn't feel my lower back. This really amazes me, because I have read a lot about pain in the lower back with suicide suspensions. I think I didn't feel my lower back, because I move my legs regularly on a relaxed way.

Down I have to get used to stand on my feet again. It was a strange feeling standing on the ground again after more than one hour of hanging. Chandler and Dust cut the ropes between the bar and my hooks. After this is done I took 5 – 10 minutes for myself and then I went back to the piercing place for removing the hooks. The person who removes the hooks told me that removing "unused" hooks above my knees would be painful. I propose to try the same breathing procedure like piercing hooks to remove them. And indeed it was painful and I was happy when they were out of my legs. Removing the hooks in my back went smoothly and wasn't painful. After removing they remove some air, sterilize it and put a big plasters on my piercing wounds. After my suspension I have seen 2 more suspensions and then a friend drove me home while I had a great experience and a great weekend.

On the way home we were hungry and it was already 10 pm, so we went to a fast food to eat something. I wanted to go in with short trousers, 2 plasters with blood on my knees, a T-shirt with some small blood spots on it and of coarse a big smile to the fast food. After a weekend seeing suspension and doing one it was very normal for me, so I needed to understand this could be shocking and offensive for people not knowing about this. The friend who drove me back said to me. "Put your trousers and a raincoat on, it keeps also your body warm." After I put my clothes on we went something to eat.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 July 2007
in Ritual

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Artist: The+Flying+Swastika
Studio: Outside+location
Location: Valkenburg+aan+de+Geul

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