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Never too old

I first got interested in "Suspension" about a year ago when I visited " The Piercing Urge " (Melbourne, Australia) site and came across "The Hangedman Team". I was fascinated and had to find out more so I contacted Pete of "The Hangedman Team" and asked various questions which he answered informatively , even then little did I realize that I was slowly being drawn into something I had not known existed.

Move forward to April 2007 and I attended my first "Suspension "as a spectator , yes I was slowly being drawn in further knowing deep down I would eventually have to try it.

It is now June 11th 2007 and today I will be attempting to do a suspension , I am hooked ( no pun meant) I have also taken the view that even if I don`t succeed at least I will have tried.

Pete ,Sara ,Todd and the team gave me so much support not only when I decided to do it but also just prior, during and after my suspension . I had arrived at the venue about 2.30pm knowing my suspension would not be until 5.30pm so I had plenty of time to watch other suspensions , I wondered afterwards if that was such a great idea although I felt quite relaxed . All those participating were quite young which I did not find off putting but then I am the type of guy that once I decide on a path to take I just go for it. .Well the time passed quickly and all at once it was my turn , I signed all the papers required ,they were more or less asking if I was healthy and of sound mind !!!!! one wonders !!! But don`t get me wrong I was not having any doubts at all .

After the paper work was finished off comes my top ,Pete then marks the area where the hooks will go and then up onto the padded table and the preparation begins ,cleaning etc, then they ask me if I am ready , yep I`m ready, OK take a deep breath and slowly let it out ,one hook is inserted ,and this procedure happens three more times .The hooks used although they are quite large ,about 4 gauge I was surprised that when they were going through my skin it was not a lot different to any of the piercing I have had done. Once all the hooks are in I am ready for my suspension attempt ( the type of suspension I will be doing is called "suicide") I walked out to the hoist area with the Team and get attached to the rig , (so far little or no discomfort) .

Now at this stage Pete and Sara are giving me general advice and Todd is on the rope waiting directions , I ask Todd to take me up a bit then stop , my feet are still just touching the floor ,it is difficult to explain the feeling ! probably your first concern is if your skin and hooks will support the weight of your body which at first makes it difficult to relax .

After about 5 minutes adjusting to the feeling of the hooks pulling your skin I got to the point when I new it was time , I turned to Todd , OK " take me up" and all at once I was suspended it is a unbelievable sensation, Sara slowly moved me around and I guess I suspended for about 10 minutes but it is hard to tell , you are concentrating so much that time seems to leave you.

I did find it hard to completely relax at first, just hanging and having little control on your movements at first until you get used to your situation.

I have not completely ruled out doing another suspension except I don`t want to leave it too long as I am 72 now !!

Pete informed me just before we commenced the suspension that they had done a internet search and it appears that I am the oldest person to do this in Australia .

A very special thanks to "The Hangedman Team" they were just terrific both professionally ,and to me personally ,they gave me the inspiration for me to do it , .Sara said afterwards that she never had a doubt that I would not succeed .

I guess some people could not see why you would do a suspension but if you look at things that way what a boring life.

My motto has always been "JUST DO IT "and I did .

After arriving home and relaxing with a glass of wine I experienced the most incredible adrenalin rush I have ever experienced , it would have lasted a good 2 hours and I am still on a high two days later , beats drugs .

Since writing my experience I have decided to do another suspension as I believe I will enjoy my next one even more.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 July 2007
in Ritual

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Artist: The+Hangedman+Team
Studio: Melbourne
Location: Australia

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