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"Ok Fine, but you guys better do it in the backyard so I know you're safe."

   HI! My name is Gracie and I participated in my first pulling a few months back and it was amazing. I did two hooks from my back because I really didn't know what to expect. All my friends that had done a pulling or suspensions before me told me that it was really cool and awesome. I had been looking into pulling and suspending since I was thirteen years old, and I found some beautiful suspensions. Age restriction had always been a reason for not doing what I want to do , but this time I could not find a reason to let that hold me back, I knew everyone that was going to be there and I was about to graduate had two jobs and used this experience as a reward for all the hard work I had been doing .

Now I am 17 years old and I needed parental consent, so I asked my mother to sign a release form for me. She asked why I wanted to do it so bead and couldn't wait the 4 months until my eighteenth birthday. I simply replied, " I want the experience, it's not permanent like my tattoos, and they come out faster than any piercing I've ever had." She looked at me and said, "Ok fine, but you guys better do it in the backyard so I know you're safe." My friends and I cracked up laughing at this remark. I counted down the days until the day, surprisingly it came very fast. That evening when everyone got together, we were all standing in my basement, the area as sterile as possible, and a rush of excitement and fun came over the group. I had never had hooks through me so I watched someone get their hooks first. She said it was not bad at all, this helped me prepare because she had never down a pulling or suspension either. Then it was my turn.

I sat in the chair backwards and they marked me, the hooks were going in horizontally. I felt my skin being pinched and was told to take a deep breath in and I felt it, needle, hook, done. I hardly felt anything past the pinch of skin. The second went through and I felt nothing more than the first one. Then I felt woozy, I drank a small amount of soda and felt fine. The other girl and I started to pull while everyone else got their hooks in. We were bound by two yellow cords connected by a carabineer. She was quite a bit smaller than me so I didn't understand the amazing factor at this point. so wee pulled against each other to warm up. Then as more people became hooked, we all started switching partners. I found my favorite to be none other then Dan "The RuleBook" Taylor (who hooked me) because he was the largest person there. He just stood there and I pulled so far my nose was 8 inches from the ground.

There was a magnificent feeling of extreme good-feeling, I'm not sure else how to describe it. I slowly became sleepy without wanting to sleep and almost automatically I started to think non-stop. Million-mile an hour thoughts ranging from what I ate at the small picnic table at 4th of July ten years ago to counting the polka dots on my bra. EVERYTHING went through my head. It wasn't just happy stuff like meeting my current best friend for the first time, there was also my great-grandmother's death and the night my parents told me they were splitting up. I liked this though, it was a constant reminder of my beliefs, my feelings and my over-all attitude towards life. I heard through the mask of memory my friends, they kept asking if I was ok and all I could reply was amazing. I was loving every single moment of that pulling.

As the night went on I wanted to pull more, I wanted to remember more, but my friends became tired and thought it best to remove the hooks. So I was the last to take my hooks out because while everyone else was getting their removed, I made friends with the tree to get as much pulling as I could get done before they yelled at me to get back inside so they could take the hooks out. I was sad to see them leave be immediately after they were removed, hyper activeness took over, I spun in a chair so much I think I got windburn on my face, and I couldn't stop talking and I just could not stop for the life of me. And I loved every second of it.

I cannot wait for my next time and even more, for my first suspension.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 10 July 2007
in Ritual

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Artist: Dan
Studio: My+Backyard
Location: Crofton%2C+MD

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