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In a coma

I wanted to suspend coma style for a long time, but it freaked me out a bit, especially the chest hooks. Chest has always seemed like something very hard to do. I did find out, during my suspension, that the chest hooks were the least of my worries.

I contacted Tye about suspension and we planned on having 4 people go up that day. Nobody made it, just me. We checked out Chris's location and decided it was good for suspension, which made me happy to have a location. We had a ladder and all of the equipment we needed. Tye had checked the place out previously and decided we could do it. So, he climbed with a ladder to the top to rig everything up and we joked around. I was nervous, but not that bad. I've suspended many times and the nerves go down a bit each time, except for right before the hooks go in, or right before you leave the ground. Chris turned some KMFDM on.

Tye dremelled the spot in the ceiling we were hooking to, to smooth it out a bit. He put up the equipment and did several stress tests. Everything was good to go.

I stripped down to my bra and shorts and was ready to get hooked, almost. I was covered in Technicare and then realized I hadn't signed a waiver. So I signed the waiver, and even though I tried, I managed to touch myself and was covered in (cold) Technicare again. I was marked. We decided to throw 2 hooks in my chest, 2 over my ribs, 2 by my hips and 2 above my knees, so I could bend them and let my legs relax. I was grabbed and marked. My chest was the hardest to grab and this worried a bit. When asked where they'd like to start, I said knees and chest. They decided I was a bit small for the placement of the chest piercings to throw 2 at once, so my one knee was done and my chest was done.

I prefer the hooks to be thrown on a single breath, (breathe in, breathe out, hooked!) and that's how it was done. The chest and knees were pierced and they hardly bothered me at all. I checked out myself and saw the hooks. Repeat. The same thing as before, hardly any pain and fast. Next came my ribs, which I found was the most painful, and my hips were done as well. Both on single breaths. Every piercing was intense, but not terribly painful. I was feeling really good about this, except I had to pee. I kept that fact to myself. I stood up carefully with the hooks in and made my way over to where we had everything set up, the table (a massage table, I believe) was set up there and I was rigged. The hooks were thrown fast and they did a damn good job.

One main issue I had with this was that I was cold. Very cold. I had been shaking a bit when hooks were thrown. We had 2 space heaters going as well. I started to shake really badly while I was being rigged up. Quick links were attatched to the hooks because they weren't open eye. I had 8 8ga hooks in me. I was rigged up by Tye while Michelle mopped up the blood and Mike manned the (very nice) pulley system. I was rigged up, which took a couple of minutes and then I was ready to fly.

Mike asked how I'd like to be pulled up and I said to start slowly. I felt pressure on the hooks and some pain and then I lifted my back off the table a little bit and in seconds I was in the air. The table was moved from under me and a space heater was placed there, since I was still shaky. Tye adjusted the paper towels I was using to hold my head and then played with the rigging a bit, because the hook in my right rib was causing me some problems. Within seconds I was relaxed and floating in the air. I could hardly tell I had hooks in me. I was just there. I listened to KMFDM and we talked a bit and Mike rocked the rig for me. It was so comfortable and there was no pain. Just floating. It was beautiful and I was calm as could be, just cold. Chris gave me his sweater, which I put on (it was a zip up hoody) and that helped a lot.

After about 15 or 20 minutes I was shaking from the cold again and asked to be taken down. I was put back on the table and the weight fell down on me, my body realizing that gravity does infact apply. I felt so good. I was just cold. I was bled out, which sucked because I had to pee so bad. As soon as I was done I ran to the washroom. I was mopped up and I felt amazing. The chest hooks never caused a problem at all. It was beautiful and calming. I was in the best mood. I'd love to do another coma, and stay up longer. It was an intense suspension on me mentally and physically. I was floating.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 10 July 2007
in Ritual

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Artist: Tye+and+Mike
Studio: Undisclosed
Location: Toronto%2C+ON

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