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Dead Cat or Spit Roast?

3rd time round

I had no intentions to suspend at the event which would soon take place with the Hanged Man Team. When heading into the studio to pick up tickets for viewing I was kindly offered a helping hand. If I wanted to suspend. I had grown comfortable to thinking I wouldn't at this event. But then I'm just not the sort of girl who would give up such an offer.

Walking into the studio now knowing I would be suspending in just a few days gave me the empty pit feeling in my stomach. After discussion I decided I would be doing an elbow suspension. I was always drawn to the elbows just something fascinating about it. Within 10 minutes of chatting about suspending one of my amusing friends decided he would put what he calls a "dead cat" suspension out on the table. A "dead cat" right, so now I was to go through my elbows and my knees (well just above). Still unsure to this day if it looked like a dead cat or more so like a spit roast.

Over the next few days I was contemplating if I in fact could even do this "dead cat". I had a mild fear about hooks going near my knees. That and hanging upside down for long periods of time, just isn't my thing. I'd pass out for sure.

The morning arrived I decided against doing the dead cat suspension. I wasn't ready yet. I felt there was no use in trying to convince myself to do something that I already doubted. I find if I'm not certain it will impact the outcome of my suspension.

Arriving at the event I feel slightly more relaxed then previous events. Familiar faces. There was no waiting period this time. People started asking what's with the "dead cat" suspension. Unfortunately I had to tell them I wouldn't be doing it.

Within an hour I was in the "hooking" area. Soon as I walked in there I knew it was the "dead cat" that I would be attempting. Why did I change my mind? I can't answer. Perhaps I didn't want to get halfway through it. I could do this, I could.

The first hooks were through my knee's I was waiting for it, waiting for the pain, the cringe, the uncontrollable leg kick. I had worked myself up to much, they were fine going through. I love the quick sharpness of the hooks entering the skin and gliding through until you feel the pop at the other end. Next were the elbows, these I wasn't to worried about due to the fact that someone I know always bit my elbows as hard as he could. Though it wasn't that part of the elbow that I had been bitten on. Music still on, always gets me through. They went straight in, no problems.

Stage 1: Complete. I was nearly there.

Before I get tied to the rig I need a smoke. So I sit down have a bit of a relax, gain some composure. My gorgeous sister did the chicken dance, it made me smile.

Out to the table, lay down, tie me up to the rig. Being not a little girl I was somewhat aware of the jerk reaction it was going to take to get me up. I was prepared for that. Slowly I started to go up just a little from both sections. I don't like this method, I want straight up. With the word "go" up I went. I was wrong I didn't have any jerk reaction, it was quite smooth.

Breathe ... 1 Breathe ... 2 Breathe ... 3


Where was the pressure which I had felt previously? The pressure was phenomenal for me during the suicide suspensions. I found myself being very tense and mentality wouldn't allow me to move my shoulders much. This had some distribution to it. This wasn't all in an isolated area. This time I was going to truly enjoy my suspension.

I didn't fear swinging, I wasn't dizzy, I could relax. This was an unbelievable feeling. Pushing back and forth and back and forth. I finally had nailed a suspension. I got excited and started swinging sideways and anyway my body would allow me.

For the 1st time I wanted to get down because I had just had enough. Not that I had to come down.

I think I stayed up for around 15 minutes, though I wouldn't know. I don't feel time when I suspend, what could feel like forever maybe a second though a second could easily be an hour.

Soon as I was lowered onto the table I felt everything rushing. I had grown again as a person. I had finally started conquering the mentality of suspending. To me it's mind over matter. It's not how painful is this going to be. It's how painful will you allow it to be?

Removing the hooks was nice and smooth and I do love the massages.

3 weeks on I have nearly completely healed with only small marks to indicate the experience I had once again achieved.

The only problem now is I feel its getting slightly addictive. Next suspension already planned and I can't wait!

Thanks to everyone in Hanged Man Team (Pete, Lou, Al, Sarah, Todd, Chris) You guys truly do an awesome job putting on great events.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 04 May 2007
in Ritual

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