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An experience with sutures and sewing

About a year and a half ago I discussed the possibility of attaching zippers to my forearms with a friend of mine. He loved the idea and we talked over some of the details, equipment, and issues and agreed to try to make it happen in the near future. A little over a year ago the dream I've had for years became reality.

I ordered medical sutures (half circle curved needles attached to 18" of black monofilament nylon) and bought some black (~8") zippers from a fabric store.

We set a date and about an hour or two after starting I had 4 rows of 13 stitches firmly holding still-working zippers to my forearms.

The sensation of having the zipper go back and forth was incredible vibrating through all of the attaching stitches and rubbing against the over-stimulated nerves. The pain was a little less than I expected save a few of the last of each row of stitches when the needle would begin to dull slightly. I would say it hurt somewhere between small gauge play piercing and a small tattoo (due to the extended period of time).

I felt like I was flying for the rest of the day and night. I went out to the local club and mingled and showed off a little letting a few people work my zippers. The friend that did the sewing was there and we talked over some of the ideas he had to expand on the idea of sewing flesh and specifically sewing things to flesh.

Sleeping was slightly uncomfortable, but possible and I felt much better after each shower I took, just spraying the zippers and stitches like a fresh piercing and allowing them to air dry.

Since then I have used two more of the sutures to sew bands around my forearms near the elbow. The sessions were about six weeks apart each consisting of 22 stitches. The first session was about 10 weeks ago and the scars are still there but fading fast.

I left the zippers attached for about a day. The first band of stitches stayed in about two days and the second band about four days. I think four days is very near my limit as the points of entry and exit for the monofilament became very irritated.

Sewing the stitches into my right forearm was very difficult since I am right handed and had to do the sewing with my left. The first few sewn were very shallow and became irritated much sooner than the rest. This is what prompted me to take the sutures out after two days.

Care for the sutures was very simple. I showered about twice a day letting the water beat on the sutures and moving them a little bit. I washed them with the same tea tree oil soap that I use to clean my piercings.

I removed all of the stitches myself by using cuticle scissors to clip the monofilament every few stitches. Removal produced a sensation at least as thrilling as un/zipping the zipper did. Feeling the filament slip out of the skin was like the most satisfying scratching of the most stubborn itch or like shivering warmth into a chilled limb.

There was very little blood while the zippers and forearm bands were being administered. A few of the deeper stitches would well up with a few drops which would dry and be the end of it. Each time I showered shortly after getting the stitches and noticed no blood whatsoever after the first shower cleaned away the initial traces.

One issue I had with the bands of stitches is that the forearms change considerably in size depending on whether the arm is straight or bent. When I would bend my arms the stitches would pull tight. Not tight enough to cut off circulation or be dangerous, but just enough to add discomfort. I tried to be careful to leave good sized loops between stitches, but a balance must be reached between leaving room for movement and guarding against the suture snagging on anything while it is on the body.

The marks (two double rows of dots down each arm) faded in less than 6 months.

The marks from the bands are still obvious, but only about 10 weeks have passed since the first was sewn, so only time will tell. I have plans to give myself some more stitches and then try rubbing tattoo ink into the stitches to leave more lasting marks.

The differences between having a friend do the sewing and doing it myself has occupied my thoughts a great deal. The pain from having someone else sew me was more satisfying in a bdsm masochistic sense. The stitches I did myself gave much of the comfort that self-cutting has always brought me. After starting the stitches there's a definite head-space meditative altered state of consciousness. The pain just washed over me and became background noise and my mind accepted "this is what is happening now and we are not stopping until the job is done." I learned a lot through both experiences, and am still surprised how different the lessons were under these two circumstances

I do not recommend that anyone try to sew themselves or anyone else. There are many dangers involved in trying something like this. If you want to be sewn, seek out people in your community trained to put needles through others or people very experienced in play piercing or with a medical background. Make sure to take all health and safety precautions.


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on: 18 March 2007
in Ritual

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