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Losing my virginity

I had looked at pictures of play piercing on BME for ages and had decided it was something I definitely wanted to do. I found a very good UK based website www.medisave.co.uk and purchased supplies based around an 'essentials' list that an IAM friend had given me when I was asking her advice on the subject. I was apprehensive and not 100% sure quite what I was doing so I hoped I could find a friend who was interested too would be able to play pierce along with me. That was not to be. Months and months passed and the closest place I had a willing partner was Durham! More months passed and my play piercing gear lay unused much to my dismay.

Then came February last year and I found myself going to an IAM meet in London. I know that play piercing is commonly done at meets but I was really worried about taking needles and a sharps bin on the plane so I left my stuff at home and thought well if anything does happen then I can observe. I met lots of brilliant people and was staying in the same hotel as ChiliFreak(Jon), bonkers kitty and Rusty_1973 who were the main culprits in helping me do my first play piercing session. During a conversation with Jon he mentioned he had brought some needles and a sharps bin and gloves etc and that they would be doing play piercing in his room. He asked who wanted to be his first volunteer and I said I would be. Jon said he would happily 'stab' me.

Later that night we all headed up to Jon's room and there ended up being quite a crowd of us. flaming rage and Loxodonta Africana were two of the people who ended up there too observing what we were doing. Jon had everything set out and had all the necessary things there just like he had said including sharps bin, gloves and of course plenty of needles. I was quite nervous so to put me at ease Jon popped on a pair of gloves and took a needle out of its packet and uncapped it. He then proceeded to put it in his arm while explaining to me what he was doing as he was doing it. This made me feel much more at ease and I was ready to have some needles put in me! Jon took his needle out put it in the sharps bin and dabbed away the small spot of blood. He changed gloves and got a needle out for me. We were only using quite thin needles. I think they were 22g if I remember right! I had decided to start safe and get the needles in my arm. I rested my arm on Jon's leg and he approached me with the needle. Everyone else in the room went quiet as they waited to see how I would react. I felt a sting as the needle went into my arm and then kind of nothing as the needle travelled under my skin. It was to explain. I could feel it move under my skin but it wasn't sore. Then there was a prick again and Jon gently pushed the needle through the skin on the other side. That was it. As simple as that. My first needle in my arm. I had a huge massive smile on my face and Rusty took some pictures. Jon asked if I was ok to carry on and I said I was, so he got a second needle out of it's packet. Next thing I know he had gently pushed that through my arm too. I was still feeling fine so we kept going while I kept grinning and saying 'YAY' far too much!

Jon got as far as 6 needles in my arm and then I started to feel a bit queasy. I said to him I thought it was best we didn't put anymore in and he agreed but he said we had done well for my first attempt. I sat for about 10 minutes enjoying the feeling of having the row of needles under my skin and liking how uniform they looked until I decided it was time to take them out.

Jon slowly took the needles out and this strangely made me feel even more ill. I had a sip of water and it would make me feel a bit stronger. It was like a feeling of release pressure each time he took a needle out. Some of the punctures bled more than others. I always like the sight of my own blood and also being someone with a history of self harm it was nice to see blood that had come from something good. Taking the needles out was definitely a much quicker process than putting the needles in! I was a little annoyed I hadn't managed to end up with more needles in my arm on this session but at the same time I was overjoyed that I finally had a play piercing experience. I am so thankful to Jon for being so patient and caring while piercing me and explaining what he was doing. I felt that after that it gave me the confidence that I would be able to go away and play pierce on my own when I got back home to Scotland. I am so pleased that my first play piercing experience was such a memorable one and that so many brilliant people were present.

Please Note: always be careful and make sure you know what you are doing and know the risks involved in this type of activity.Use clean sterile needles and use gloves and dispose of needles appropriately.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 22 Feb. 2007
in Ritual

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Artist: IAM+ChiliFreak
Studio: A+hotel+room+in+Camden
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