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Heart Strings

Some time last fall i had a spontaneous idea. I turned to my boyfriend Brandon, then bluntly came out and asked, "How would you feel about doing a flesh-pull for our one year anniversary?" He really fancied the idea, mentioning more than once that it would mean more to him than getting legally married. It meant more to me as well; having experienced an energy pull once before, I was aware of the spiritual journey we would be taking together. I was also aware of how much trust we had to have in each other to agree to this experience. It seemed like the ideal way to celebrate our relationship and at the same time share an experience that would bond us together in a new way.

We took the train home to my house in order use my mother's backyard as our sanctuary for this endeavor.  She made it very clear that she wanted all this to go on during the day while she was at work -- she trusts in my piercing ability, but to view this would be overwhelming for her and I agreed to her wishes.  The night before I scrubbed and bagged a batch of used piercing tools, then scrubbed and bagged our hooks and tossed them in the autoclave.  Excitedly, I started grabbing a marking pen and making dots on my chest.

We had decided to do a one-point chest pull: one hook through the center of our chests, attached with a nylon rope.  I measured the hooks I had and decided the markings should be about 3/4" apart.  After I centered my marks I admired them in my full-length mirror; I was so excited and they seemed so magnificent for being just two simple dots!  I promptly ran to the bedroom and woke Brandon up to show off my goods (and my simplistic new artwork), then set to work on marking him.  I ran through the procedure a couple times and practiced my figure-8 knot tying skills before finally settling off to sleep.

After waking up belatedly Valentine's Day afternoon, and taking the dog for a walk to purchase a disposable digital camera (I love how all my electronics like to conk out on me in the most inopportune moments), we set up a blanket on the grass between the humble koi pond and the skeletal willow tree and I prepared my tray with a pair of 6g needles in a pool of Technicare and some sun-bathing 8g hooks.  Everything was brought outside; incense was lit, the marks were re-made, the camera was ready, our shoes lay clumsily off to the sides of our blanket.  As a last minute thought, i brought along a heart-shaped rock my roommate had given to me.  I asked Brandon if he was ready, "take a deep breath in... now exhale..." It takes a lot of force to push a 6g needle through 3/4" of flesh.  The hook slipped in through the needle as it slid out and blood ran in a trail down his stomach.

Now I had to do that to myself.  It was a difficult thought for me; although I've been piercing for years and commonly perform play piercings on myself, when it comes to piercing myself "for keeps" i can get some mental hang-ups.  I decided to not struggle with my mind or my body's hesitations, and although there was some work getting the tip of the needle through, everything after that was smooth as "butt-ah".  After that, the vows flowed as freely from my lips as the bubbling waterfall beside us or the breeze rustling the remaining crispy leaves overhead, and everything was right in the world.  We meditated and transferred our love/energy/spirit into our heart stone which also ended the day wearing a mixture of our dried blood.  The strong knot in that white nylon rope bound us to each other and to our commitment to be together. We leaned apart from one another and felt the love transfer across the cable and positive energy surround us.  We cried tears of joy and significance.  It felt timeless as we held hands, leaned back, and tugged at each others' "heart-strings".

I cannot convey the feelings I experienced through any words found in any dictionaries. I've sat at this desk and tried, there just aren't words for it.  The love, the voltage, the intangible spiritual nourishment cannot be put down on paper or onto a computer screen.

Afterwards we took a hot shower and washed away some of the crusty blood with more Technicare before sliding the hooks out and leaving ourselves with nothing but two holes in our chests.  I can almost still feel the hook there, a phantom sensation, like an amputated limb.  Brandon experienced the famous "rice crispy" effect and I got to push air bubbles out of someone's skin for the first time, giggling at the thought of cereal and bloody air bubbles being compared to each other -- it really does feel and sound like rice crispies!

  The high that we aquired hasn't faded.  Brandon says his comes in waves, while mine is like a buzzing mosquito of intoxication in the corner of my consciousness... I know it will dim in time, but i wish i could always feel this way.

The Happy Couple


Heart-Shaped Stone of Love

The Aftermath


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 22 Feb. 2007
in Ritual

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