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A Needle & Some Thread...

Beginning to delve deeper into Body Mods, I considered myself a prodigy of the art. I turned my body from something that I loathed into a masterpiece of tweaked and edited parts. My legs are now a canvas, my arms are now my slate. I hope this experience accomplishes what it should: to educate the mass youth interested in body modification, and to annoy the veteran piercers.

So, with that said.. I will warn you now, what goes on in this experience may be unsafe, illegal in some states and countries and very..very... irresponsible. It should not be taken as legit advice on skin sewing, and this is something you should never do yourself.

As a young, sheltered girl, I was always interested in mods Yes, I was sheltered, but not so much that I didn't know about BME. I saw the eye sutures, the nullofications. It was my world within my world.

So when I picked up the needles from my post box tonight, I knew what awaited me. I had an extreme fetish for large gauges, and sewing was my weekly thrill. There was not a single body part that hadn't been touched. This week, it was the legs and arms.

My legs are disgusting. They don't work properly (chrondomalica patella, or improper alignment of the patella muscle). They are large and cumbersome (my calf muscles are as big as Paris Hilton). But they are perfect for slicing and dicing.

I began to prepare the area with an antibacterial soap. I like neutrogena, because it doesn't leave a film. I marked out with a small marker where I would make the stitches, and holding my legs closed, I made the first hole.

Ever sew a blanket, or skirt? This was alike it. This was more painful, more intoxicating than a mickey of absinthe. The first hole bled ruthlessly, and the second, more than the first. I pierced through the other leg, pulling the suture through the first hole, creating more damage and pain, but increasing the adrenalin.

Then the third...the fourth. I was bleeding quite a bit, and feeling faint.. in a good way. My hands were drenched with blood and it was hard to grip the needle. After the ninth stitch I was done. They were spaced farther apart than I had liked, but I was done.

My legs couldnt move, and I couldn't walk. I took a few pictures while the blood was still seeping through, and then cleaned up the mess.

After about an hour or so, I took out the sutures and bandaged the area. I prepared my arms for the event.

My arms, however, after years of acne scarring, are really really nasty. I hate them, moreso than my calves. This would take technique, because one arm has to be free to do the other, right?

I decided to only sew my forearm to my bicep, then take the sutures out and do the other arm.

So again, washing my arms with the antibacterial soap (probably doesn't do much, but it gets me psyched) and then marking out where the holes would be placed. This time I wanted the sutures closer together. When I pierced the first hole, my entire arm convulsed. I guess large guage needles aren't so healthy for a developed bicep.

The second hole went easier, as my muscles relaxed a bit. By the third hole, my arm was bleeding quite a bit. Now, the marker lines were gone so my positioning was going to be off. I quickly finished the sixth and seventh stitch when my roommate opened the bathroom door.

Apparently I was taking awhile. But, she is into body mods too, so she helped me get the other arm done (while the sutures were still in the left arm) and took pics. After she took out my sutures, I proceeded to sew her lips shut (a practise we do a lot).

I began the event again with a washing of soap, taking care to get none in her mouth. I marked out the holes and quickly pierced the first hole. She almost ripped it right out when she opened her mouth in pain. It made me laugh, so when she calmed down I did the second and third holes together, so she couldn't mess it up. After I was done, I wiped up the little blood that she had spilt (she doesn't bleed nearly as much as I do) and then took a picture. She submitted this to BME awhile ago.

The product of our night? Lots of blood, lots of holes, lots of future scars, but a stronger friendship, and two very aroused college girls.

But honestly though, REALLY HONESTLY... I could have bled to death if I wasn't careful, the infections could have been nasty, my roommate might not have found me, and I could have hurt myself. There were a lot of possibilities for things to go wrong tonight. I'm just happy they didn't, and I hope you don't make a bad decision.

Happy sewing!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 02 Feb. 2007
in Ritual

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