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Set of Silver Wings at Auscon4 - Hanged Man Team

My hook love at Auscon4 – 3rd December, 2006

Comparatively to my first suspension, I wasn't anxious; perhaps the frivolity prior to the suspension had something to do with it. I hadn't thought about my hanging for quite sometime, I knew it was happening just not at the forefront of my mind.

The drive to Unkey Pete's farm for Auscon4 was longer then intended, though once arrived it all kicked off quite nicely. Getting into a bit of champagne probably killed the chances of me getting any nerves. Watching the suspensions before mine, with a 100% success rate, I was feeling quite confident.

Sign here please. Yes indeed. Maybe I should read that form one time, one time.

Out in the open was sweet, I've had hooks thrown before just never looking into the distant ranges of greenery, I was out bush. Music in, check. 1st hook, oh my a little sensitive, next hook hmm bit stingy. Quick breather before the next two are thrown thanks. Ok, 3rd hook getting there only one little hook to go... oh yeah, that was the killer the 4th going through ... I was like a fish out of water. Flopping all over the shop (well table). Breathe for a minute. I started to get a little concerned about the suspension at this point; purely due to the fact the hooks going in prior times have been quite bearable. Ok all good to go, wait a quick smoko and some happy snaps first.

Quickly becoming anxious as I was getting tied to the rig (tree), a little bit more pressure then I remember last time, but that's ok, this is still so do-able. I had a different spotter this time, Dave. The new partner. This is no good, I couldn't let go of his hands, and I couldn't get off the ground. I couldn't remove my feet from Chris's foot. Million thoughts running through my head, the main one being the ropes going to snap, I know it ... this time it will happen to me. I know it. Calm down Ms. Paranoia, CALM! Right, Dave is going to have to get out of my picture – I just can't get off the ground with him in front of me. Where is my MUSIC? This is the problem here; I need my music... quick quick! Earphones in, check! Closed eyes, focus on the beats – escape the wretched world, nothing is stopping you now. 1,2,3 go Pete! Off the ground, no record time but off the ground all the same. Ok, let's see how high I can get up this tree, I think I managed being pulled up just over 6ft. That'll do her. I was trying so hard to relax for the first few seconds, but i had an issue with my shoulders, they wanted to stay tight. NO, relax Sharna. Funny enough soon as i relaxed them the pressure was so much easier to deal with. In fact, far far easier. Just letting go of all that was happening, here for a good time not a long time.

Now for the fancy fun Todd was having, swing-a-roo! Spinning and kicking off the tree was so much fun. I felt as though i was on a super marvellous ride, and it was just getting started. I remember being paranoid about kicking the tree, or attempting to kick it and missing and smacking into it or something like that. Until, wait a minute, oh no. Dizzy spell, stop me spinning, stop me spinning. I felt myself starting to sweat, light headed. A little ambitious Sharna. Have a bit of a hang sill, alright ready to earth again! Lower lower, I can see the ground coming closer, perhaps it was too early to come back down, the dizzy spell may have worn off – also could have passed out while up there. Clever move.

Feet to dirt, caught by the special helpers.

Over to the table, lollies bonuses of suspending you get free shit like lollies! Removal of hooks was so smooth, I actually didn't feel the coming out. A little finger painting with the blood. Now time for a massage, this is my second favourite part of the whole procedure.

While i am proud of what i achieved with this suspension, i wish i could have hung for longer. There is always next time, i think a bit me wanted it to be this time. Training the body takes time though. This is something i will control, just in time.

Today, I'm feeling a little tender (2 days later) yesterday I felt I had been taken to with a cricket bat or something of that description, perhaps even just 4 hooks thrown through my back.

Though the tenderness, anticipation, fear, anxiety, paranoia seem like the down falls of doing a suspension, I see them as my inspiration.

I know my will to push and strive, seeing what my own body can tolerate is fascinating and indescribable.

Many, many more suspensions on the cards.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 Dec. 2006
in Ritual

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Artist: Hanged+Man+Team
Studio: Auscon4
Location: Unkey+Pete%27s+Farm

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