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I got an "A" on MY first suspension!

I know am I writing this experience story far too late. It would have been more... satisfying to have written this the day after the suspension, but here I am, much, much later. It took place on October the 22nd, over a month ago. So if any little details are a bit off, I am sorry, but my memory just can't hold more than 1 KB.

It all started with a Digital Design class project that I was assigned. We were supposed to create a body extension and do a performance art piece with it. A body suspension was the first thing I thought of... and the idea wouldn't leave my mind. So I tentatively googled body suspension groups in Vancouver and found some of Russ Foxx's webpages. I contacted him, and lucky for me there was a group suspension in two weeks planned. I said I would go for sure but may just end up watching and not suspend myself.

I was pretty nervous the whole time while watching the others suspend. A couple of other people did it for their first time as well, so I wasn't the only one who hadn't done it before. Russ was pretty fun to watch with all his crazy swinging, picking up people, and pulling. And seeing people go up for their first time was exciting as well. But I hadn't planned on waiting 6 hours before my turn at it. So I was pretty tired by the time I was ready to do it and there wasn't anyone else in line.

Horray for the cookies (animal crackers, but not vegan! ... I ate the honey anyhow though...) and juice that were brought by the girls! They saved my blood sugar levels! I had candy and sugary stuff with me, but no real food. Here's the moral of the story early: MAKE SURE YOU EAT BEFORE YOU DO A BODY SUSPENSION. It wasn't THAT bad... but... well, read on.

I was sweating like crazy because I was more worried about going through the piercing process than the actual suspension. But I somehow managed to sign the paper and get myself to lie down. More sweating all over the table apparatus while having my back cleaned. Then some massage to loosen the skin on my back. It would be a four-point suicide suspension, with the hooks going vertically.

Russ makes it look so easy to piece someone with giant needles on hooks, but I can't imagine it is. So I'm glad someone who knew how to do it properly was doing it on me. I was scared outta my mind, but it was nothing. I was pleasantly surprised to say the least. The first hook went in and I wasn't screaming in pain. Fear of the unknown is always the worst and the anxiety release after is usually what makes me almost pass out in these types of situations. I was fine. The other three hooks were pretty much the same, maybe the last one pinching a bit more. So I was ready to be rigged up! It felt strange having these things in my back. I didn't really want to move my arms much or stretch the skin on my back.

While I was being rigged I had to sit down... twice. Here's my anxiety thing happening. Finally I was okay enough to be completely hooked up and start my suspension. The hooks were pulled gently to slide up into a vertical position. Didn't really feel it. Then tension was applied.

It's hard to remember exactly what happened during this time. I took a LONG time to get off my feet. I sat down AGAIN too. But there was lots of stepping back and forth, rocking, and easing down on the hooks. It was really neat feeling the skin pull off my back, but once my weight was being pulled it hurt. I had heard that some people complain about pain in the lower back, but all I could feel was pinpoint pain at each hole, especially the ones on the outside edges. I didn't think I was going to rip, but it took a lot of mental control to continue to apply weight down on my skin. I was on my tiptoes for the longest time trying to get my toes off the floor, but there was a mental blockage there too. I didn't want to lose the security of being able to take away the tension.

Eventually I managed to tuck my toes away and was pulled up a bit further off the ground. I hung for a really brief while, and started to feel really tired. I think it was 20 - 30 minutes of trying to get off the ground. So my body was so tired from that and from not eating real food for at least six hours. (Again, make sure you eat!) I was happy nonetheless, that I was able to even get off the ground at all. And I had my school project! Double score!

But it's not over once you come down. There's the lovely back massage after. I didn't feel the hooks come out, but I could feel the air in my back. And that air has to come out! Watching the video was lovely. Bubbly, bloody holes being squished on my back. It wasn't painful, but I REALLY, REALLY did not like the feeling of it. I was squirming like a toddler trying clothes on. Some bandages were slapped on and I was all good! Feeling great and a bit less tired.

Went out to eat after and then went home to a well-desired rest. HAH. I wish. My back felt like a board. I was so stiff that whole night I could barely sleep at all. I tend to turn a lot when I sleep but I was just too sore to move. The next day felt like after the first day of hiking the West Coast Trial with a giant backpack on. I was moving like a robot for awhile. But it was well worth it.

I am "hooked" as so many people like to say. I definitely want to give it another go and try to swing around a bit in the same 4pt suicide form. I'd also like to try one from my knees one day. Oh, and just in case you want stats to compare experiences, I'm female, 5'3" and 100 lbs.

(My project didn't really fit the criteria exactly, because I didn't MAKE a body extension, but I squeaked away with an 'A' nonetheless. Heh heh.)

Happy Hanging!


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on: 25 Dec. 2006
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