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double knee suspension

Finally, the full details.. So with the winter season approaching us, I decided last Monday I'd like to get another outdoor suspension in before the weather got too bad.. I took a trip to Weather.com and checked out the forecast for the week, see what days were good. Wednesday was the last good day. I contacted MUTE-ONE about it and he said it'd be no problem..

Wednesday afternoon came around and I left work at a pretty normal time.. I stopped home, and then cruised over to the tattoo shop.. I got there hung out for a little bit, MUTE-ONE wanted to get some grub before we did this... Fine with me.. We walked over to the sub shop and got some food. The guy gave MUTE-ONE the "cops-n-crooks" discount.. There were pigs in there when we were there.. I guess he felt it would be funny.. So back to the shop, he chowed down.. I sat patiently...

Finally the time came when he was ready to do the suspension.. We went into the piercing room to get the rigging and all, put it in the tree.. We went outside and he asked me to hold the couch in place as he scaled up it.. I did this. He got to the main branch and shimmied himself up the wet ass tree. Guys got balls I tell ya.. He was at the linkage to set the rigging but I had no way to get it to him.. Quick thinking on his part, I assume.. He tells me to put the rigging on the end of the rake and hoist it up that way.. I grab the rake, walk back to the tree and virtually place it in his hand.. He grabs the pulley system and locks it in place.. He begins his descend down the tree, I grab the couch again and brace it for him.. Time for the hooks..

I had already changed into a pair of shorts, I plopped myself onto the piercing table.. First things first, he got out all his hooks, needles, and supplies. He marked 3 hooks on each knee, had me bend my knee to check the placement. With no one else around to help him throw the hooks, he had to do all 6 individually. Not a big deal for me.. Pretty typical stuff..

All the hooks in, he gets the rig and begins to lace me up. He told me he was gunna hafta use a longer rope because he only had a specific number of feet on his rope. This was the only way to do it.. Not a problem.. He called Josh over, one of the tattooists at the shop to just hold the rig while he laced it up.. Josh was also gunna assist in pulling me up, cause there was no way I'd be able to reach the rope and do it myself.. Rig laced up, time to walk outside..

I hold the rig as I walk. I feel like a puppet.. Trying to synchronize my steps with one another as I hold the rig.. I get outside; we had laid some plastic bags on the ground that I could lay down on as everything was set.. I drop to the ground, pass MUTE the rig and he hoists it in the air to catch the pulley, Josh lets the pulley down as far as he can, and we're a few inches short. I tell MUTE to lower the rig, and I'll scoot down and reposition myself and we'll get it to work.. He complies.. I scoot I forward a little, and flip my feet up in the air, trying to keep myself inverted as he attaches the rig to the pulley..

Success.. With this completed, I being to slouch, letting my weight into the pulley.. MUTE told me he was gunna have Josh hoist me up slowly, which was fine with me. I think this worked out rather well. I was focusing on the things at hand, as Josh pulled, I cleared my head.. We go to the point to where I was forcing myself vertical as Josh pulled on the rope. Finally, liftoff..

The first feeling was a massive burning feeling. Something that MUTE-ONE had already informed me would take place and I kinda tried to prepare myself for.. This liftoff was the worst past of the suspension, I kept my breathing deep and my head clear..

Once I was up and tied off I sort of just hung vertically. Trying to take it all in. With this being my second suspension, I began to feel the differences in the two. back vs knees. Almost immediately I began to get a "high" feeling.. I also was extremely tired.. I felt as if I could have fell asleep in the position. I felt like a batt, outstretched, upside down... I felt a little closer to the ground, but its odd looking at the world upside down.. I look back at it now; possibly being up higher might even make it more interesting and easier to deal with.. The pain was pretty minimal.. At one point I even did a situp or two, for my own amusement really. Kinda crazy hanging from your knees, looking at the world from a normally vertical position.. When I let myself back down I did get a glimpse of pain, nothing that would stop me from doing this again though....

MUTE-ONE pushed me several times and snapped photos with my camera... Josh was inside.. The time went by slowly.. But this might have been cause of how tired this all made me.. I was up maybe 12minutes or so before it started to wear on me, much shorter then my back suspension, I told MUTE that I needed to come down and he went and pounded on the window to get Josh to come out and help lower me down.. Josh drops outside and held the rope, lowering me.. MUTE grabs me and holds me like a newborn child in his arms odd feeling as Josh completely lowers the rig and I take to a standing position.. Again, the nautilus feeling... Keep moving.

MUTE cuts the rope, the 3 of us walk inside, Josh goes back to his business. Me and MUTE in the piercing room, he beings to remove my hooks and clean me up.. I sat the shop for a little bit, taking it all in.. Quite different from my back suspension.. Finally the time came to where I had to leave.. I know I'd see MUTE-ONE later on..

When I did my back suspension previously, extreme soreness for days.. Probably 3days... Hurt to move my shoulders... And the pain from that began to settle in almost right away.. I got home that night and my knees felt very little pain. I wound up crashing with the girl I'm dating.. I woke up the next morning and still no pain.. As I made my way to work, and even throughout the day I had pretty much 100% mobility of my knees and it felt almost 100% healed. I know it wasn't, but it felt nothing like I felt on my back.. I write this whole post 1 week after the suspension, and I can say I have had virtually no bruising, with the exception of 1 hole.. And no pain from this..

I thank MUTE-ONE for throwing me up.. It's always a pleasure dealing with him. Experiencing new things. I look forward to my lotus position...


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 Dec. 2006
in Ritual

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Artist: MUTE-ONE
Studio: Cut+Throat+Tattoo
Location: Milwaukee

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