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First Pulling Experience

It all started out one day when I decided I wanted to take my mind a step further in spirituality experiences. I wanted to test how well my mental state can endure pain. I decided I wanted to start simple at first and I had been thinking and planning about hanging weight from a hook and chain on my arm. It was not so difficult to go about doing specially since I had already been working with needles and pain for quite some time. That day I went out to the store to pick up some hooks. I went to my local k-mart super store and searched in the fishing isle. I found some sixteen gauge hooks that would do to start out with. I purchased them and went home. I planned on hanging a few paint cans that my dad had in the basement. I took them up to my lab (my bedroom) and weighed them on a scale. One was about three pounds and one was about six pounds. I already had all the disinfecting agents from practicing body piercing on people so I was all set to start my fun.

I gathered all the materials I needed and first washed my hands. Then I put on my gloves and I took one of the needles out of the package. Of course I had to remove the end of the hook so I can remove it from my skin after the process was complete. After completing the removal I dunked the needle in alcohol to potentially kill any bacteria that may have landing on it. I set it to dry and I took out an alcohol prep pad and laid it down next to the hook. I searched my arm for a potential placement for the hook. Upon finding one I softened up the skin to get ready for piercing.

New gloves were then applied to my hands and I cleaned the area with the alcohol prep pad and marked the area with an entry dot and an exit dot with a surgical marker. One last check list of the correct materials and I was ready to start. I took the needle and inserted it into my skin via the first marking and pulled it to the other marking. I then used my cunning fingers to make the needle pierce and exit my skin and the hook was in my arm.

I attached the chain I had to the hook and then the opposite side to the first (three pound) paint can. I then stood up to feel the weight on my arm from the can and to see the skin being pulled down. It was an amazing feeling but not enough. So i unhooked the three pound paint can and hooked the six pound paint can on. This time it felt better. I felt more pain being surged through my body. I immediately took it and past it through and out of myself. It was as if the paint can was always there. The sensation I got at that moment was unbelievable. I felt more in tune with my body and mind. My mind at that moment felt stronger than it has ever been. I could not wait to try it again.

Though my satisfaction was still not yet ready to stop. I unhooked the chain from the hook and I went into the next room and found my dads briefcase. I took it into my room and weighed it on my scale. It weighed twelve pounds. I was very eager to try it out. So I hooked again the chain onto the hook and then onto the briefcase handle. I stood up to feel the most enjoyable pain in my life so far. Still, quickly the pain was sent through my body and out of me. I had a smile on my face the whole time. Seeing that briefcase dangle above the ground supported by the hook through the skin in my arm made me laugh with excitement and fulfillment. I had accomplished something not many people can do. For that moment I truly felt stronger than I had ever been in my entire life.

I then removed the chain from the hook and carefully slid out the needle from my arm. To my amazement there was no blood. I cleaned the area off with another alcohol prep pad and bandaged it up so no infection could occur. I then dispose of the needle in a sealed used needle container and I cleaned up the area of the procedure. I had successfully hung a paint can from my arm. My pulling experience was complete and next time I plan on using a larger needle gauge and more weight. Though next time I think I will have someone there to help me and make sure nothing goes wrong.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 22 Nov. 2006
in Ritual

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Artist: Vampiir+Vixen
Studio: My+Home
Location: Palatine%2C+IL

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