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Chest corset - playing around in a club

In the summer of last year I was at a BDSM club in London with a few of my friends when I ran into a woman I knew by name from other clubs and online communities but had never actually spoken to myself. We got talking and after she mentioned that she had brought her play piercing equipment I started to consider the possibility of my partner and I engaging in a little needle play with her. My partner and I had discussed needle play before and although he was interested in the idea in theory, being a little scared of needles he had yet to try it out. I loved needle play and all it's attendant sensation since first having tried it three or four years previously and so after some discussion with the woman we agreed that she would pierce me first and my partner could watch the proceedings and decide afterwards if he also wished to play.

I had another reason for also wishing to participate in the play; earlier on in the evening I had taken a couple of Ecstasy pills and was at the point of feeling a close connection to my friends and the play we were engaging in where all sensation is heightened and only having had play piercing before completely sober I was interested in experiencing it under this influence and seeing how it differed. I explained this to the woman who would be piercing me so she knew to keep an eye on me for any possible adverse reactions due to the drug, though we agreed this was not likely. My friends and I moved over to a corner of the club where a gynaecological bench was set up with sterile wipes, gloves and a sharps bin and I hopped up onto the couch while she laid out her equipment.

She had 20 and 22 gauge needles and we decided to alternate these down either side of my chest and lace them up in a cleavage corset when they were done. I slipped my top off my shoulders and she pulled on rubber gloves before wiping down my chest with a sterile wipe. She asked if I was ready for the first needle and I nodded, and she slipped it in without me feeling a thing. Usually no matter how fine the needle I usually feel at least a small sharp pricking sensation when it enters and exits my flesh, but not this time. The lack of sensation I attributed to the Ecstasy; I have often seen accidental scratches or bruises at the end of a night on E that I never noticed happen, and I always find that the ridiculously tall shoes I'm fond of wear stop hurting once the effects of the pills begin. I told the woman piercing me this and she laughed, saying perhaps I'd feel something with the 22 gauge needle. This time I definitely did though it was more sensation than pain and the tiniest drop of blood formed at the exit point.

This pattern carried on for the whole of the play session, using about twenty needles in total. I felt nothing when the smaller needles slipped in and only the mildest sensation when the larger ones were used but eventually by the end of the piercing there were several trickles of blood running down my chest. I always feel mild to moderate euphoria after a piercing or other session that involves pain, and this was no different. The endorphins were rushing round my body and the floaty, spaced feeling was very much in evidence, amplified by the MDMA in my system. I felt happy, light and couldn't stop grinning as the pink and orange ribbons were wound round the caps of the needles to form a pretty corset lacing over my chest.

I was helped down from the bench and sat sipping a sugary drink on a chair at the side of my bench as my partner had decided that he would like to try it and so pictures of my chest could be taken. After half an hour he too was finished, and we swapped places once again so my needles could be removed. The woman told me she could try and increase the sensation as the needles were removed if I liked and I agreed, so instead of pulling the needles out by the same trajectory they entered, she angled the needles upwards as they came out so the sharp point scraped along the upper inside of my skin. I certainly felt this much more than the needles going in; had I been perfectly sober I think it would have been a quite painful sensation but as I was it hovered beautifully on the pleasure/pain border – not enough to hurt but not actually pleasant, either. The blood was cleaned up and I pulled my top back up, thanking the woman profusely for her attention, and donned my own rubber gloves to play gently with my partner's needles before they were removed...

Disclaimer: My play piercing was done by an skilful and experienced person who had done this hundreds of times before and I am also no stranger to this kind of play but nonetheless, a busy club remains not the safest or most sterile environment for needle or blood play. In addition I absolutely do not condone play piercing while either you or the person doing the piercing is under the influence of anything whatsoever, for obvious reasons. I mention that I was for accuracy of the experience, not because I recommend that you do the same.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 22 Nov. 2006
in Ritual

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Location: London%2C+UK

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