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Play Piercings

I have been piercing for a couple years now and my favorite would still have to be the play piecings. I love the intimacy people seem to share and conquer. Its so hard to trust people now days. I find that you have to trust some one less to sleep with them, rather than to let someone break your skin.

I suppose I should start at the begining. I fell into piercing while being involved in a BDSM atmosphere, I became friends with some one that actually learned modification and apprenticed under some one famous(No name dropping). I learned about energy passing between people when your playing from him. It was an time that had a strange begining.

I went in to a tattoo studio to get my hood pierced my first day moving back to Utah and after having the needle ran I sat up and said, "thats it?" well the piercer with a gleam in his eyes replied "really, Have you ever attended fetish night, I am doing a crown of thorns on guy you should come check it out". I politely declined but it peaked my interest none the less, so two weeks later I was back int he same shop to order some jade earings. This time I was invited to cocktails which appeared much less intimidating. So I ended up sipping apple martini's and was invited to a "party" that weekend. Well my idea of a party was not one that matched thiers.

So I showed up that weekend and fell into a rabbit hole, that is yet to end for me. I walked into a whole new world of trust and what people label and freaks. The one thing that drew me the most was needles, at the time it was so new to me that you would puncture you skin for no reason at all. That in some way that it brought pleasure to a person, I could not believe it, but it fascinated me to the fullest. I still remember the look that the girl gave as a 14g needles was ran and a CBR fallowed behind only to be corseted and bound to herself. I had never seen anything to beautiful and peaceful and intimate between two people. It was if the whole room was empty and no one was watching, they seem to be all alone in there own world sharing some thing that I did not under stand. The moans and looks of desire from this girl as the laces got tighter and tighter, it triggered something I never thought a good little girl like me had in her. After the two got done, I approached the person that pierced her(the one that also pierced my hood) and replied simply this "I want to go there, where she was" and he said "ok". Then it was me I was up on the table with cold sharp steel under my skin and new exactly the place that she had been, the colors, sounds and people fade around you. You become alone with this one other person. Nothing in that moment matters other than the act that is taking place. That is when I new where I belonged, little did I know that one could make a living off that sensation. I took to the needles like a champ, and from there got myself an apprenticeship which brings me closer to what I did to a person in the pictures below.

I met this person through a metual friend, he was recommended to me to get his nipples pierced. We started chatting about how I became a piercer and for some time about my personal expierce with needle play and how good it felt to face a fear and trusting some one to hurt you. After some time and him coming back to get his nipples pierced he started hinting about play piercings, he saw some needle play in my portfolio from the friend that recommended me I had placed some play piercings for him 100 or so up and down his chest and arms for a show he was doing. Once you find some thing intriguing its only a matter of time before you desire to feel what you see.

So we set a date and it was on. He decided to bring a few friends for his first play expierance. The ironic thing is that he giggled the whole time and one of the girls he brought was the one to get light headed and need the extra care. He started with the intensions of only having a couple done and ended up with 100 or so hypodermic needles placed in his chest, tummy, and hip line. He too lost the room, and only saw himself and me, he fell into the same trance that I had felt years before. Every one that I ran he sank more and more into the table and into his own uphoria. http://i53.photobucket.com/albums/g53/Body_piercer1984/Derik/pokie036.jpg http://i53.photobucket.com/albums/g53/Body_piercer1984/Derik/pokie038.jpg http://i53.photobucket.com/albums/g53/Body_piercer1984/Derik/pokie033.jpg http://i53.photobucket.com/albums/g53/Body_piercer1984/Derik/pokie037.jpg


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 24 Oct. 2006
in Ritual

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Artist: Amber+Lynne
Studio: Attatude+Tattoo
Location: Salt+Lake+city

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