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My First Suspension

So I go to the tattoo shop on Saturday afternoon to have my tattooist work on my leg, but he's not there. I'm on the front porch with Mute-One piercer and he looks over at me and goes "I'm bored. Wanna throw some hooks?". I was speechless, because he was dead serious. I had spent about an hour and a half earlier in the week talking with him about shit while I was at the shop.. Things like scalpeling, suspensions and such.. So he knew I was into the idea of suspension, I'd just never done it.. So him asking me this just completely outta the blue.... Totally caught me off guard.. And I wanted to do it.. But I was a little scared of it at first. These are big hooks, lifting me off the ground. Yeah

So after a couple minutes of no answer on my end, he goes "well.. I'ma go get a cup of coffee, I'll be back in 5 minutes, let me know". So I sit on the front porch just running this shit through my head.. Now he's walking back to the shop. Gets to the steps.... "So?". I still had no answer. Now there were 4 of us on the porch. Me, Mute, Robin tattooist, and Mikey apprentice. I'd ask a question about the suspension, someone would answer it. Or someone else would have a comment to share on the subject. I stated I was at a "60/40 rate, in favor of it". After a few more minutes of talking Mute asked me "that percentage going up?" I told him definitely it was. I know they do the suspensions in the back yard. So I told him I wanted to see it. I knew that by doing this, this would surely set me over the edge to do it.. Which is why I did it.. We walk to the back of the house and there is a gigantic tree in the back, with a chain wrapped around the branch.. I can see the ground is somewhat trampled.. Probably from the numerous hanging sessions they have done.. I look to him and go "lets do it".. As soon as i say this, Mute looks to Mikey and goes "get the gear".. We all go inside, Mute and Mikey start setting up the pulley system. Once that's done we all walk back outside and Mute scales the gigantic tree and hooks the pulley system up to the chain..

We proceed back inside to lay my hooks. I take my shirt off, he draws the centerline of my back, and the 4 points, 2 on each side. We're ready for the needles.. I lay on the table, Mute on one side, Mikey on the other.. 3 deep breaths and the exhale, whap.. 2 needles in.. Pretty standard in the piercing world.. 3 more breaths, whap.. 2 more needles.. This time they weren't as in sync.. I dont remember who was through first.. But whatever..

So hooks in, we go outside to lace me to the rigging.. Mute runs the "lifeline" through the center bar, then has me step forward. I get laced up to the rigging and Mute hands me the rope and tells me whenever I'm ready.. I start pulling mildly on the rope drawing the rig higher, applying small amounts of tension to my skin. Lots of deep breaths. Pacing in a small area. I wrap the rope around my left hand and pull some more. Drawing it tigher.. Making it hurt almost. I'd get usta that feeling I'd let my legs out a little, putting even more weight on it.. Reach up grap some rope, pull, let off the legs.. I did this about 4 times till I was on my toes..

I was at the point now to where if I grabed more rope from above and pulled it would lift me off.. I had the rope at about chest height and holding it.. I just sucked in and pulled down on the rpe, drawing myself off the ground.. A very odd feeling.. It wasnt as painful as of a lift I as I had expected it to be.. Not nearly. I had gotten myself off the ground by about 6 inches and Mute tells me to hand the rope off to him.. As i pass him the rope I have no idea what I am in store for.. Mute Does a woodchop with the rope, shoulder to toe.. He pulls me up about 3 more feet into the air and ties me off the tree, I so was not expecting that. I'm in the air, with 4 hooks in my back.. Not the most orgasmic thing I've felt in my life.. But it wasn't the most painful either.. So I continue my breathing, deep, focused on the issue at hand... I'm doing alright.. Some mild swinging left to right.. Mute goes "I'm gunna swing ya".. So I'm thinking, "alright cool.. A little more left to right action". Nah........ dude underdogs me.. I musta been as high as the leaves of the tree.. Side to side across the whole yard I'm going.. A huge surprise to me for only being in the air maybe 4 minutes.. A little scared at first "my skin gunna support all this shit??" ran through my head.. But yeah it did.. After my underdog and full yard swing, Mute went inside. I swung like that for a bit then told Miket to "spin me". This wound up being a bad idea as it was like spinning myself in a straight vertical circle.. Dizzy as fuck.. Mute comes back out and pushes me in this gigantic circle across the yard.. I'm heading for the tree and stick my foot out to push off, my momentum carries me all the way back around to the tree again, I orbit thru the yard making 3 or 4 perfect circles in my 1 big circle, kicking off the tree in the exact same spot, going back to 4 small orbits in my 1 big orbit.. It was like clockwork.. It was pretty insane.. After the counterclockwise circles we went clockwise, which wasnt a good idea cause it was harder to orbit that way.. Getting pretty close to the tree and even sometimes my back to it.. I did have a fear of hitting it.. After that I think we did another underdog.. it hard t remember..

My abs started to become sore from all the leg raises swinging myself and such. My back was becoming tightt.. I told Mute to lower me down.. As I came down I touched the ground, and unknown weightlessness feeling came over me, very weak legged. This made me nautious.. I just had to keep my breathing going and remain calm. I held the rope, keeping the pulley supported, Mute cut the lifeline and handed it to me.. I needed to get a sip of my Snapple.. I was in the air for about half an hour.. Liquids were necessary at this point..

I get my juice, we go inside to pull the hooks.. I lay on the table, 2 hooks out,, 2 more hooks out.. Mute and Mikey proceeded "burp my back".. This consists of me laying down and them pushing the air out of my back.. Apply massive amounts of pressure and running their hands up my back, I can hear the air whistling thru the holes that were created. They laugh and chuckle as one of them would "get a good one". I laughed as well. Cleaned and bandaged up, I throw my shirt back on. I hang around the shop for about and hour and a half, my back starts becoming sore. Naturally. Mute told me earlier that this was gunner has 1 of 2 effects on me. Super tired, or super wired... I got the first... Off in my own world... I didn't really pay much attention to any of my surroundings... Just kinda in a flatline state. The night was coming on and I had places to be elsewhere... I told Mute that I had to split and that'd talk to him later..

Suspension has been something I've wanted to d for a number of years, just never had the opportunity to do it. The main reason I wanted to do it was to see if it was what everyone said it was... Everyone had there own story with there suspension.. "I seen the light, I had the rush... I got this, I got that" Like them, I got what I got... I can't tell anyone what they will get, because who knows... Just something you gotta try for yourself... Knowing that I did this one, I am a person that likes to push boundaries... 4 point suicide is starter suspension... I'm sure that from this point I'll work to a new level with it... A new limit... Right now its Sunday night... About 30hours after my hanging....... The muscles in my back are super sore.. And this should be expected... And well noted. Like any massive piercing, body modification project, you will usually feel more of the pain later... as least from my own personal experiences... But yeah, I definitely plan on doing this again..


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 24 Oct. 2006
in Ritual

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Artist: mute+one
Studio: cutthroat+tattoo
Location: milwaukee%2C+wi

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