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First Suspension, Two Nine Gauge Suicide Style

First I would like to thank God, BME, people that post pictures/stories, so if your readying this, that means you, Thanks everyone, and I say that because without this site and everyone else that goes on it, I wouldn't have been able to do a body suspension.

I've been interested in piercing since my early teens and being suspended started to become more appealing to me over time. I was 19 years old when I had decided that I wanted to do a suicide suspension. Before this I never thought I would do a suspension, but this being a big reason why I did want to do it. Doing something that I never thought I'd be capable of doing.

So a few years past now, I'm 22. I started to look around, ask questions. Browsing the internet, searching for people/place where I could be suspended. Seen many pictures of people all around the world, but none around the location where I live. I continued the search here and there and came to the conclusion that I just live in the wrong part of the world at the time. I accepted that one day I would be able just not now. So I didn't completely give up, but I did stop putting so much time and energy into something that just wasn't ready for me yet. I made IAM profile stating that I want to do a suspension and if anyone could give me any information about it. I'd check it everyday, and then slowly I just stop checking and thought that a few years from now when I move things might be different. Oh I failed to mention that none of my friends are into this kind of modification. So you could understand that I'd have trouble finding someone with experience.

Months pass and my membership had expired. I had not logged in for quite some time now. I decided to log in with I'm still alive. Read a few messages, yeah yeah yeah it expired. Then here's one, about a guy who says he can suspend me. The rest of my day went well. Many weeks go by and we communicated and talked about when he would have the supplies and hooks ready. I'm 23 now so it did take a few years to find someone with experience that lived in the area, so I was a bit excited about it all. I got the call from Brian (aka: bbirdemann ) stating that he was ready on his end and asked if I was. He wanted to put me up on two nine gauge hooks. I always thought my first time would have been with four eight gauge. Everywhere I looked with first timers it was done with four. I didn't think I'd be able to handle two. He explained to me that it's better to push it my first time to get more out of it. I understood and agreed. The following Tuesday we would meet, since it's the only day I have off. Working 6 days a week + many hours of over time isn't that bad,,,,sometimes!!

It was suggested to me to drink plenty of water. So everyday for the rest of that week I drank about a gallon. I also tried to fast for three days. I stopped eating on Saturday and when I did, it become harder for me to continue drinking water. Monday night I broke the fast and had one slice of pizza. My roommates those two/three days were cooking up some food and it wasn't making it easy for me. Tuesday morning I had a banana and that was it. Felt lighter and notice I had lost a few pounds. Pretty much spent all day waiting around till evening.

My friend Dennis and Zac came to watch. We went inside and waiting a bit longer till it got dark. Brian explained to me everything good/bad that can happen. I was pretty comfortable since I was surrounded by people I can trust. Alright so it's time to get ready and my shirts off and ready to be pierced! I've had many surface piercings before so I pretty much knew what to expect. The two hooks are in, the rig is set and we walk out to the tree. I lead the way, and admit to being a little scared.

Brian got a hold of a small step ladder which I was going to step off of when I was ready. He put the rig up and everything is set now it's just my turn to step off. I think it took me a minute. I took a few moments to say a small prayer in my mind. Took some deep breaths and took one foot off. I brought it back, took a few more breaths and tolled myself this is it. I finally chose to step off the ladder. The intense feeling went from my body up to my brain. I can't explain it; it really felt like I had stepped into a different reality. Don't know how long those moments lasted. Shortly my back went numb, and the pain was much more bearable. I stayed relaxed as Brian checked on me to see if I was still breathing. We had some candles since it was dark and we were outside so it was awesome! After awhile I started to feel some pain in my chest area and chose to end the suspension. I felt like I could have gone longer, but I wasn't trying to impress anyone. I was satisfied enough to step off and be able to something that I've been wanting to for a while.

As we walk back inside I smile and did feel a little emotional; I mean this experience felt like a dream come true to me. I felt very lucky to be able to experience it, I don't know if others feel the same way. When we got back inside I laid down so Brian can push out all the air that went under my skin. Clean up and my shirt is back on now. I drink some water and we kick back for a little bit.

I went out and ate some dinner that night. Things went well. I was suspended by someone with lots of experience, very knowledgeable and work was professional. Things just worked out and I'd be lucky to be able to do it again. Thanks for checking out my off the hooks experience!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 24 Oct. 2006
in Ritual

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