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Six Hooks

Suspension was something that I had been interested in for quite a while but I figured that no one in Australia hosted or performed suspension events (although I never really went out of my way to look for someone to hook me up). But through a friend I was put in contact with the great people at The Hanged Man Team. I went along as a spectator to see how exactly they worked their event & after a lengthy chat with some of the people in the group I really wanted to go up. At this point I did have some doubt about doing this & whether or not I was physically or mentally able to handle it. But I decided that if that's all that was in the way I would just do it & if I didn't like it that would be it, no more. So I booked a suspension at the Taboo event. I arrived at Taboo on the day & was greeted by the team & signed the various forms for my suspension. I was up second on the list so I got myself mentally prepared (well, the best I could anyway) & sat down to watch the first suspension. After about half an hour or so I was approached by Pete who informed me that the first suspendee was running late & that I was moved up to first position. No pressure hey? Now I am not a small guy (105kg to be exact) so I needed six hooks to take my weight. Being hooked was what I thought would be the most extreme part of the suspension. Feeling six hooks go through my skin one at a time sent me right to my limit & pushed further with every hook. I could have just sat there with them in & enjoyed that experience on its own. I was set up & ready to go & while I waited I had Todd run me through the procedure & set my mind at ease & for that moment I was totally relaxed. So we began, slowly. Little by little I was raised until my toes just touched the floor. Getting used to the tension on my back & keeping balanced mentally was a challenge in itself. I eventually got to the point that all I had to do was lift my feet & then I would be up. It's not as easy as it sounds but after a few goes I did it & no sooner had I lifted my feet I was sent skyward & I really cannot put into words how electrifying it was but... No sooner had I reached the sky my back clenched up across the shoulders & I had to come back down. Shit! It had to happen now. Not to let this stop me from achieving my goal (to get up & swing about for a while) I relaxed for a couple of minutes & prepared for my second attempt. This time it was much easier to elevate off the ground & after a short while of getting used to the tension again I was up. Todd asked me if I would like to swing & well, of course I did so he gave me a push & off I went. Now, what I felt while up there was intense & yet soothing at the same time. It both hurt me & gave me an extreme amount of pleasure & with every swing I felt more alive than ever before. My short time up there I spent thinking about other things some of which are quite strange. Like wondering if I turned my computer off even though I never do anyway. Silly isn't it? After a while I decided it was time to come down again. As I landed back to earth I felt totally calm yet extremely light headed & sat down straight away just in case I passed out. I sat there & collected my thoughts for a minute & realized that I had managed to completely drain all of my stress & negativity through suspending. I had proved to myself that I can push my limit & achieve a great balance within myself at the same time. It also strengthened me & proved that when you push your limit it will make you a better person. I do know for a fact that this has made me a better person. I will never forget my first suspension & all the people involved who helped push me to the edge of my physical & mental threshold & pushed me over into another place for that moment. If you or anyone you know wants to suspend or has an interest in suspension & you have access to a group who will host an event, do it. It changed my life for the better; it could have a profound effect on yours. I truly do thank all of those hard working people at The Hanged Man Suspension Team. from the heart. Thank you.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 Oct. 2006
in Ritual

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Location: Prahran%2C+Melbourne%2C+Australia

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