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Set into a coma

So this weekend was much different then the normal weekend of drinking at the house. My friend Bryon and I drove south of the cities to a farm for a suspension show that I have been anticipating for weeks. We left Saturday morning and arrived around 1:30. Setting up our tent was all hell, but it gave us something to do while we waited for the artists to prepare the barn. The first suspension was a superman by a guy named Ben. I was nervous at first but when I saw him hanging in the air and loving every minute of it, all my anxiety left and I was set on my coma suspension.

After a few more suspensions, it was my turn to get hooked. As I got undressed, Verno asked if I wanted to have four people pierce me at once. I was suddenly more comfortable and agreed, probably because I was more worried about the piercing rather then the suspension. The piercing's themselves were not as bad as I guessed but they still had a kick to them. As they prepared my body, they all were talking about how my body was perfect for the suspension. I have incredibly stretchy skin(they referred to it as 'buttery') which made the piercing that much more simple.

The first piercing's were my chest and ribs. The four got prepared for the piercing's and I began the breathing pattern to tell them that I was ready. The second breath out, the needles went through my skin and the hooks were put in place. It was painful, yet I found the feeling to be amazing. The next piercing's were my shin's and upper thighs which I thought would be the least painful of all the piercing's. To my surprise, the shin piercing's hurt like all hell. The bone of my shin was pushing against the hook which made the pain that much more intense. The last of the piercing's was my stomach, which did not hurt as much as I anticipated.

After all the hooks were placed properly, I was given a few minutes to walk around and have a smoke as they got the rig set up. As I watched the artists set up the rig, I could feel tingling sensations all throughout my body. The energy I was gaining was making me tremble, and my mental status was that of zen. I was placed on a table and the rig was lowered in front of me. As they were setting me up to the rig, I could feel the hooks stretching my skin and began to get a bit nervous. The Suicide Suspension is nothing compared to the pain of a full front-body suspension and I was just realizing by how much. I eventually grabbed enough strength to tell Verno to raise me up and from there it was ten minutes of pure pain. I felt a lot of strain on my shin's and chest for minutes but eventually I began to feel light and in complete control.

Once the pain left my mind, I started having a lot of fun. The pain had turned into a somewhat euphoric yet intense feeling all around my stomach and legs. My chest still had small amounts of pain which varied from what position my head was in. This also made breathing tricky. It felt as if belts were tightly wrapped around my torso and legs. I had one of the artist slowly turn the rig so that I could watch everything spin around me. It was a weird feeling to watch the room spin around me as nothing but hooks held me in the air. You could easily tell I was having a great time by the expression of my face.

After what felt like 30 minutes, I started feeling a bit nauseous. My head was tilted back(it felt better to me,) allowing blood to flow to it faster. We raised my head rest up a bit which helped a lot but I decided to come down at that point. I was lowered to the floor and when I was down, my body felt as if it were 100 pounds heavier. The hooks were taken out and I was bandaged up before the blood could get too messy. They said that I was up for at least an hour to an hour and a half.

Suspensions continued until 5 in the morning and I got to meet a lot of cool people. The vibes in the room was very calm and relaxed. The energy was intense and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves throughout the night. Thanks again has to go to Verno and all the other artists that worked that night. It was definitely something that I will remember forever.


submitted by: hooks
on: 30 Sept. 2006
in Ritual

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Artist: El+Verno
Studio: Holy+Mackeral%2FVisual+Addiction
Location: St.+Paul%2C+MN

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