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My virgin suicide

A quiet rural road. Farmers going about their business, a middle aged couple with their two small children pass on a single lane road; an outing to the local mall or a trip to an exciting tourist attraction.

Into a small estate. Rural suburbia. Twentieth century housing and cul-de-sac's. A small primary school, possibly a first school, dormant at the centre of the community, awaiting the hubbub of Monday morning. Children playing on bikes, parents mowing the lawns and washing their cars. The perfect weekend. Great weather, warm and sunny. The darkness within hidden by some fencing and a patchy hedge...

..for few people know that within this quiet estate lives an entity of pure evil, uncompromising pain and torturous pleasure. Within the heart of this country sunshine lives a demonic princess.


Within this estate, the depths of chaos reach the surface and burn their taint into the soil.

At ten of the Queen's English Pounds for the weekend, I'll never go to Alton Towers again.

Now, I'm personally a very inquisitive person. Often it can be my downfall, often I find out things I really wish I didn't know. Sometimes, I'll try something I never thought I'd ever try. I live in a small village in Kent, just outside Bromley. I grew up in the North East of England, living a very sheltered life. I'd always been the class joker at school and I paid for it with numerous detentions and regular kickings. I was reclusive and misunderstood, although we all say that about our times at school. On an evening, I stayed home - my computer was the centre of my life. At sixth form, I became slightly Gothic - I'd be the first to admit that I was mainstream Gothic though, the occasional black nails, dog collars, combat trousers and Marilyn Manson tee's. This passed, a phase I guess.

Now, I drink in the local bar, I play pool, I hang around - if you'll excuse the pun - with people twice my age as those who are my age think clubbing and narcotics are the centre of the universe. I have no piercings, I wear mostly designer or 'trendy' clothing and sport a Warhammer tattoo on my back. I guess at a glance, I scream "geek".

The last person you'd expect to see at one of Vampy's suspension meets? Well, I thought so.

I first became aware of suspension about two years ago whilst watching a programme on television. I thought to myself "why on Earth would anyone ever want to do that." After the programme was finished, I promptly forgot about the entire thing and most likely switched to Playboy TV – hey, I'm only human! Then a member of my website made a thread about his weekend suspending, he would be Maggs, I remembered thinking "why on Earth..." Why indeed. Only one way to find out. I'll see if I can go along. Unfortunately I couldn't make it that weekend. I made a promise to myself that I would attend the next one. A promise I nearly broke on the Friday evening by considering backing out. I was giving Rus a lift up there, and although I was having second thoughts, I couldn't ruin his plans.

Arriving at midday, I wandered cautiously around, taking in what was happening after greeting Vampy and Maggs. It seemed like a difficult crowd to be with and I figured that any kind of acceptance over the weekend was unlikely. I resigned myself to sitting and watching the proceedings.

Thankfully, being wrong is something I'm well known for.

Such a fantastic group of people. Friendly, helpful and intelligent. Good conversation and quick witty comments. Outstanding. Of course, with it being my first time, there were a few looks wondering who I was and the likes. A few quick introductions and we were away. I think it was more myself than anyone else which slowed getting to know people, when in a group of people I don't know I'm quite quiet until I get comfortable.

As the time came closer to my suspension, I had some questions to ask. They were answered and I was reassured about it all. I was allowed to watch the piercing of others and assisted in the after-care of Maggs, under close supervision.

Then it was my turn. I'd set it out in my mind how I wanted to suspend. I wanted darkness and I wanted Joe Satriani playing. Even though it was approaching eleven o'clock at night, I was allowed to suspend. There were flame torches around the scaffold and a spotlight on the centre.

I'd chosen to go for a four point suicide. When I had the hooks pierced through, Sean reassured me again and explained what would happen. The hygiene was thorough and the experience was relatively painless in comparison to expectations. After which, I sat on the side of the piercing bed and watched as people played with web cams over MSN. I asked Sean if it was OK to sit for a little time just to chill out a little, his response was "sure, it's your experience, take your time." This made me feel a lot better as I wasn't quite ready to go. After seeing breasts on a web cam, I felt better and decided it was time to make my move.

In fairness, after getting hooked up, I don't really remember a great deal until coming down. It all went so quickly. Regardless, I won't go into the suspension in detail as from what I understand, every person has a different experience and in all honesty, I don't think I could put it into words.

When I came down, I again was allowed as much time as I required before the hooks were removed. When they were removed, Sean continued to reassure me and for a weekend meet, nothing ever dropped short of pure professionalism by all involved.

For my first time at a meet, my first time suspending and for me the first time really spending time with people who have these interests, I wouldn't even consider turning down another invite. Such a nice group of people and such a friendly, stimulating atmosphere.

If anyone is considering it, I'd recommend speaking with Vampy about attending as the only regret I have is not staying up longer - I guess at the time if I could have stayed up longer I would have.

Finally, I'd like to extend my personal thanks to everyone who was there for providing me with a fantastic weekend. I'd especially like to thank Vampy for the invite, Sean for the care during the suspension and Poppie for the fantastic view whilst suspending.

Thanks guys,

Stu / Skiddy


submitted by: skiddy
on: 30 Sept. 2006
in Ritual

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Artist: Sean
Studio: Vampy%27s+house
Location: Norwich

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