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My love affair with the humble knee suspension - Part 1

My first suspension was a personal test. I wasn't sure if I would be able to go through with it, but I knew that I wanted to


I had become aware of suspensions on BME about 3 years earlier (it was a photo of a knee suspension) and it struck me that it

seemed an interesting but impossible feat for the human body to accomplish. Over the next few years I began to understand the

malleability of the limits of the human body, as I became increasingly comfortable with each piercing I had done. Eventually

I was within an environment where suspension was common practice, and hooks were play-things. In August 2004, I had moved to

England and was living with a piercer, and attended many of the UK suspension

meets. In September 2004 I tried a flesh pull, (2-point chest) which I found to be incredibly enjoyable: Slightly painful but

mostly a strong, adrenaline-inducing pressure. I loved every moment of it and became a bit upset when the hooks were finally


By November, I felt ready to give suspension a try. There was a small suspension meet (Nuklear) organised by Alex. The day

began in a squash court of the local YMCA (I think), and later in the day we migrated to our home. Alex had bought some

scaffolding to hang from, and it was erected in our living room. Throughout the evening I was debating with myself, silently

on the couch. I couldn't decide if I was ready to suspend that evening, and if yes, which suspension I would do. I had always

been drawn to knee suspensions as I love being upside down, and it was my first impression of a suspension ever. On the other

hand, I knew that many people did suicide suspensions for their first ones, as it is often deemed to be a comfortable, 'easy'


In the end I decided to give it a go, on the understanding that if I didn't make it up, I would have at least tried. And I

decided to stick with what I had wanted to do originally.

Wearing my superhero dress, rainbow knee-high socks, and bike shorts (for discretion of course!) I sat under the scaffolding,

surrounded by around 10 close friends, and Alex pierced my 6 hooks. He began on the outside of my right knee, and worked his

way around. The hooks were 3.2mm (8ga) thick and the piercings were bearable. Each one was a bit more intense than the

preceding one, but none were too painful.

After musing over the fact that I had six large hooks through my knees for a while, I attached the hook eyes to the rigging.

I evened out the rope running between hooks, and Alex checked that all was good.

I lay on my back with my head on a super-squishy cushion, and held the rope. Gently, I applied pressure to the hooks, lifting

them until the skin was stretched and taut. I think my eyes were closed mostly, and I was enjoying the strange but

interesting sensations. I kept pulling until first my feet and then my bum was off the ground, at which point I handed the

rope over to Alex. When I gave him the word, he hoisted me up quite fast, and before I knew it I realised that I had done it!

I was in the air, with nothing holding me back from the power of gravity + floor but a bunch of shiny hooks! It was a novel

realisation and I felt a little astounded at the peculiarity of it all.

As I relaxed into it, I was not feeling any pain at all. The only sensation I could feel was a strong, steady pressure around

my knees. I asked Alex to push me, and I was swung back and forth. Eventually this was combined with a bit of spinning, and

at some point I was daring enough to close my eyes while being swung and spun around. It was the most surreal experience. For

those blind seconds, I had no concept of direction, or my relative position to anything. I forgot about gravity and the laws

of physics and felt truly floaty and un-real. It was the magic I was looking for in suspension.

At some point, apparently 15-20 minutes after going up, Alex told me that one of the hooks looked to be ripping a bit. I was

really disappointed and didn't really want to come down, but down I came, simultaneously ecstatic, chilled out, proud, and


I don't really remember the details after that, but I assume that Alex removed my hooks. I don't believe I was bandaged up or

anything, but I may well have been.

I had to work in the cafe the next day, and spent all day smiling and telling my friendlier work mates what I'd done. I was

smiling exceedingly at the customers, but I'm sure they just put it down to fabulous customer service. Every time I bent down

to pick something up, I felt a dull pain where the hooks had been, and was amused.

I made sure to diligently pick the scabs of the holes, and didn't let them completely heal for about two weeks (not

recommended). I wanted them to scar really well, and to serve as a life-long reminder of that beautiful first suspension.

It wasn't long before I was planning my next suspension... I was hooked! (Oh dear.)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 Sept. 2006
in Ritual

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